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10,000 People and a Harmony of Me Toos

Bump out the word songwriting and replace it with blogging, and I think Mr. Grohl has ultimately explained why we post, why we comment, why we jump off of each other’s ideas to form our own blog posts as a response, why we read.  That blogging, at its root, like all art forms, is about assuaging loneliness, about reaching out, about getting to hear a “me too.”  And that goes for reading blogs just as much for writing blogs.

There is a reason why I post online rather than leaving all these thoughts in a paper journal in a desk drawer.  And it goes beyond the fact that the technology exists, that it is possible for every person who has access to a computer to post their writing.

I’ve never told anyone this in an interview before, but when I was a teenager I had this little boom box, and I’d listen to music before going to bed. It was also a recorder. I would talk to the recorder about my problems as I was going to sleep. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I’d rewind the tape, play it and fall asleep listening to myself talking about my problems. Isn’t that weird? I think I take a similar approach with song writing. There are some things that you don’t want to say out loud, but for some reason when there are 10,000 people saying it with you, it makes it all right.

Every time I put those words out there, make myself read my own thoughts much in the same way Dave Grohl replayed his recordings, read the comments telling me that they feel the same way, I feel more connected to the world.  Every time I read a blog, recognize the emotions being described, understand myself better, finally have words to explain something I’ve struggled to comprehend, I feel more connected to the world.

There is no chorus more beautiful than a harmony of me toos.


1 Meghan { 02.07.12 at 7:52 am }

You are exactly right!

2 edenland { 02.07.12 at 8:11 am }


3 Finding My New Normal { 02.07.12 at 9:13 am }

Me too! : )

4 Esperanza { 02.07.12 at 9:23 am }

So, so true.

5 ellen { 02.07.12 at 9:34 am }

It’s very difficult for me to de-lurk. Maybe because I knew you before I started reading your blog, maybe because I don’t want you to think I’m stalking you, maybe because I usually have nothing to add but “ne too.”

6 Justine { 02.07.12 at 9:53 am }

Beautifully put. (e.g., Me, Too!)

7 RelaxedNoMore { 02.07.12 at 10:51 am }

Yes. Me, too.

8 HereWeGoAJen { 02.07.12 at 11:21 am }

Oh, I so agree.

9 a { 02.07.12 at 1:07 pm }

Yes, absolutely. Me too!

10 KeAnne { 02.07.12 at 1:11 pm }

Yes, yes, yes and of course “me too.”

11 Becky { 02.07.12 at 1:15 pm }

Me, too, absolutely!

12 Cristy { 02.07.12 at 1:35 pm }

That’s such an amazing perspective (and makes me love Dave Grohl all the more!) and so very true. I’m adding my voice to the “me toos.”

13 Casey { 02.07.12 at 1:57 pm }

Thank you for this post. Reading the Dave Grohl quote inspired an original song. 🙂

14 magpie { 02.07.12 at 3:45 pm }

me too! (and three and four and … )

15 BigP's Heather { 02.07.12 at 5:41 pm }

Me too.
It makes me feel less crazy because now I have proof that I’m not the only one that feels a certain way or does a certain thing. I’m actually quite normal.

16 Mic { 02.07.12 at 5:53 pm }

Totally agree!

17 Her Royal Fabulousness { 02.07.12 at 7:32 pm }

me too. infinity.

18 Daryl { 02.07.12 at 11:11 pm }

Yup. Me too.

19 Lori Lavender Luz { 02.08.12 at 12:48 am }



(I’m an overachieving chorus member).

20 Kathy { 02.08.12 at 5:53 pm }

Me too!!! 🙂

21 Emily { 02.09.12 at 7:27 pm }


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