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I Want This

I want this.

I rarely read an article or see an ad and think, “I want this.”  Sometimes I look at something and say, “Oh, that’s nice.”  But I never bookmark it or write it down.  I don’t buy many things — I don’t like shopping and I really don’t like clutter — so the fact that I bookmarked this, wrote down a note, AND am now telling you about it means that I am working far outside the boundaries of my personality.

I want a 15-pound blanket.

(You were probably thinking the item was going to be much cooler than that, but you forget that I’m not cool, therefore I probably don’t want cool things.)

I don’t need that blanket, per se, but I love the idea of a weighted blanket.  I got the twins sleeping bags a few years ago and they left them in the living room for a day or two.  When they went to school, I unrolled one of the sleeping bags and cocooned myself inside to think for a little while.  I’m aware that the sleeping bag isn’t like this at all, but in my mind, liking one means liking the other.

Has anyone tried a weighted blanket?  Do you like it?


1 Raven { 11.14.17 at 8:57 am }

My nephew uses one – he has ADHD and it was recommended by his OT along with a weighted vest. Both have made a huge difference in his life – not just for the ADHD – but everything. The weighted blanket enabled him to sleep through the night for the first time in his 5 years of life. Their both comforting and calming … I have climbed under his weighted blanket many times and I am overcome by a deep urge to nap every single time. It’s like a warm, soft, hug.

2 noemi { 11.14.17 at 9:34 am }

My kids both have them, and I have considered getting one for our bed because I like them a lot, but I don’t think my husband would be that into it and I sleep really well so I don’t feel like I NEED one, so I’ve never gotten one for myself. But I swear by them for my kids. They have been game changers.

3 Arnebya { 11.14.17 at 10:39 am }

I tried one and hated it. It felt like I was being held down and then my imagination (right there in the store, mind) went to murder. Someone’s trying to hold me down and murder me and wrap me up in this blanket and throw me in a dumpster. (I want an electric blanket so badly.)

4 omdg { 11.14.17 at 11:06 am }

I don’t have a weighted blanket, per se, but I definitely sleep better in the winter when my room is 60 degrees and get to burrito myself in my heavy comforter. Summer sleep is the worst, and I borderline can’t sleep at all with a light blanket or sheet.

5 chris { 11.14.17 at 11:23 am }

I also have not tried one, but I’m with Arnebya . I think I’d feel like someone was trying to attack me. I also already feel like our heavy winter blanket- which I love the warmth- is “too heavy ” to be comfortable so I just think I’d feel trapped. I already have enough trouble sleeping without feeling trapped. So, not for me.

6 Sharon { 11.14.17 at 12:06 pm }

Ugh, I have heard of these, and I would hate it. I don’t like the feeling of something weighing me down and can’t stand anything heavier than a down comforter over me, even in the coldest environment.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. You should put it on your holiday gift wish list. 🙂

7 Lori Lavender Luz { 11.14.17 at 3:03 pm }

I’m going to get a couple for my family. A friend in adoption world, Angela Tucker…her mother makes them. Here’s her etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/BFFBlankets?ref=shop_sugg&section_id=22154071

8 loribeth { 11.15.17 at 7:50 pm }

Hmmm, I am not sure I would like one of those… but maybe it’s the stage of life I’m at right now. We have a fairly heavy comforter on our bed (along with the sheet & a blanket in between), & while there are times I really appreciate it, I often find myself throwing it off in the middle of the night because I get so hot. :p

9 Mali { 11.16.17 at 11:36 pm }

I grew up sleeping under four or five heavy woolen blankets and an eiderdown (in the middle of winter), and always found the weight comforting. Although I’m happy these days under a light and airy duvet, there’s something about the weight of an extra layer that is very soothing. I noticed my mother went back to using blankets as her Alzheimer’s progressed (I think she forgot what a duvet was for), but I also like to think that the blankets provided her comfort when she was confused and afraid.

So get one. Now!

10 JustHeather { 11.19.17 at 7:02 am }

I have 2 blankets in a duvet almost year around. I love the weight on me, even when it is warm out and you only really need a sheet to keep warm, I love the weight.

11 Kasey { 11.19.17 at 3:03 pm }

I made a 5 pound one for Simon. It helps him to relax and calm down.
I made a 2 pound one for my friends girl who had trouble sleeping without someone touching her and the blanket gave her the feeling of being held.
If you like being cozy I say get one.

12 Jess { 11.20.17 at 8:41 pm }

I don’t have one, but I love sleeping/cozying up on the couch under a LOT of blankets, because it’s cocoony and calming. There’s a whole brain science behind this if you’ve ever read anything by Temple Grandin… that squeezy weighted feeling is very soothing to overstimulated systems. I gave one to my sister for her birthday (it was on her wishlist) and she loves it. I say go for it!

13 Valery Valentina { 11.23.17 at 3:55 pm }

I think weighted blankets are cool and geeky. You could easily incorporate a small sounds system. (Not because that would be handy, but it would be more geeky)
Can we donate maybe to help you get one?

14 Justine { 12.06.17 at 9:41 am }

YES. Goodness, yes. I sleep with four blankets on my side, because Steve doesn’t want any. They always fall off. We need an unevenly weighted blanket so my side is heavier …

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