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GRAB(ook) Club: A Drop-in or Drop-out Online Book Club

Here’s the problem with book clubs. You join one, and it seems like it’s going to be great. And maybe the first book discussion or two is great. But then you always end up reading something that you grumble through, that you would have never read otherwise and there’s a reason for that — it’s not your type of book. Sometimes you read this book and no one else bothers to except the one quiet person in the group, so now you’ve read a book you didn’t want to read AND you don’t even really get to discuss it. This is why I continuously drop out of face-to-face book clubs.

Which is why I’ve created an online book club using an easy format with a straightforward read-it-or-don’t-read-it method in order to come together to discuss general fiction and non-fiction. It’s open to anyone and everyone.

So I present to you, GRAB(ook) Club. GRAB stands for
Gonna Read Anyway Books.

Meaning, these are the books you were going to read anyway, so you might as well grab it (get it?) and read it now so you can discuss it with others. Or, if you never had any intention of reading the book choice or you’re too busy to participate in the moment, forget it and wait for the next book because there will always be enough people participating to get a discussion going. Drop in or drop out depending on your needs/desires so you always have good feelings towards your book club. It’s a fun space; not a chore.

Participating is simple.

  • Look at the book choice each month as it’s posted.
  • If you want to read it, leave a comment stating that you’re in.
  • On a mid-month Thursday (you can see the dates next to the book list below), post a single question on your blog, no longer than one paragraph. If you don’t have a blog, no problem. Post your question to the GRAB(ook) Club Facebook Group or the GRAB(ook) Club GoodReads Group. Include a link to the book so people who are hearing about the book for the first time can read more and quickly join in the conversation after they read the book. Of course, those who are participating in the club will be able to comment immediately. Do not write a long post about the book; it’s just a single question and a link to the book. That’s it.
  • Come back to the main post on this blog that will serve as the virtual living room for our discussion and use the linky tool to add a link to your blog post. There will be a general link to the Facebook Group and GoodReads Group each time too.
  • And then jump from link to link, reading the question and leaving your thoughts in the comment section. See, the discussion takes place in the comment section vs. needing to prepare a long post.

That’s it. So no long post to write beforehand, no long post to read the day-of, and the discussion can unfold over many days inside your comment section.

Here are the current and upcoming books:

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