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Diagnostics Room

Welcome to the diagnostics room of the ALI blogroll. You will find the following categories below:

  • Azoospermia
  • CBAVD and CAVD
  • Clotting and Immunology
  • Endometriosis
  • Female Factor
  • Male Factor
  • PCOS
  • Translocation, Chromosomal Issues, and Genetics
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Uterine Anomalies
  • Varicocele

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  1. Always Mrs B Never Mommy
  2. Bitter is the New Black
  3. The brave new world
  4. Don’t Try This at Home
  5. Dreams and Embryos
  6. The Empress Strikes Back
  7. Empty Hole
  8. Finding Clive
  9. It’s a Zoo Around Here
  10. Journey Through the Infertility Jungle
  11. Just Keep Swimming
  12. Just Want to Be a Mom
  13. Manana Banana (Parenting)
  14. My Bumpy Journey
  15. No, I’m Not Pregnant, Just Fat
  16. Not a Fertile Myrtle
  17. One More Time, With Feeling
  18. The Perpetual Aunt
  19. Secret Life of the Infertile
  20. Someday
  21. Something Out of Nothing
  22. stella and/or ben (Parenting)
  23. Team Harries Beats Infertility
  24. Waiting for My Bump
  25. Waiting for Our World to Change
  26. When Two is Not Better Than One
  27. Where’s Our Stork?
  28. Yes, We’re One of THOSE Couples


  1. Entities as Singular
  2. Going For It
  3. IVF adventure
  4. Who shot my stork?

Clotting and Immunology

  1. A Look Into My Life
  2. A Lot of Nothing
  3. Baby passionfruit (Parenting)
  4. BrooklynGirl (Parenting)
  5. butterfly on my shoulder (Pregnant)
  6. Carrying On (Parenting)
  7. The Conceivable Future
  8. Confessions of a Wife, Nurse, and an Infertile Girl
  9. Dear Monkey
  10. Fertility Now! (Parenting)
  11. Finding Family with Empty Arms
  12. From My Front Porch
  13. house of miao
  14. how much IS a duck worth? (Parenting)
  15. I am my own person… (Pregnant)
  16. Into the Rabbit Hole (Parenting)
  17. Invisible Mother
  18. Just a Heartbeat Away (Parenting)
  19. Motherhood (the not so easy road) (Parenting)
  20. My Life in Stirrups
  21. My Many Blessings (Parenting)
  22. No Matter How Small (Parenting)
  23. Sometimes It’s The Destination
  24. Spiritbabycomehome (Parenting)
  25. Teresa’s Pieces
  26. Thoughts from my life
  27. three minute palaver (Parenting)
  28. Tied Together with a Smile
  29. What the Future Holds


  1. A Journey of Endometriosis and Fertility (Parenting)
  2. Adventures of Endo in the Arctic
  3. All I Want for Christmas is a Positive Pregnancy Test
  4. Along Life’s Little Journey
  5. Babies Everywhere…But None Who Call Me Mama
  6. Baby Bean
  7. The Bailly Blog (Parenting)
  8. Bio Girl (Parenting)
  9. Chasing That Dream
  10. Chronicles of an “IF” Fashionista
  11. College & Endo
  12. Dear Lady Disdain (Parenting)
  13. Don’t Scare Easy
  14. Dreaming of Dimples
  15. Drew’s Diary (Parenting)
  16. Elusive BFP (Pregnancy)
  17. Embryo Motel (Parenting)
  18. Ending Endo Naturally
  19. Endo&Beyond
  20. Endo-a-Go-Go
  21. Fear, pride and faith
  22. Fertility Quest
  23. Frustrated Musings of a Seemingly Calm Gal
  24. Haisla’s Adventures in Endoland
  25. herveryown (Parenting)
  26. IF You Only Knew
  27. Inconceivable No More! (Parenting)
  28. The Infertile Optimist
  29. Infertile Turtle (Pregnant)
  30. Infertility Sucks
  31. It’s Not the End of the World… (Pregnant)
  32. Journey of a Woman Warrior
  33. Just Chill
  34. Last American Girl Standing (Pregnant)
  35. Life with Endometriosis and PCOS
  36. Lily in the Valley
  37. Living Life Out of Order
  38. The Lone Infertile
  39. LTF525
  40. The Making of a Family
  41. Married… with Endo
  42. The Mind of Olivia Drab (Parenting)
  43. Mustard Seed Baby
  44. Myendojourney
  45. My IVF Reality
  46. My Journey to Conceive with Endometriosis
  47. My Journey with Endometriosis
  48. My Life with Endo and Infertility
  49. NOT so Fertile Mertile
  50. Ohemily’s Weblog
  51. Once an Infertile
  52. Oscar wants a pl@ym@te (Parenting)
  53. Peesticks and Stones (Pregnant)
  54. The Redhead Files
  55. The Secret Life of an Infertile
  56. Somewhere Only We Know
  57. The State That I Am In
  58. Tea and Secrets
  59. To Be Again (Parenting)
  60. Twelve Grapes
  61. When Will I Hear the Pitter Patter of Feet?
  62. We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
  63. Where’s My Miracle?
  64. Where’s the Baby Carriage
  65. You Wouldn’t Even Make an Omelette with Stale Eggs

Female Factor

  1. …Just when I thought I had it all (Parenting)
  2. A Journey to Conception (one ovary)
  3. Accio Baby!
  4. An Infertility Odyssey
  5. A Someday Mom (Parenting)
  6. As Fast As My Baby Can
  7. Baby Godot (Parenting)
  8. Baby Quest (Parenting)
  9. babymajic (Pregnancy)
  10. Baby Twiglet (Parenting)
  11. babytorud (Pregnant)
  12. Barren Is The New Black
  13. Bionic Mamas (two vaginas, two cervixes, but normal uterus) (Parenting)
  14. Blonde Mombitions (hypothalamic amennorhea)
  15. Breakfast in Bedrest (Parenting)
  16. Confessions of a Fallopian Tube
  17. The Constant Pain & Wishing I Was a Mommy
  18. Cowboy and Titan’s Mom Blog (polyps, narrow cervix, and endo)
  19. Dinner Table Talk… I Think Not (Parenting)
  20. Don’t Count Your Eggs (DOR)
  21. Double Delight (POF, Parenting)
  22. Dragon and Blossom’s Adventures (POF)
  23. Elephant in the Room (Parenting)
  24. Even Miracles Take a Little More Time (hypothalamic amenorrhea)
  25. The Fertility Pickle (POF)
  26. Finding Motherhood (Pregnancy)
  27. The Follicle Report
  28. Get Pregnant (Pregnant)
  29. Giving POF the PFO
  30. G-d Uses Every Tear (DOR)
  31. Grace is Grateful (DOR)
  32. Half as Many Chances (hypothalamic amenorrhea) (Pregnant)
  33. I Am Woman…Right? (POF)
  34. Infertility: a Diary
  35. Infertility Journal
  36. Infertility SUCKS!
  37. In Quest of a Binky Moongee (DOR)
  38. Is conceiving conceivable? (Pregnant)
  39. Jim & Kate Plus 8… 8 Doctors That Is (panhypopituitarism)
  40. Journeys Over the Rainbow (hysterectomy)
  41. jumping through the hoops (Parenting)
  42. Just Nesting
  43. Late for a Very Important Pregnancy (high FSH)
  44. The Little Tube Who (Hopefully) Can
  45. lovesbabyhopes (Pregnancy)
  46. The Lucky Life (scar tissue adhesions)
  47. MAC and PC
  48. the maniacal mommy (Pregnancy)
  49. A Miracle in the Works (DOR) (Pregnancy)
  50. Musings of a Barren-ess (Parenting)
  51. My Bum Ovaries (POF)
  52. My F*cked Up Uterus (Parenting)
  53. My Scrambled Eggs
  54. No Baby Ruth (secondary amenorrhea)
  55. Not How I Planned It (hope it will be OK) (Parenting)
  56. No Kid on the Block (POF)
  57. Not Pregnant
  58. The Old Fashioned Way
  59. Our Fertility Journey (hypothalamic amenhorrea)
  60. Out of the Ashes (Asherman’s Syndrome)
  61. Paint it Black
  62. Painting Chef – Cheaper Than Therapy
  63. POF and Now What? (Parenting)
  64. Praying for a Little One (Pregnancy)
  65. Preggo My Eggo
  66. Premature Ovarian Failure… no… Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POF)
  67. Que Sera Sera (hyperplasia)
  68. Seeming Normal (hypothalamic amenorrhea)
  69. So These are the Days of My Life (Parenting)
  70. Still Here (fibroids)
  71. Such a Good Egg
  72. Too Young for This ‘Old’ Lark
  73. Torthúil (Pregnancy)
  74. trulytested
  75. TTC – MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (Pregnancy)
  76. Tubeless in Seattle (no fallopian tubes) (Parenting)
  77. Two’s Company. Three’s a Family
  78. Unapologetically Content (bilateral hydrosalpinx)
  79. When Good Eggs Go Bad (POF)
  80. When Life Doesn’t Give You a Uterus… Make Lemonade (MRKH)
  81. Womb For Improvement – Trying to have a baby
  82. Worth the Wait (thyroid)

Male Factor

  1. 21st Century Conception with Love (Parenting)
  2. Adding Peas to Our Pod
  3. Adventures of Baby Making (Pregnant)
  4. A Few Good Sperm
  5. Ambivalent Womb
  6. Are We There Yet?
  7. Awaiting Our Miracle
  8. Babygaga
  9. Baby OCD
  10. Baby Steps to Baby Shoes (Parenting)
  11. Bee in the Bonnet (Parenting)
  12. Before there were more (Pregnant)
  13. Being Jamie Lynn
  14. Bella Vida
  15. Between the Paper Sheets
  16. Beyond the Brick Wall
  17. It Only Takes One Time…Not!
  18. Birds and the Beas
  19. Bitter Ground (Parenting)
  20. Butterfly Dreams (Parenting)
  21. Cattula
  22. CD1
  23. Cold Ute. Warm Heart
  24. Conceive This! (Pregnancy)
  25. Conception Deception
  26. Dancing with Gaia
  27. Desperate to multiply (Parenting)
  28. Destination Baby (Parenting)
  29. Do Without Doing
  30. Eggs in a Basketcase
  31. Eggs with a Side of Sperm
  32. Embracing the Rain
  33. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
  34. forcing seeds (Pregnant)
  35. From Chaos to Clarity
  36. Ginger and Lime
  37. Gonna Do It For Baby
  38. Go Sperm Go!
  39. Growing Griswolds
  40. Here’s to Unwavering Hope
  41. Hope Springs Eternal
  42. How To Make A Girl: My Infertility Experiences
  43. I Never Thought It Made Sense Anyway
  44. If You Don’t Stand for Something
  45. InfertileInsanity
  46. Infertile Fantasies (Parenting)
  47. The Infertile Journey (Pregnancy)
  48. Is it My Turn Yet?
  49. I Wanna Be Prego
  50. Jonesing for a Baby (Parenting)
  51. Journey to Baby – Uncertain yet hopeful (Pregnancy)
  52. Learning to Accept My Infertility
  53. Locked Womb Mystery
  54. Love, Life, and Infertility
  55. Love, Marriage, and Waiting for a Baby Carriage
  56. Loving My Choice
  57. Meinsideout
  58. Molli’s IVF Story (Parenting)
  59. Motherhoodbound (Pregnancy)
  60. My Broken Road to Motherhood (Parenting)
  61. My World, My Ramblings
  62. No U-Turns Allowed (Pregnancy)
  63. One Who Understands
  64. On the Road (Parenting)
  65. The Open Door (Parenting)
  66. Our Adventures Through Infertility
  67. Our Infertility Journey (Parenting)
  68. Our Journey to be a Mommy and Daddy
  69. Our Someday Family
  70. The Pitter-Patter
  71. The Privileged Infertile
  72. Project Baby
  73. Ramblings of a Wanna-Be Momma
  74. Reproductive Jeans (Parenting)
  75. The Secret Garden
  76. Sell Crazy Someplace Else (Parenting)
  77. Syringe Sisters
  78. Take it one gigantic, earth-shattering crisis at a time. (Parenting)
  79. Time to Make a Baby
  80. Tired of Waiting (Pregnancy)
  81. The Unfair Struggle
  82. Waiting For Baby K (Pregnancy)
  83. What IF?
  84. What to Expect When You’re NOT Expecting


  1. (No Longer) Waiting on Two Pink Lines (Parenting)
  2. A Journey to Forever
  3. Adventures in Infertility (Parenting)
  4. Antropóloga (Parenting)
  5. At Least I Still Have Humor
  6. Awake on the Night Shift (Pregnant)
  7. The Baby Box
  8. Baby Bunts (Pregnant)
  9. Baby Hopes (Parenting)
  10. Baby, Please!
  11. BarrenAlbion (Parenting)
  12. Barrenness in a Fertile Land
  13. The Big “IF”
  14. BigP and Me (Parenting)
  15. Birch and Maple (Parenting)
  16. birds and squirrels
  17. Blawnde’s Blawg (Parenting)
  18. Blogging My Way Through Infertility…and Life
  19. Blue Gingham Jumpers (Parenting)
  20. Bugsy’s Blog (Parenting)
  21. The Chickadee Journals
  22. Cloudy with a Chance of Infertility
  23. Conceiving Is Believing
  24. Confessions of an (Infertile) Shopaholic
  25. Crashing, Burning, & Getting Back Up
  26. Destination: Motherhood
  27. Dreaming of a baby despite infertility (Parenting)
  28. Dreaming of Baby F
  29. Eggs, shots and rock n roll (Parenting)
  30. Empty Wombs
  31. Everyone has a story, and this is mine! (Parenting)
  32. Fertility Challenged in Florida
  33. The Fertility Nerd
  34. Fertilized (Parenting)
  35. The Follie Files (Parenting)
  36. Fractured Rainbows
  37. Fruitful Furbishing
  38. Hakuna Matata
  39. How to Be Infertile
  40. Hurts Sew Good
  41. I Married Barney, Now What?
  42. Inconceivable
  43. Infertilesanonymous
  44. Jaded Journey (Parenting)
  45. Journey to Babeland (Parenting)
  46. Journey Through Infertility and TTC
  47. Just One Bean (Pregnant)
  48. Keepin’ Up with the Jones’
  49. let’s make a baby! (Parenting)
  50. Life By the Day
  51. Life: Chats and Rants
  52. A Life in Ordinary
  53. Life is Serious Business
  54. Life Trials: Tales of Infertility
  55. Life’s Lost and Found (Parenting)
  56. L(IF)e with a Capital IF
  57. Lissie’s Luck
  58. Little Pieces of My Life
  59. Living with the Cards I was Dealt (Parenting)
  60. The Long and Winding Road
  61. Long Distance Infertility
  62. Mama in Waiting
  63. Maybe Baby?
  64. Maybe It’s All Good?
  65. Maybe it’s just me…
  66. Meier Madness
  67. MissConception
  68. Motherhood for the Weak (Parenting)
  69. My Accidentally on Purpose
  70. Natural Conceptions
  71. Nickee Coco
  72. Not Jabba
  73. Nuts in May
  74. On the Lanai
  75. One Wheeler’s World (Parenting)
  76. Our Stork Isn’t Great with Directions
  77. PCOS – Pretty Certain my Ovaries Suck
  78. PCOS: Pretty Shitty Ovary Syndrome
  79. PCOS & Infertility
  80. probable impossibilities
  81. The Pussy Palace
  82. Quietly Southern (Parenting)
  83. Res Cogitatae
  84. Return to Go
  85. Savour the Moment
  86. Signaling the Stork
  87. Somehow, Someway (Pregnant)
  88. Southern Infertility (Parenting)
  89. A Splendid Endeavor
  90. The Stork Drop Zone
  91. The Stork Hunt (Pregnant)
  92. Strength, Hope, and Everything In Between
  93. Tick Tock Bio Clock
  94. Tiny Blessings
  95. Too Young to be Infertile
  96. Try, Try, Try Again
  97. Trying for Baby T
  98. The Trying Game (Parenting)
  99. Trying to become pregnant with PCOS (Pregnant)
  100. TTC: Impatient with PCOS
  101. Unique or Freak
  102. Unmoving, Unswaying, Unmasked (Pregnancy)
  103. Un-Simple Procreation (Parenting)
  104. Waiting and Wishing
  105. Waiting for Little Feet
  106. Waiting for Baby
  107. Where’s my belly? (Parenting)
  108. Where the *Bleep* is Our Stork?
  109. Whoever You Might Be
  110. Wishing, Hoping, Thinking, and Praying
  111. Wistfulgirl’s World

Translocation, Chromosomal Issues, and Genetics

  1. Aizer K’negdo’s Journey
  2. Barren Goddess
  3. Beyond the Parentheses
  4. BFN Equals Big Fat Tears
  5. Books, Babies, and Being in my 30’s
  6. Dreams and False Alarms
  7. Fragile Haven
  8. The Johnson Family Journey
  9. Julia (Parenting)
  10. Maybe Mama? (Parenting)
  11. One in a Million (Parenting)
  12. Our roller coaster ride through infertility & more
  13. Our Wish
  14. Twenty Weeks (alpha thalassemia)
  15. Your Average Pregnancy-After-Infertility Blog (Pregnancy)

Unexplained Infertility

  1. A + B, Waiting for C
  2. A-Team Makes a Baby
  3. A Little Sweetness (Parenting)
  4. Beauty and Courage
  5. Becoming Mom (Parenting)
  6. Bee Fruitful
  7. Bloorb (Parenting)
  8. Chasing Our Stork
  9. Child Bearing Hips (Parenting)
  10. The Chronicles of Violette Margarita
  11. Close Encounters with Fertility Treatments
  12. Cricket Songs
  13. Dear Infertility
  14. Destination Babyville (Parenting)
  15. Eating Myself to Life
  16. Fertilitydisability
  17. Fertility Freak
  18. A Geek Girls Guide to Getting Pregnant
  19. Glum Bunny
  20. Handling Plan B
  21. Home Grown Love (Parenting)
  22. Hope in Briarrose (Parenting)
  23. The Horizon
  24. IF in Tokyo: Infertility Haiku
  25. Infertility Unexplained
  26. Invisibly Infertile
  27. It only takes one egg (Parenting)
  28. Jamieandlauraonesie
  29. Jason and Amber
  30. Just Talking to Me
  31. Life, Love & the Pursuit of a Family
  32. Makingbabiesishard
  33. Maybe Baby
  34. My Battle With Infertility
  35. My bumpy path (Pregnancy)
  36. My Fertility Blog
  37. No Bun in This Oven
  38. Northern Grin
  39. One Cycle at a Time
  40. Operation Baby Bump
  41. Our Hopeful Journey
  42. Pendiente
  43. Pink and Blue Wishes
  44. The Pregnancy Challenge
  45. the spiral life
  46. Searching for Our Silver Lining
  47. Seeking Shirley
  48. SoftlySpoken’s Infertility Rollercoaster
  49. Submerged
  50. Tippy & Tidy’s Tumultuous Trip to Toddlers
  51. Trying to be a Family of Three
  52. The Ultimate Oxymoron
  53. Uneggsplained Infertility
  54. Warrior Woman
  55. Who Shot Down My Stork?
  56. Woman Anyone?
  57. The Wonderful World of Jayme
  58. The Yellow Room
  59. Young and Barren
  60. To Conception and Beyond

Uterine Anomalies

  1. A Hopeful Unicorn (unicornuate)
  2. A Uterus Divided (septate) (Parenting)
  3. Bernardeena (two uterii) (Pregnant)
  4. Brian and Haley Webb (ex-septate and bicornuate) (Pregnant)
  5. City Girl Tales (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  6. Drama in a Nutshell (septate)
  7. Gas Passer (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  8. Hairy Farmer Family’s Weblog (two uterii) (Parenting)
  9. Infertile Thoughts (bicornuate uterus)
  10. Inhospitable (ex-septate) (Parenting)
  11. Just crazy enough to try (bicornuate/Parenting)
  12. Life In a Holding Pattern (bicornuate) (Pregnant)
  13. Limbo Party! (septate) (Parenting)
  14. Miracles & Dreams (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  15. Miss W (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  16. Mollywogger (bicornuate)
  17. Musings from a Brave China Doll (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  18. The Mystery of My Infertile Womb (unicornuate)
  19. One Day a Time(septate/bicornuate)
  20. Our Long Awaited Spud (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  21. Out of difficulties grows miracles (bicornuate) (Parenting)
  22. Piquancy (bicornuate)
  23. Scarred Bellybutton (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  24. Scared and Scarred (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  25. Serenity Now! (ex-septate/bicornuate) (Parenting)
  26. Stop The World I want to get off (septate)
  27. Swateejain’s Weblog (septate)
  28. Two Shorten the Road (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  29. UnicornMommy (unicornuate) (Parenting)
  30. The Unicorn and I (unicornuate)


  1. Adopt2Bio
  2. Between The Lines (Pregnant)
  3. Hez in IVFland and beyond (Parenting)
  4. Infertility Bites (Pregnancy)
  5. It’s Called a Varico-what?
  6. Making Me Mom
  7. Maybe I will have a glass
  8. Pre-heated Oven: Where is my bun?
  9. Silly Uterus
  10. Three is a Magic Number
  11. Trying….the “New-fashioned” Way
  12. Waiting for that Positive

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