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339th Friday Blog Roundup (with Pre-Anniversary Idea)

Much more exciting than that Sunday-holiday-which-shall-not-be-named is Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day.  It has been on my calendar for several months now, and we planned the day around a trip to my favourite comic book store.

I know — Josh likes to say that I’m a 12-year-old boy trapped in a woman’s body.

I’m not that excited about any of the ones they’re giving away, but that’s sort of not the point since I obviously have the means to buy whatever $2.99 comic books I want.  The day is a celebration of the almighty comic book.  It’s to get new readers to think about graphic novels.  It’s to bring back readers who have been away for a long time.

So we’ll be there since I wanted to pick up the rest of the Daytripper series (Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon are my favourite artists — not just because they’re twins — their drawings/inking work is gorgeous).  And to show you just how cool comic books can be, here is a video of Moon inking a drawing.


Instead of ComOnNaPro, I want to try something new this week and if people like it, will figure out how to keep it going indefinitely.  In other words, add your feedback about this idea in general in your comment so I can gauge interest.

We are approaching the 5th anniversary of the Friday Blog Roundup (I know, freakin’ crazy).  And in honour of this fact, I’d like to kick off the next five years with an idea I introduced over at BlogHer in my new section (are you reading my new Blogging & Social Media section?  Because you should.  You can even subscribe to it so you only get the posts in my section: http://www.blogher.com/topicrss/10/10/feed as well as follow me on Twitter at @BlogHerBlogging).

This is how the new idea would work:

Every Friday Blog Roundup would continue to look as normal — my blatherings at the top and a roundup of a few posts that I read this week that stuck with me (I get asked this a lot, so I’ll just answer it here — the posts that I feature are simply posts that I read and was still thinking about after I walked away from the screen.  That’s my only criteria for choosing them) — but the comment section would become an open thread of the best posts you read this week.

So it would be more of a conversation of great posts — a big Stone Soup approach to sharing must-read posts, focused entirely on posts WITHIN our community (in other words, anything ALI-related which is the only guideline I use for constructing the Roundup.  If the blog fits somewhere on the blogroll, their posts can fit in the Roundup).  BUT the second part is that each week, I’d gather up all the posts left in the thread and post them a second time in the body of the next Roundup under a section called “second helpings.”  So you’d see the posts a few times — in the comment section during the week and again in the “second helping” section of the next Roundup.  So really good posts have an extra two week lifespan.

Makes sense?

So if you want to participate, here’s what you should do:

  • Read posts and bookmark anything that really strikes you during the week (this week, for instance, runs April 29–May 6).
  • Once I post the weekly Roundup, leave a comment with a link to the blog post you want people to read as well as a brief explanation.  Please include the brief explanation.  My blurbs are not only to entice you, but to give you a heads up before you click over since not every person is in a mental space to read every post.
  • Yes, you can leave more than one post, but please curate thoughtfully.  In other words, ask yourself if this is something you think everyone needs to read because it really resonated with you or you’re really proud of it.
  • Yes, you can nominate one of your own posts.  You can highlight someone else’s post or you can highlight your own.  Be proud of your words and stand by them — you did the work, you thought the thoughts, own it and shout it.
  • Come back and read the thread throughout the week.  The thread remains open from Friday until the following Wednesday.  Any comments added after Wednesday evening will not be included in the “second helping” section, though feel free to still leave comments since people may be checking the old threads in the future.
  • I will scoop up all posts left and run the links (though not the explanations due to length) in the next Roundup in a special new section titled “second helpings.”  This next Roundup will also look the same as usual (with the additional new section), and a new open thread will start again.

Makes sense?  So get started this week.  Posts must be published between April 29th and May 6th to be included.  Anything that doesn’t fit that guideline or that isn’t part of the ALI-community will not be included.  And as you read this week, bookmark so you’ll be prepared for the next open thread.

And for this first time, please give me feedback on what you think of this idea.  No one has to participate, no one has to read it, but it’s there to highlight more posts.  Think of it like our own, private, ALI-StumbleUpon.  I still want to point out the great stuff I read during the week, but this gives you a chance to point out the great stuff you read during the week, all in one, succinct space.  And people bored, looking for good posts, can always come to the thread and find one.  And frankly, I think it can be eye-opening to see which posts that you wrote resonated with another person enough for them to add it to the list.  As well as for other readers to see which posts you are most proud of that you added to the list.


And now, the blogs…

I’m not sure how one can read Mrs. Spit’s post “How to Live Forever” and not cry.  In a note to her son, she explains how another blogger walked to raise money for March of Dimes in his name, though prior to the event, the blogger lost her own son.  I bawled reading: “You are remembered. Your memories as close as our breath. You have entirely outlived your tiny bodies, and your presence reminds us of the need for mercy and goodness. You are not here, but you are not gone.”  Absolutely gorgeous.

Kate, Uncensored has a post musing about whether she would undo her experience with infertility if this were possible.  She explains, “I’ve often said that I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Yet, I wouldn’t wish it away for myself. I have learned so much about myself throughout the process and since.”  I love her list — what would you add to yours?

Fertility Challenged in Florida unpacks the idea of having a second child.  Namely, why they will never put themselves back on the trying-to-conceive roller coaster but how they may build their family a different way.  It was a very interesting read.

Lastly, The Long Way Around has a post about other people’s baby announcements.  Namely, the joy she is expected to feel upon hearing someone’s news.  She writes, “I think people assume that just because you are now trying to conceive and have babies on the brain, that any baby news is going to bring you joy.  What they don’t realize is that after you have suffered a miscarriage, others’ baby news is the last thing you want to hear about.”  She gives a great breakdown, separating the news from the expectation.  Go weigh in on her question.

The roundup to the Roundup: It’s Free Comic Book Day!  What do you think of the open thread idea to carry forth the Roundup into the next 5 years (I sort of want it up and running before the anniversary in a few weeks)?  And lots of great posts to read.  In fact, there could be more great posts to read: add them into the comment section below and then come back later to see what other posts have been added (and please read the posts).


1 Rebecca { 05.06.11 at 9:14 am }

I think this is a great idea! I often see incredible posts and think “I wish Mel would feature this one…” I’ll have to look back over last week and see what I find.

2 St. Elsewhere { 05.06.11 at 9:18 am }

I love the idea.

There will be myriad circles from which posts would come out. It’s a good thing to do!

3 Delenn { 05.06.11 at 9:58 am }

Oh, another reason to like you, woman!!! Yes, Free Comic Book day has been marked on our calendar longer than the acknowledgement of that not-named-holiday. And yes, we have planned our already busy day with a trip to our comic book store—we are also going to go to the movie Thor in the afternoon! (Not specifically because of FCD, but hey, why not?!)

4 Delenn { 05.06.11 at 10:10 am }

I like the blog round-up idea. Gives more variety and many more blog reads!

5 Mel { 05.06.11 at 10:12 am }

Okay, people, so start adding blog posts to read too 🙂 What did you read this week that you’re still thinking about days later? What was so good that you clicked out of your Reader to go leave them a comment? What did you write that you’re beyond proud came from your brain?

6 Gail { 05.06.11 at 10:49 am }

Love the idea!! In fact, I have one to add. Also, thanks for the info on free comic book day. I sent the link to my husband! 🙂

Description of blog: After 2 failed IVFs and a recent surgery to remove the endo that had plagued her, Single Infertile Female has written a post about recovery, healing and moving on with her life amidst the constant pregnancy and birth announcements around her. http://singleinfertilefemale.blogspot.com/2011/05/one-of-those-girls.html

7 loribeth { 05.06.11 at 10:53 am }

I love this idea, Mel! I miss the daily Kirtsy picks in LFCA — found some real gems through there that I might not have seen otherwise (as I always do here!).

Here’s one I read this week that popped into mind. By the Brooke is one of my favourite new(er) bloggers — she is a gifted writer, & she had a great post this week about how stillbirth is not as rare as we like to think it is:


8 twangy { 05.06.11 at 11:08 am }

Ah,you’re one of me!! I love Daytripper too, and Craig Thompson, and Jeffrey Brown, AND I have to link you to Thi Bui, an emerging comic book artist, whose work I love too.

9 twangy { 05.06.11 at 11:09 am }

(Sorry! Got a bit over-excited there. Thi’s book is not about infertility, but it IS about family. Just so you know..)

10 Kristi { 05.06.11 at 11:30 am }

I personally look at your Friday Blog Roundup as an award. If your post gets picked it’s because our head queen loved it. It’s an honor to be chosen by the queen. Kind of like employee of the week so I prefer to stick with you chosing the posts.

If I like a post on my own I comment on their blog.

11 MeAndBaby { 05.06.11 at 11:35 am }

Great idea!

This just in:

Sprogblogger has a post about hope: http://www.sprogblogger.com/2011/05/06/hope/. I was so touched, I got a little tearing reading it. She shares the story of Bobby & Violet and writes: “Sometimes, miracles happen, and when they do, you are horrified by the thought that they might not have come to pass if you hadn’t persevered.” A feel good story indeed!

12 Emily (Apron Strings) { 05.06.11 at 11:36 am }

First of all … bonus points for mentioning free comic book day. Because I just recently had a post talking about how I was *not* a Fangirl. (But of course, I know I am … at least in the early “I just wanna read comics but not pretend I’m a super hero” -type of Fangirl.

Second, I like the idea. I’ve been trying to post linky’s on my FB page for ones that I like. But to collate them? And to have other people’s input? LOVE IT.

13 kateanon { 05.06.11 at 12:22 pm }

Thank you for highlighting my post, and I love the idea, as I often see things I would love to share.

14 HereWeGoAJen { 05.06.11 at 1:27 pm }

I think this was brilliant and I will start thinking about what to add. The first thing I can think about of is:


In it, Angie talks to painting about why she needs to start painting again and why it is so difficult.

15 Hope { 05.06.11 at 1:39 pm }

I don’t know what I think of the idea. Part of me likes it. Part of me agrees with Kristi above–getting in the blog round up is kind of an honor. That said, I would probably participate if it gets going (which it sounds like it will). I already have posts on my mind that I might like to share. 🙂

16 Tara (TIMO) { 05.06.11 at 3:12 pm }

I’ve often wondered why that wasn’t happening already. Though never at the right time to ask why not.

I’m still very far behind in my reading of blogs due to our vacation but I’ll keep my eye out in the future.

17 Kathy { 05.06.11 at 3:15 pm }

I like the idea (both of you continuing to highlight your favs from the week and us adding some of our own). I also like how you will post them again the following week. I will be interested to see how this works/plays out.

Here is one that I really liked this week and kudos to Kym at “I’m a Smart One” for sharing a link on Facebook that led me to read it. It is a thoughtful post by Keiko at “Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed” about Mother’s Day and wanting to be remembered from the perspective of a woman who wants so much to be a mother and finds it painful to hear so much about this Hallmark holiday all around her this week:


Whether or not you are a mother this year or if you still home and dream to be one, I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to read this blog entry and also to remember all those who want so much to be mothers this Sunday, along with all of the very special mothers that you know and love.

Thank you for opening the “round up” to our community Mel. Though I can appreciate the perspective of others that being “chosen” by you to be featured in the round up is a huge honor, I also really like the concept of all of us getting a chance to share what moved us during any given week and encouraging others to take a look too.

I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday Mel and I am especially grateful for the way you “mother” so many of us here in the ALI community in the blogosphere.

18 Sarah { 05.06.11 at 3:36 pm }

I was actually coming by to mention the same post as Kathy. “Remember Us On Sunday” from Hanna Wept, Sarah Laughed


It is beautiful.

19 Queenie { 05.06.11 at 4:37 pm }

I had already read that post by Mrs. Spit, and also thought it was a good one.

I love this idea Mel. I like getting outside my regular reads.

The post that has stuck with me this week was this one by Sassy Mama. http://tripletmama.blogspot.com/2011/05/on-my-mind.html It broke my heart. It made me hold close what’s really important.

20 Kristin { 05.06.11 at 5:51 pm }

I love the idea Mel.

21 Baby Smiling In Back Seat { 05.06.11 at 7:53 pm }

Waiting for the Ukulele just wrote a phenomenal post on losing her parents and grandmother in a short period of time and becoming orphaned. It particularly resonates with me right now because of the recent loss of my own mother.

22 Barb { 05.06.11 at 9:16 pm }

ooooh.. I didn’t know you loved comics! Sending you an email about that right now. 🙂

THANKS for the shout out! You’re a peach! And I think that is a FABULOUS idea. Love it. I hope I get my act enough together to participate every now and then. I already have a post in mind for one.

23 Calliope { 05.06.11 at 9:20 pm }

oh man…how am I EVER going to keep up with all of these great posts? I am like 3 months behind in my feed reader as is.
you know what would make this really awesome?
threaded comments….just saying.

24 NotTheMama { 05.06.11 at 10:47 pm }

I saw a sign on a store downtown advertising “free comic book day,” and I thought of you. 🙂
I think the roundup idea is awesome!

25 Hopeful { 05.07.11 at 12:05 am }

I am going to go out on a total limb here and talk about one of my posts. In short, I have been living a nightmare for the past two years and have been shielding myself from the outside world. I will be jumping back on the IVF bandwagon in June and I have realized that I can’t be alone with this anymore. This may sound cheesy but it is a huge step for me to share this stuff. Today I wrote “I may have put on weight, I may not fit into all my cute summer cloths, and I may even look a bit like Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbuster’s, but dammit, I am doing this because I am a fertility force to be reckoned with. I am willing to do whatever it takes, for however long it may take, to create that one thing in life that I long for, a family of my own.” Thanks for any consideration that you may give me!

26 Kymberli { 05.07.11 at 10:07 pm }

I think this is a fab idea, especially because I’m trying to find my stride again with blogging and blog reading. This will help lead me to where I need to go as far as reading is concerned. I have my reader, but there are so many new bloggers that I feel like a newbie myself all over again. I’d like a place where I can get to the “goods” without having to peck around to find them for myself.

27 Foxy { 05.07.11 at 11:05 pm }

Happy Mothers Day Mel! You have been such a loving mother figure to me via your blog and your projects. May you have a beautiful day!

I do love your round-up, but also feel like there are posts that I read that are so awesome and deserve a larger audience. I really love the idea of a community venue to highlight incredible posts.

Hosting the links and summaries in the comments section mean that it is an ever evolving list, a list that would need to be checked multiple times throughout the week for updates. Re-posting the links on the next weeks roundup is a great way to gather them all into one place, but did you say that you would only post the link and not the summary? As you said, it is helpful to know what a post is about in order to be sure that one is in the right emotional space to click along.

I am also a huge fan of LFCA, and have always wondered if that might be a space to host an additional section for weekly community “Round-up” posts. ( and might encourage folks to submit other info to LFCA too.)

Whatever the format, I love the idea, and will be looking forward to adding to the conversation.


28 Keiko { 05.09.11 at 1:10 pm }

This is simply brilliant. I love it! I’ll come back with some posts later tonight. Also – thank you Sarah & Kathy for the shoutouts 🙂

29 Bionic Baby Mama { 05.23.11 at 4:42 pm }

love this idea! (coming here late & w only 1 typing hand, but still love it.)

30 Billy { 06.05.11 at 3:26 am }

Love the idea!

(though right now.. hmmm… as you can see, I am so behind on my reading)

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