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Donor Gamete and Surrogacy Room

Welcome to the donor gamete and surrogacy room of the ALI blogroll. You will find the following categories below:

  • Donor Egg/Insemination/Embryo
  • Other End of the Telescope–Donors and Surrogates
  • Parenting after DI, DE, or Surrogacy
  • Surrogacy

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Donor Egg/Insemination/Embryo

  1. All in One Basket
  2. Baby Wanted: Apply Within
  3. Back In The Saddle Again
  4. BagMomma (parenting)
  5. Banking on It
  6. Best When Used By
  7. Braving IVF (Pregnant)
  8. Building a Family Through Donor Insemination
  9. A Chance Worth Taking
  10. Clean Slate
  11. The Cockroaches of Infertility
  12. Definition of Insanity
  13. DI Dads Speak Out
  14. Diary of a Donor Egg IVF Girl (Pregnant)
  15. Diaries of a hopeful dad to be.
  16. Donor Eggs Journey
  17. The Egg Timer (is about to ring)
  18. EggedOn: Eggs ovary easy. Egg donation & secondary infertility
  19. Falling or Flying
  20. Fertility Chick
  21. finally it could be
  22. Fresh and Freerange
  23. From Damaged to Donor
  24. Funny Little Pollywogs
  25. Getting from Here to There Without a Map
  26. A Greater Yes
  27. Hard Boiled Martini
  28. Hope for the Best
  29. Ice Babies
  30. IF Pomegranate
  31. Inconceivable
  32. Inconceivable – POF Journey to Motherhood
  33. The Infertile Bird
  34. The Infertile Voice
  35. The Infertility Chronicles
  36. It is what it is (or is it?) (Parenting)
  37. It’s My Life
  38. It Only Takes One
  39. IVF Time
  40. Joyous Birdie
  41. The Junk Box
  42. Just Add Eggs
  43. L’eggo My Eggo
  44. Lies My Mother Told Me…
  45. Life in the Waiting Womb
  46. Living Life Out Loud
  47. Misconceptions About Conception (Parenting)
  48. Moving Mountains with Small Eggs
  49. Mrs. Humpty Dumpty (Pregnant)
  50. musicmakermomma
  51. My Infertility
  52. My Lazy Ovaries
  53. My scar smiles at me, I don’t always smile back
  54. MzPippiLongstocking
  55. No Good Eggs
  56. Not the Normal Way
  57. O Small You
  58. One Egg Please
  59. onward and sideways: destination baby
  60. Our Journey
  61. Out, damned egg! Out I say!
  62. Over Hard: Eggs and Infertility
  63. Pamplemousse
  64. Puffer and the Baby Fish
  65. Putting All Her Eggs In My Basket (parenting)
  66. Ready for My Turn
  67. Roccie Road (parenting)
  68. Rocky Road
  69. Something Remarkable
  70. Sparkly Things Distract Me
  71. Sprogblogger’s Weblog
  72. Still Searching for our Golden Egg
  73. Tammy’s Journey
  74. Thanks Sis, Glad Mom Didn’t Stop at 2
  75. Thatonebasket’s Blog
  76. Think Outside the Baby Box
  77. Three Bags Full
  78. Trying to Conceive with Modern Medicine
  79. Trying to Get Knocked Up By Another Man
  80. The Unexpected Trip (pregnancy)
  81. Wanted: One Good Embryo
  82. We’re Going All In
  83. When Agony Met Hope
  84. Wheresmytwolines
  85. Wishing on a Snowflake
  86. working on it
  87. Zen of the Egg Hunt

Other End of the Telescope–Donors and Surrogates

  1. A Gestational Surrogacy Journey
  2. Bump Fairy
  3. Donating Hope
  4. Egg Donation Directory
  5. Eggs Sunny Side Up: Journey of an Egg Donor
  6. Feelin the Love!
  7. For My Sister
  8. From TTC to Mommy, Thanks to IVF
  9. Guestwomb
  10. have eggs, will share
  11. I Love You This Much
  12. I’m a Smart One
  13. Living, Loving, Giving
  14. Operation Life
  15. Over the Rainbow
  16. Part of a Miracle
  17. PlacingParents
  18. Surrogacy 101
  19. The Third Party

Parenting after DI, DE, or Surrogacy

  1. The adventures of Jonny and Flo
  2. …as good as it gets?
  3. A Family, Created
  4. A History of a VERY special Journey
  5. The Art of Being Infertile
  6. aspiring baker
  7. Beaten but not bowed
  8. Begging for a Baby (Now just stick around little one!)
  9. Behind Schedule
  10. Bellyaching and Benedictions
  11. Changing Expectations
  12. A Chick and Eggs
  13. Conflicted
  14. DI Mom
  15. Donor Diva
  16. Don’t Yell Unless The House Is On Fire
  17. Drive Fast. Take Chances
  18. Everything Comes with Pancakes
  19. Fertile yet Infertile?
  20. Finding Moe
  21. Gathering Rosebuds (sertoli-cell only syndome)
  22. GENdMOM
  23. Hard Boiled: A Donor Egg Blog
  24. The Hardest Quest
  25. Hearts 2 Match
  26. Helping Make Sense
  27. Hysterical – My Quest for Spawn
  28. IF and the City
  29. IVF 40+ Path to Parenthood
  30. Life as Dad to DI Kids – Annex
  31. Life as Dad to Donor Insemination (DI) Kids
  32. Life in the Soupbowl
  33. little bit of something
  34. Midlife Momasita
  35. Missed Conceptions
  36. The Money Sucking Uterus
  37. My Beautiful Crazy
  38. My Eggy Journey
  39. New Midlife Mommy
  40. No swimmers in the tubes, no bun in the oven (Pregnant)
  41. Not According to Plan (Pregnant)
  42. Old Lady and No Baby
  43. On Fecund Thought
  44. Onwards!
  45. The Other Side
  46. Plan B
  47. Punch Drunk
  48. Rational Irrationalities
  49. Right vs. Easy
  50. So Blessed I Could Scream
  51. ::: The Sweet Life :::
  52. There’s a baby at the end of this, right?
  53. why not me
  54. Will I ever be …?
  55. Wishing it would get easier
  56. Worrier/Warrior
  57. Yes! We Have No Bananas…!


  1. 10 Miles Uphill in the Snow (Parenting)
  2. And Baby Makes Five… Or Six!* (Parenting)
  3. Beyond What Ifs (Parenting)
  4. B0ULDER’S BoxCars
  5. The Expectant Duck
  6. FET Accompli (Pregnancy)
  7. For the Love of Baby Liam
  8. Fox in the Hen House
  9. Half a Duo… (Parenting)
  10. Hopeful Wishes
  11. I Thought Unicorns Were a Myth (Pregnancy)
  12. In Search of Motherhood (and donor egg)
  13. Its Nun Yo Biznazz
  14. An Infertility Journal
  15. Infertility and Surrogacy Blog
  16. Intending To Be Parents (Pregnancy)
  17. Little Blessings
  18. MRKH Musings
  19. My Egg, Your Nest
  20. My Journey to Myles and Beyond
  21. No Oven for the Bun
  22. Nothing is Certain Except Death and Taxes
  23. Our Journey to Surrogacy In India (Pregnancy)
  24. our surrogacy adventure
  25. A Passage to Baby
  26. Procreated in India (Pregnancy)
  27. Rasta Less Traveled
  28. She’s Having Our Baby! (Parenting)
  29. Surrogacy in India
  30. The Third Wheel
  31. Waiting in Sunshine
  32. Wishing on a Surrogate
  33. Zero Guarantees

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