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Thank You

I cannot explain to you how much your positive comments thrown in with your Commentathon counts mean to me. They make my whole night when I’m adding in the numbers. I love doing this and knowing that others love it too and are happy to participate–it makes my night. Hearing that people were touched by their secret ode makes all the blog entry time worth it. Especially because blog time means that I’m giving up lots of root-beer-float-drinking-and-reading-trashy-chicklit-novel time… I personally think this is time better spent.

And it’s CD1.

And we all know what that means.

And I’m just glad I have a community this time around.

Another Secret Ode Day entry coming tomorrow in lieu of the Friday Blog Roundup.

Spending the weekend baking since Monday is the Great Cake Day. Bake or buy a cake or a decadent dessert. Take a photo and post it on your blog. And send me a link to your entry so I can compile a big Cake Page on Monday. People can jump from blog to blog and it is the closest we can come to an international, calorie-laden party.


1 Karaoke Diva { 06.21.07 at 8:43 pm }

Thanks for stopping by, Mel. I’m rooting for both of us!!

2 decemberbaby { 06.21.07 at 9:03 pm }

CD1? I’m sorry. Onwards and upwards…

OMG, are you serious about the cake? I have been dying for one of those really junk-type white cakes with candy stars throughout, and lots of vanilla icing. Oooh, thank you thank you thank you!

3 nancy { 06.21.07 at 9:06 pm }

mmmmm. cake.

~hugs~ for cd1. damn.


4 mandolyn { 06.21.07 at 9:09 pm }

CD1? Ugh.

Looking forward to this cake day…I’m salivating already!

5 chicklet { 06.21.07 at 9:54 pm }

Not much to say about CD1 – it sucks, it reminds, it’s just crap.

So go eat cake:-) And enjoy a little celebration, cuz the commentathon rocked, the secret odes are awesome, and you come up with some really fabulous ideas.

6 Jess { 06.21.07 at 10:29 pm }

I’m sorry about CD1 Mel. Suck, suck, suck. But keep on keeping on. Things get better, as you well know! 🙂

Cake sounds so good. But I am way not ambitious nowadays.

7 megan { 06.21.07 at 11:41 pm }

does this mean that i will have to go to safeway and buy one of those awful junky pieces of safeway cake that i adore? sign me up.

sorry about CD1, Mel. sending hugs.

8 Vee { 06.21.07 at 11:52 pm }

Nice to hear you have been appreciated ,you know I love everything you do here 🙂

Sorry about CD1 🙁

Hmm cake sounds gooood.

9 Artblog { 06.22.07 at 12:16 am }

I think I might be writing down the dreaded cd1 word myself really soon so my commiserations Mel sweetie.

Have a huge slice of the most naughty, cream covered, chocolate oozing layer cake you can get your hands on, you deserve it 🙂


10 May { 06.22.07 at 12:43 am }

CD1, eh? Dang. Extra cake all round.

And you are fantabulous for doing this Commentathon/ Secret Ode/ Cake festival. The idea was fantabulous, and the hard work you’re doing to make it happen is fantabulous. Thank you.

I still can’t decide whether to spend Sunday happily constructing coffee-and-booze ice-cream cake, or whether to simply go to my favourite patisserie (the people who made my wedding cake!) and fall face-first into the cake-stand.

11 Bea { 06.22.07 at 1:56 am }

Bugger. Sorry about CD1. I hope this cycle is longer… like, a *lot* longer…

Cake! Ok, let me see what I can rustle up.


12 Caro { 06.22.07 at 2:56 am }

Ugh sorry about CD1. But can I just say again how much I love the commentathon. I’d forgotten about cake day so I’d better come up with a plan quickly.

13 Tina { 06.22.07 at 4:30 am }

Well, it looks like my CD 1 will not be that far behind yours. Darn. Will be calling my ob/gyn for my Clomid script today. 😉 Time to get down to business!

Cake… Chris has wanted birthday cake for a few days now. What will I back???

14 Shelby { 06.22.07 at 4:58 am }

I’m sorry about CD1- what a bummer.

I’ll be doing cake for sure on monday- it’s my birthday too! Great choice on a day! 😉

15 Bobby and Ivy { 06.22.07 at 6:00 am }

So sorry. CD1 is the suckiest of all days.

Big hugs.

16 Ellen K. { 06.22.07 at 6:21 am }

I’m sorry about CD1. You have a huge team rooting for you, Mel! Thanks for all you do for the IF community!

17 sharah { 06.22.07 at 7:13 am }

The good thing about CD1 is that it will be over soon. The first day of a cycle is a witch, but after its over, you can start trying again, right? (Hey, I’m trying to be positive here. Work with me, people!)

I think I’m probably going to do brownies instead of cake. They’re much more likely to get eaten at my house, but I promise they’ll still be calorie-laden and delicious.

18 j { 06.22.07 at 7:30 am }

CD1 sucks. I’m sorry. Cake may help feelings of awfulness. And even if that doesn’t work, uhm, it’s cake. There isn’t anything wrong with cake. Not even for breakfast.

19 ms. c { 06.22.07 at 7:56 am }

Ugh, I’m so sorry that it’s day 1. Yuck, yuck and yuck. I do hope that having us is somewhat of a comfort…

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to rev up my commenting, write some odes and eat cake. Happy Bloggiversary to you.

20 A.M.S. { 06.22.07 at 8:04 am }

You’re on cd1, I’m in the middle of a Provera-induced cranky-pants funk. The suckitude abounds. To hell with it, this calls for my Grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe. Y’see, the secret is the blackberry jam. (Shhhh, I’m not supposed to share that.) So, I’ll be right there beside you, stuffing my face.

Maybe we can get Marco to serve it to us….

21 furrow { 06.22.07 at 8:12 am }

It’s totally a lame way to say it, but you are a very special person. Thanks for all you do. I discovered some great new blogs through the commentathon and secret odes.

I’ve got a carton of mushy strawberries. I think I’ll try a ….strawberry cake?

22 KarenO { 06.22.07 at 8:26 am }

I totally forgot about the cake day on Monday! Thanks for the reminder 🙂 So sorry about CD1… hugs!

And YES – we love this commentathon! Please don’t have it only once a year?

23 Somewhat Ordinary { 06.22.07 at 8:33 am }

I’m sorry you have another CD1! It really stinks.

Does a pie count? I was going to make a cake but I’ve been craving this Margarita Pie that I make and it is super easy

24 serenity { 06.22.07 at 8:34 am }

I fucking hate AF.


MMMM, cake. I am TOTALLY doing this on Sunday……… my oven’s broken so I’ll have to get something really decadent from my favorite bakery… oh god I’m salivating already… 🙂

25 sariel & shlomit { 06.22.07 at 8:36 am }

Hey Mel…
Sorry you’re on CD1…I feel for you, girl…(just went for my negative beta test this morning, myself)…i have been completely out of the loop of late and see i have lots of interesting stuff to catch up on…
hang in there
and thanks for being YOU!
shabbat shalom

26 Dianne/Flutter { 06.22.07 at 8:51 am }

I am sorry for CD 1. And I am loving the Commentathon, by the way I have 30 so far. :).

Sending you a big hug.

27 In and Out of Luck { 06.22.07 at 9:14 am }

CD1 – I know that hurts. I’m sorry.

28 Meg { 06.22.07 at 9:35 am }

CD1 sucks…sorry..

29 Carlynn { 06.22.07 at 9:45 am }

In my mind you are this big mega-successful blogger who comes up with super duper ideas over breakfast cereal and I loved your post today. It’s a wonderful feeling when you enjoy something you created and you deserve every ounce of happiness coming your way. Thank you for organising it, it’s been great. And good luck for all the CDs to come this cycle, I’m cheering for you, waving my pom poms and doing virtual cartwheels (as I always wanted to be a cheerleader so might as well be a virtual one!)

30 Kami { 06.22.07 at 9:53 am }

How do you do it? You stopped by my blog and remembered I ordered the iced tea. Nice to be remembered.

I have also explored some new thanks to your “ode” idea. Also nice.

For me, it will be brownies, I think. Although I do like a good flourless cake, they don’t travel as well and DH is going on a road trip.

31 dmarie { 06.22.07 at 10:03 am }

CD1 sucks butt! I’m sorry 🙁

Cake is always a great idea to make one feel better. And I get to make my buttercream icing–yummmmy!

32 Piccinigirl { 06.22.07 at 10:06 am }

I hate CD 1, cake will help but here’s hoping that the next cycle lasts about 40 weeks.

33 Inconceivable { 06.22.07 at 11:00 am }

CD1 means more reasonto eat a bigger pieve of cake then normal !!

34 Erin { 06.22.07 at 11:23 am }

CD1 always stinks. I’m so sorry.

I’ll be at the beach with DD on Monday and will hopefully be bringing a cake of some decadent, gooey, and delicious sort for us to share. We may not get to post the picture that day, though–not sure if we’ll have internet access.

35 MLO { 06.22.07 at 12:54 pm }

CD 1 sucks. No two ways about it.

Cake rocks. Now, if I haven’t developed some gawd awful after effect from my failed cycle, I will have to post my apple spice cake… (Mostly because DH keeps looking at the apples longingly. He loves apple pie or apple cake.)



36 Stacie { 06.22.07 at 7:41 pm }

Yuck. CD1. Sorry. *hugs*

37 Ann { 06.22.07 at 9:00 pm }

I’m a little late, but I was sorry to hear about CD 1. That sucks. I wish there was something profound to add, but there’s nothing profound about CD 1.

I am excited about cake day. Now I just have to decide what kind of calorie-laden treat to find.

38 Patience { 06.23.07 at 2:57 am }

CD1 – crap…

I totally LURVE cake so will content myself with salivating over everyone else’s- I’m a crap cook and mine would just embarrass myself…. x

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