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Are We Unique?

I love personality quizzes.  I am frequently sucked into taking quizzes where I describe how I behave at a party (Um… I don’t go to the party?  Is that one of the choices?) or how I’d spend lottery money.  Of course I would click on an article that promised to tell me the ONLY WORTHY PERSONALITY QUIZ IN THE WORLD.

Because there are real personality tests out there:

Ones that are actually evidence-based and scientifically sound. That’s because, while most of the personality tests shared around the internet are, indeed, bogus procrastination devices, there is a science to personality, and it’s something that researchers really can put into a quantified, testable format.

It turns out that the test is just the Big Five, one that I’ve known about forever and have used to construct character personalities.  But reading the article made me remember why I like the Big Five and use it: that most of the time our personality swings in multiple directions, and it all comes down to a percentage of how much you fit somewhere, with other options being equally (though maybe less) possible.

For instance, I took the Personality Lab’s Sorting House quiz based on the concept of the Big Five and it told me that I was 81% compatible with Ravenclaw, the clear winner.  But I was 76% compatible with Hufflepuff, a close second.  I was 57% compatible with Slytherin but only 38% compatible with Gryffindor, which sounds correct EXCEPT I would have (1) put my compatibility with Gryffindor lower because I would crap my pants if (2) I had to sleep in the Slytherin section of the castle.  Not really even 38% brave of heart.

Anyway, the question I always have at the end of these things is whether our personalities are clumpable.  We’re told we’re unique; there’s no one earth is like us.  And yet I’m willing to bet that someone who takes the quiz above will end up with the exact same breakdown of 81%, 76%, 57%, and 38th for the corresponding houses.  And then what does it say about the two of us?  Are we more alike than two other random people or still equally as different?

Anyway take the quiz and tell me how you do.


1 Peg { 02.07.18 at 9:22 am }

91 Ravenclaw, 69 Hufflepuff, 58 Slytherin, 50 Griff…sounds about right. Other sorting apps I’ve done put me in Hufflepuff and that always seemed right. I do regularly reach for my Griffydor spatula when cooking, does that count?

2 Working mom of 2 { 02.07.18 at 9:55 am }

Ha. I had between 50-66 for all 4. G was lowest,H highest, S came in 2nd.

3 nonsequiturchica { 02.07.18 at 4:17 pm }

I really need to read the Harry Potter books or watch the movies to know what you are talking about!!

4 Persnickety { 02.07.18 at 10:04 pm }

In descending order
Ravenclaw 100%
Hufflepuff 60%
Slytherin 54%
Gryffindor 40%

I think even if someone gets the same percentages, they may not get them For the same traits or answers? Kind of like siblings share DNA, but the percentage and actual traits vary.

5 Lori Lavender Luz { 02.08.18 at 11:16 am }

I took the Big Five test, and dang if I’m not pretty open.

6 Jess { 02.08.18 at 10:10 pm }

Hmmm, I just had an argument with someone over my House, and I totally lost that argument based on the quiz results. I wanted to be a Gryffindor, but that was LAST:

Ravenclaw 86%
Hufflepuff 82%
Slytherin 62%
Gryffindor 50%

I think that I’m good with being a Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff hybrid.

Now I just want to make everyone I know take this test! 🙂

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