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Miscellaneous Room

Welcome to the miscellaneous room of the ALI blogroll. This section is a catch-all for the categories that did not belong in another room. You will find the following categories below:

  • Advice and Venting Posts
  • Helpful Sites and Support
  • In the News or Other Side of the Stirrups
  • Infertility and Marriage
  • No Longer Trying or On a Break
  • Non-English Infertility Blogs (French, Spanish, etc)
  • Non-IF but Written By IFers
  • Password Protected Blogs
  • Secondary Mourning (Friends and Family) and Using Assisted Conception When Non-IF
  • Tweetroll
  • Virtual Playdate List

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Advice and Venting Posts

  1. The ALI Alias
  2. Love, Your Infertile Friend
  3. Off the IF Record…
  4. One Smart Mama
  5. The Stork Secrets

Helpful Sites and Support

  1. 2nd & 3rd trimester loss
  2. The Adoption Place
  3. American Fertility Association Blog
  4. Baby Dust
  5. Beyond Words Designs
  6. Bloggers for Hope
  7. Bridges
  8. Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth Bill
  9. Circle + Bloom
  10. Cyclesista
  11. Exhale Magazine
  12. Fertility Blogs (Conceive Online)
  13. The Fertility Guide
  14. Fertility Nation
  15. Fertility Traveler
  16. Flower Power Mom
  17. Full term loss support: Stillbirth & Perinatal and Infant loss
  18. Gateway Women
  19. glow in the woods
  20. GrievingDads.com Project
  21. Honouring Our Angels
  22. iFertilityStats
  23. The IF Gathering Place
  24. IF Haiku
  25. The Infertility Doula
  26. The Infertile Informer
  27. Infertility Journeys
  28. International Infertility Film Festival
  29. The Internet Vagina Posse
  30. IVF Success Stories
  31. IVF Traveler
  32. Ivy’s PPD Blog
  33. Ladies in Waiting Book Club
  34. Loss Through the Looking Glass (bereaved parents)
  35. Lost and Found and Connections Abound
  36. Lost Stork Foundation
  37. Mamas in Waiting!
  38. The Maternal Heart’s Essence
  39. Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss Blog Directory
  40. The Missing Stork
  41. My Hopeful Journey
  42. Note to Self
  43. The NYC Gathering (third-party reproduction)
  44. On Fertile Ground (documentary site)
  45. One Smart Mama
  46. Paleo-Mama
  47. The Parents Via Egg Donation Organization
  48. Parenthood for Me
  49. Path to Fertility
  50. Praying for Pregnancy
  51. Pregnancy Over 40
  52. Pregosaur
  53. Quips and Tips for Couples Coping with Infertility
  54. Remember to Keep Smiling
  55. Sands Queensland
  56. S-O-S for Parents (Adoption)
  57. The Stork Lawyer
  58. Sunshine in a Blue Cup
  59. To Write Their Names in the Sand
  60. Wall of Angels
  61. The Wish Project
  62. Your Great Life

In the News or Other Side of the Stirrups (Clinic, Coaching, and Commercial Sites)

  1. Authentic and Awake
  2. Circle Surrogacy Blog
  3. Conceivable
  4. Dr. Werlin’s Fertility World
  5. Embryo Donation Blog
  6. Fabulously Fertile
  7. The Fertile Mind
  8. Fertility Authority Bloggers
  9. Fertility File
  10. Fertility Lab Insider
  11. Fertility Law Matters
  12. Fertility Musings, Questions & Answers and News
  13. Fertility Partnership
  14. Genesis Fertility Centre
  15. How to Make a Family: The Blog
  16. Improve Egg Quality
  17. Infertility Blog
  18. The Infertility Therapist
  19. Lesley Pyne
  20. Mind Body Unity
  21. MOMtility
  22. Natural Infertility Treatments
  23. New York Fertility Acupuncture
  24. Ovatemp
  25. The Patient’s Doctor
  26. Restorative Health and Healing
  27. Seedlings
  28. Shady Grove Fertility
  29. The Spin Doctor
  30. StorkLawyer
  31. Surrogacy and Egg Donation Issues
  32. Thoughts on Fertility
  33. Women’s Health and Fertility

Infertility and Marriage

  1. A Long and Winding Road
  2. Love is Blind. Marriage is the Eye-Opener
  3. Which Box?

No Longer Trying or On a Break

  1. A Long and Winding Road
  2. Bakery Closed Until Further Notice
  3. Beautifully Irrational
  4. Beginning the Ending
  5. Breach of Warranty
  6. Determined to Have Joy
  7. Dreaming of Quiet Places
  8. Flourless Chocolate Torte
  9. Going for it At Last
  10. Inconception
  11. Life Of Pixxiee
  12. My Infertility Story
  13. Mystical Path
  14. Notes from the Ninth Circle
  15. Salvageable
  16. So What…
  17. Unproductively So
  18. The Unsinkable Kara McGee
  19. What I Make of My Life
  20. Wishing For A Baby
  21. XO, Isabel

Non-English Infertility Blogs (French, Spanish, etc)

  1. Asociatia SOS Infertiliatea
  2. Blog Fertilidade
  3. Brevicoryne Brassiscae

Non-IF but Written By IFers

  1. All Thumbs
  2. Artful Starfish
  3. Bambino Designs by J
  4. Caba’s Cave
  5. Colorful Medication
  6. Delice du Jour
  7. little four eyes
  8. Low Stress Weight Loss
  9. Mother Knows Best Reviews
  10. No Suzy Homemaker
  11. Overweight… and Over It
  12. Raindrops on Roses
  13. Remission Statement
  14. A Separate Life
  15. The Shadowed One
  16. Sixtieth Quit
  17. Stargazer
  18. The Sub-Fertile Slut
  19. Two Sticks or a Lighter
  20. Veggie Vixen’s Recipes for a Good Life

Password Protected Blogs

  1. List of Password Protected Blogs

Secondary Mourning (Friends and Family) and Using Treatments When Non-IF

  1. One Step Removed (secondary mourning)
  2. A Survivor’s Guide to Huntington’s Disease (using treatments though non-IF)
  3. Teddy Bear Tins (secondary mourning)


  1. A list of Twitter feeds specifically for the ALI community, broken down into categories

Virtual Playdate List

  1. The Virtual Playdate

This page is being added to constantly. If you are not on this list (use the “find” feature on your browser to search for your blog name), please email me at aliblogroll@gmail.com to add yourself. Place the word “blogroll” in the subject line.

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