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738th Friday Blog Roundup

April Fool’s Day, which I’ve redubbed in my head “Avoid the Internet Day,” happened at the beginning of the week.  Despite many impassioned pleas by people to NOT post fake pregnancy announcements, people posted fake pregnancy announcements.  Justin Bieber’s ended up hitting the news, and his apology was stunning:

“There’s always gonna be people offended, there’s also people who don’t take jokes very well, I am a prankster and it was APRIL FOOLS. I didn’t at all mean to be insensitive to people who can’t have children. A lot of people I know, their first go to prank on April fools is telling their parents they are pregnant to get a big reaction. But I will apologize anyway and take responsibility and say sorry to people who were offended.”

I speak Bieberese, so let me translate: “If you’re offended, it’s your own damn fault for being so sensitive because you’ve experienced something devastating.  Lots of people do this so I shouldn’t get backlash because of the “everyone is doing it” argument.  Fine, I’ll apologize to get you off my back.  Sorry.  (Not sorry.)”


Stop procrastinating.  Go make your backups.  Don’t have regrets.

Seriously.  Stop what you’re doing for a moment.  It will take you fifteen minutes, tops.  But you will have peace of mind for days and days.  It’s the gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

As always, add any new thoughts to the Friday Backup post and peruse new comments in order to find out about methods, plug-ins, and devices that help you quickly back up your data and accounts.


And now the blogs…

But first, second helpings of the posts that appeared in the open comment thread last week.  In order to read the description before clicking over, please return to the open thread:

Okay, now my choices this week.

Not So Mommy made an olive green Childless Not By Choice ribbon.  She explains: “We hope others will acknowledge our pain and our resilience.  Because of this, it became apparent that we needed an awareness ribbon.”  She has an additional post about why the ribbon is olive green, and it’s lovely.  Spread awareness.

An Engineer Becomes a Mom has a post about adoptee-therapists.  Why now?  She writes: “I’ve been learning some important things that are never taught by the adoption agencies. Or, being in the throes of the process doesn’t allow us to assimilate all the information that’s being thrown at us as we try to navigate through the emotions and logistics.”  They’re now in a space where they can catch their breath and they’ve realized how valuable an informed therapist can be in helping navigate life.  She also links to an adoptee-therapist directory in case you’re curious if there is one who lives near you.

Lastly, Dreaming of Diapers has a post about Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA).  Her post outlines her first four attempts as well as why she’s moving on to attempt five.  It’s a fascinating post and very informative.

The roundup to the Roundup: Sometimes people need an apology coach.  Your weekly backup nudge.  And lots of great posts to read.  So what did you find this week?  Please use a permalink to the blog post (written between March 29th and April 5th) and not the blog’s main url. Not understanding why I’m asking you what you found this week?  Read the original open thread post here.


1 Dreaming of Diapers { 04.05.19 at 4:12 pm }

Ugh! The Bieber “April Fools” joke was so predictably awful but your translation was amazing. That’s exactly what I was feeling reading his (obviously) forced apology. And thanks for the blog mention Mel! Let’s hope 5 is my lucky number!

2 Lori Lavender Luz { 04.05.19 at 9:34 pm }

I’m impressed with your precise translation. Stunning that a singer can also be so tone deaf.

3 Mali { 04.07.19 at 11:37 pm }

Oh good grief, I hadn’t heard about the Bieberblunder. Your translation is spot on. He really needs to understand what “taking responsibility” means because he was doing the exact opposite of what he said. Also, his grammar was hideous. Much like his personality seems to be.

I do love your Roundups. I may not express appreciation often enough! There’s almost always a post – either in your selection or the second helping – I haven’t read, or is a new blogger for me. So thank you.

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