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Loss Room

Welcome to the loss room of the ALI blogroll. You will find the following categories below:

  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Stillbirth, Neonatal Death and Infant Death
  • Medical Termination

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Pregnancy Loss

  1. 88 Highbury Corner
  2. A Baby, Empty Arms, and a Broken Heart
  3. A Baby for Al?
  4. Accepting the Unexpected
  5. Advo.cat
  6. After the Altar
  7. Air Force Mummy (Living Children)
  8. All My Pretty Ones (Parenting)
  9. Amazing Tales of Reproduction (Pregnancy)
  10. And So it Goes
  11. Angels on My Mind
  12. Another Bun (Living Children)
  13. Auntie Sissy
  14. aurelia ann (Living Children)
  15. Babymaking 101
  16. Babies or Not
  17. The Baby Chase
  18. Baby Hungry
  19. Baby Manatee
  20. Baby Odyssey
  21. Baby Shmaybe?
  22. Bébé Suisse
  23. Belly Talks (Pregnant)
  24. The Bickerstaff Blog
  25. B-loss-om
  26. Bodega Bliss
  27. Busted Plumbing
  28. Busted Tube
  29. Cablearms
  30. Can it really just be really bad luck?
  31. Caution: No Baby on Board
  32. Cheryllookingforward (Pregnancy)
  33. The Chronicles of Infertility
  34. The Complete Egg (Molar/living children)
  35. Cotton Socks
  36. Cradles and Graves
  37. Creating a Rainbow (Living Children)
  38. Crossingtheacheron
  39. Daydream Believer
  40. Delinquent Eggs
  41. The Desire of my Heart
  42. Destined to be an Old Woman with No Regrets (Living Children)
  43. Detour
  44. Don’t Count Your Chickens
  45. Dreams Come True… sometimes
  46. Dwelling on Dreams
  47. the egg, the sperm and the mole – a journey (Molar/living children)
  48. Falling in Hope
  49. Fertile Journeys
  50. A Few Good Eggs
  51. Find Your Spark
  52. A Fine Mess
  53. Forever My Child
  54. A Garden for Butterflies
  55. Giving Up a Dream (living children)
  56. A Glimpse Inside
  57. Grief is a journey…
  58. gypsyhick
  59. The Hales
  60. Hobbit-ish Thoughts and Ramblings
  61. Hope Wish Believe
  62. Hot Mama Bear’s Premature Delivery- When the Water Breaks…
  63. The House of Duffy
  64. I am a Mommy
  65. If Only…
  66. The Impatient Patient
  67. Implosion
  68. Indi’s Human
  69. Insert Clever Blog Title Here
  70. In 2 Me See
  71. Invincible Spring
  72. Is That Your Natural Glow, Or Do You Have News For Me?
  73. It Goes On
  74. A Journey of Emotions
  75. Journey of Faith
  76. A Journey of Hope
  77. A Journey Through Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
  78. Journey to Our Rainbow (living children)
  79. Just Nicki’s World
  80. Justonemore (living children)
  81. Kmina’s Blog (living children)
  82. La Vie en Ross (living children)
  83. Lacking expectations
  84. Laughter and Forgetting
  85. Leave it to the Beavers
  86. The Lewis Note
  87. Life.Love.Jesus
  88. Life Begins…
  89. Life in our 40’s – Ups and Downs
  90. Life’s Little Bump
  91. Life Without My Twins (Pregnancy)
  92. Lo-Wren
  93. Manapan’s Space
  94. Married in a Zoo
  95. Memories of Life
  96. The Miscarriage Blog
  97. Mommyodyssey
  98. More Than My Share
  99. Mrs. Brightside
  100. Mrs. H Happenings
  101. My Adventures in Baby-Making
  102. My belly is empty!
  103. My Journey Through the Storm
  105. My Life after Loss
  106. My Life as a Kung Fu Fighter
  107. My Life in a Nutshell
  108. My Life is About the Journey
  109. My Perfect Breakdown
  110. My Rotten Eggs
  111. My Star and Wish
  112. Naturally Balanced
  113. Never Giving Up Hope
  114. new year new ute
  115. Non Geordie Mum
  116. Nunn the Wiser
  117. Oh, Baby, Where Art Thou?
  118. On Flunking Applied Biology 101
  119. Once Upon a BFP
  120. One to Keep
  121. Our Journey to Parenthood (and Beyond)
  122. Our Tiny Angels (living children)
  123. Park Slope Purgatory
  124. Passionatepineapple
  125. Pepibebe
  126. Persnickety Chickadee
  127. Pineapple and Progesterone
  128. Planting a Pumpkin Patch
  129. The Port of Indecision
  130. Precious Little…
  131. Princess Ladybugs & Monkey (living children)
  132. Project Sweet Pea
  133. Rainbeforebaby
  134. Rainbow Making 101
  135. The Ramblings of RM
  136. Recurrent Loss and Moving Forward
  137. Recurrently Unlucky
  138. RenovationGirl (Molar/living children)
  139. Running Into My Life (pregnant/living children)
  140. Running Through Infertility
  141. Schrodinger’s Catbox
  142. Seeing Thestrals
  143. Semi-fertile
  144. So Dear and Yet So Far
  145. solo trekking through recurrent miscarriage
  146. Sonya’s Pages
  147. Southern Hope
  148. Sticky Baby Hope
  149. Still a Guest Room
  150. Strictly Stricklands
  151. Sunshine on Jupiter
  152. The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow (I Hope)
  153. Surviving Infertility
  154. Sweet Pea
  155. Taboo Baby Talk
  156. Taking the Statistical Bullet (Living Children)
  157. Tesha’s Treasures (Living Children)
  158. Things People Said After My Miscarriage
  159. This Broken Road
  160. This Child’s Mom
  161. Three Week Wait
  163. Too Beautiful for Earth
  164. Tre Libellule
  165. A True Love Story Never Ends!
  166. Trying Again (Living Children)
  167. Trying Times
  168. Trying to Conceive after a Loss
  169. understandingmiscarriage blog
  170. Under the Same Sky
  171. Unexplained Rantings
  172. Wabi-Sabi Life
  173. Waiting for Baby
  174. Waves Over Stones (living children)
  175. Where’s My Baby?
  176. Whitney & Erick
  177. Why Can’t I Stay Pregnant?
  178. Willcarryon
  179. The Yellow Blanket
  180. You Know What You Should Try

Stillbirth, Neonatal Death and Infant Death

  1. A for Adventure (Living Children)
  2. A Fifth Season
  3. A Little Bit Lost (Living Children)
  4. A Mending Heart (Living Children)
  5. A Reason to Stay Alive (Living Children)
  6. Across the Universe (Living Children)
  7. Adriana’s Story (Living Children)
  8. Adrift on a Dandelion Breeze (Living Children)
  9. After Iris (Pregnancy/Living Children)
  10. Afterwards (Living Children)
  11. Aidan, Baby of Mine
  12. Airplanes from Heaven
  13. Almost a Mother
  14. Always My 3 Boys (Living Children)
  15. Always Plus One (Pregnancy)
  16. Amazing Mikayla Grace
  17. Attempting to Love Life Without Her (Living Children)
  18. Awful But Functioning (Living Children)
  19. A Baby Carly Story (Living Children)
  20. Bereaved and Blessed (Living Children)
  21. Beyond the Pale (Living Children)
  22. Birthing ARTiculations (Pregnant)
  23. Blog@herblackbird.org (Living Children)
  24. Born Still but Still Born (Living Children)
  25. Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies (Living Children)
  26. Brianna in Wonderland (Living Children)
  27. Broken – but – Blessed (Living Children)
  28. The Broken Road
  29. Building Heavenly Bridges (Living Children)
  30. Built-in Birth Control
  31. Burble
  32. Busted Babymaker (Pregnant)
  33. Butterflies and Kittens
  34. Cape Girl’s Journey
  35. Caring for Carleigh
  36. Caroline’s Family
  37. Carried Through Grief (Living Children)
  38. Certainly Not Cool Enough To Blog
  39. The Cezzar Joint (Living Children)
  40. Charlotte in Our Hearts
  41. Chickydoodles
  42. The chronicles of an incompetent cervix
  43. Cloudy with a Chance of Hope
  44. Conceptionally Challenged
  45. confessions of a pregnancy addict (Living Children)
  46. Cooper’s Woods (Living Children)
  47. Cora’s Story
  48. Creative Joy (Living Children)
  49. Cullen’s Blessings (Living Children)
  50. Curls O Fred (Pregnancy)
  51. David and Alyssa’s Mommy (Living Children)
  52. dead baby jokes (Living Children)
  53. Dear Finley
  54. Dear Luke
  55. Dear Stevie
  56. The Destiny Manifest (Living Children)
  57. Discours du Coeur (Heart Chatter)
  58. Drew Needs Rest
  59. Eight Million Pieces (Living Children)
  60. Ella’s Halo
  61. Elm City Dad
  62. Elm City Mom
  63. Empty Arms
  64. The Empty Cookie (Living Children)
  65. Epic Fail
  66. Everything Is Under Control (Living Children)
  67. Expectations Revised
  68. Ezra’s Space
  69. Faraday’s Garden (Pregnant/Living Children)
  70. A Few Good Eggs
  71. Finding a New Normal (neonatal loss)
  72. Finding My New Normal
  73. Fireworks and Rainbows (Living Children)
  74. Fish Bite Moonbeams
  75. Following My Sun
  76. Getting it Sorted (Pregnant)
  77. A Girl and a Boy (Living Children)
  78. Glutton Button (Living Children)
  79. G-d’s Faithful Heart (Living Children)
  80. Growing Inside (Living Children)
  81. Growing, Laughing, and Loving in Life (Living Children)
  82. Hailey’s Journey with HLHS (Pregnancy)
  83. Happily Hidalgo (Living Children)
  84. Happiness at the Core
  85. The Happy Sad Mama (Living Children)
  86. He Will Carry Me
  87. Healing Arts (Pregnant/Living Children)
  88. Heart in the Clouds
  89. Heaven Sent “Little Angel Hands”
  90. Heavenly Sunsets (Living Children)
  91. Hell is Repetition
  92. Hello Goodbye (Living Children)
  93. Hiding Scars in My Yarn (Living Children)
  94. Hold on to Hope (Living Children)
  95. Holy Pee Stick, Batman
  96. Home Educating the Puddle Chicks (Living Children)
  97. Homesick (Living Children)
  98. How to Hold a Moonbeam
  99. Inanna Journey (Living Children)
  100. I Lost a World (Living Children)
  101. In Memory of Jacob
  102. I Won’t Fear Love (Living Children)
  103. In Dylan’s Memory
  104. Inklings
  105. Inspired by Karolina
  106. In the Land of Broken Hearts (Living Children)
  107. In the Storm
  108. It Just Takes One
  109. It’s My Life (Living Children)
  110. Jack’s Defenders
  111. Jack at Random (Living Children)
  112. Jeanna’s Motherhood Journey (Pregnancy)
  113. My Journey Through Infertility, Pregnancy, and Loss
  114. The Journey to Life
  115. Justin & Jessica
  116. Keeping Up with Angels
  117. Klepsydra (Pregnancy)
  118. Knocked Up, Knocked Down
  119. Joy and Sorrow, Intertwined (Living Children)
  120. Just What I Always Wanted
  121. La La Land
  122. A Lasting Footprint (Living Children)
  123. Lazy Seamstress
  124. Letters to Claire
  125. Letters to Noah
  126. Life After… (Pregnant/Living Children)
  127. Life after Gavin
  128. Life after the Death of a Child/Toddler
  129. Life After Two Losses
  130. Life After Will (Living Children)
  131. Life as a (W)hole
  132. Life is Hard! (Living Children)
  133. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pampers
  134. Life’s Little Blessings (Living Children)
  135. Life, Loss and Little Things (Living Children)
  136. Life, Love, and Looking Forward
  137. Living on a Knife Edge (Pregnancy)
  138. Living Our Love Song
  139. A Life Too Brief (Living Children)
  140. Life Without Caden
  141. Life Without my Baby
  142. Living without Sophia and Ellie (Living Children)
  143. LifeCanBeAShit (Living Children)
  144. A Little Bit of Hope (Living Children)
  145. Little Bluebirds Fly
  146. Little Footprints
  147. A Little Hope in My Pocket
  148. Little Luke (Living Children)
  149. Longing, Living, Loving
  150. Losing Chiara (Living Children)
  151. Losing Our Itty Bitty Liddy
  152. The Lotus Flower
  153. Loumary — My New Okay
  154. Love Reigns Over Me (Living Children)
  155. Loving and Losing Lydie
  156. Makes you stronger
  157. Miles Apart
  158. Miranda the Butterfly
  159. Missing Brandon and Matthew
  160. Missing Drew (Living Children)
  161. Missing Eliana (Living Children)
  162. Missing Harry (Pregnancy)
  163. Missing Sydney (Living Children)
  164. Missing Twins Loving Gabe (Living Children)
  165. mommy 2 miracles (Living Children)
  166. Mommy to an angel (Living Children)
  167. My Angel Baby… Aiden William
  168. My Beautiful, Messy Life (Living Children)
  169. My Skytimes
  170. My Sweet Angel Clara
  171. My Sweet Kenny
  172. My Thoughts, My World (Living Children)
  173. My Wonderland and Other Infinite Possibilities
  174. Nate Nate Roller Skate (Living Children)
  175. No, I will NEVER be “over” it! (Living Children)
  176. Nolan’s Story
  177. Not Rated PG
  178. On KK’s Butterfly Wings
  179. Once (Living Children)
  180. Once a Mother
  181. One Star in the Night Sky
  182. Only a Whisper (Living Children)
  183. Our Hopeful Life (Living Children)
  184. Our Little Beanbob (Living Children)
  185. Our Lives Forever Changed
  186. Our Own Creation (Living Children)
  187. Overeducated Mommy (Living Children)
  188. The Paparella Brood (Living Children)
  189. Peace B.E.G.A.N.
  190. Penguins of Mine (Living Children)
  191. Please Give Me Back My Heart (Pregnant)
  192. Polka Dots and Ric Rac
  193. Poor Lucky Me
  194. Raindrops
  195. Reflecting, Still…
  196. Relaxing Doesn’t Make Babies (Living Children)
  197. Remembering the Life
  198. Reese’s Rants and Raves (Pregnant, Living Children)
  199. Riding the Waves of Time
  200. The Road Less Traveled
  201. The Road Less Travelled
  202. The Root of All Evel
  203. RunningNekkid (Living Children)
  204. Safe in This House
  205. Sami’s Blog (Living Children)
  206. Savanna’s Wings
  207. Searching for Deeply Buried, Maternal Roots…
  208. A Second Line
  209. Secret Badge of Honour
  210. She almost made it
  211. The Shifty Shadow
  212. Spiraling into control
  213. Sticky Doorknobs (Living Children)
  214. Still Life with Circles (Living Children)
  215. Stitched Up – for the second time
  216. A Story Unfolding (Parenting)
  217. A Sucker for Gerbera’s
  218. Sullivan’s Story (Living Children)
  219. Surviving Baby
  220. Surviving the Loss of Baby Sidney (Living Children)
  221. Sweet Baby Whispers
  222. Team Ewan
  223. This Little Light of Mine
  224. Three Quarter Mom (Living Children)
  225. Tiny Footprints (Living Children)
  226. Too Beautiful
  227. To Walk with God is Gracious
  228. These are the things I’m made of
  229. The Turtle and the Monkey (Living Children)
  230. Treasuring Life’s Blessings (Living Children)
  231. Tuesday’s Hope (Living Children)
  232. Two Pieces of My Heart
  233. Viva la Vivi
  234. Wegen Tales
  235. What Now?
  236. Where to go from here?
  237. Whispered Support
  238. Whitney Jill
  239. Wild and Precious Life
  240. A Year On… (Living Children)
  241. You are Loved and Not Forgotten (Living Children)
  242. You Go in Shadows

Medical Termination

  1. Adventures After Infertility (Living Children)
  2. Befriending My Ovaries
  3. An Expat’s Journal
  4. Frying Pan or Fire
  5. How Much is that Baby in the Window
  6. Dear Noah (Living Children)
  7. Diary of a Little Chicken (Living Children)
  8. Eighteen Weeks
  9. Mother-to-One
  10. Motherhood Interrupted
  11. A Sky for Blue
  12. Sweeping Up the Broken Pieces
  13. Trisomy 18 Loss – Music and Musings
  14. We’ll Make the Best of What’s Around
  15. Wild Lilies in the Woods

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