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Mental Sampler 13

Once upon a time, I posted the thirteenth Friday Blog Roundup.  I wasn’t numbering them at the time, so I didn’t think about that fact at all.  But this is the thirteenth mental sampler (like a Whitmans sampler, except with 100% less chocolate).  That feels ominous even if it isn’t a Friday.


I got a dress!  The ChickieNob also got a dress.  She put it on, looked in the mirror and said, “This is the one.”  But this isn’t about her.  This is about meeeeeeee.

When we left off, I had a dress in hand that we all felt meh about.  (“We” not being a royal we.  I’m including my sister and Josh in that statement.)  It was fine.  It felt like the best I was going to do.

But I grabbed a few dresses to try on after the ChickieNob was set with her dress.  A bunch definitely looked worse than the meh dress, and I got stuck in one.  (There was a lot of frantic tugging by the ChickieNob while I moaned, “It will never come off.  Never.  Never.  I will have a dress bunched under my arms for the rest of my life.”)  But one was exquisite.  It was exactly what I was looking for: simple, timeless-ish, and whimsical.

And the most bizarre thing about this dress?  It’s not online.  Anywhere.  It’s not on the designer’s site.  It’s not on the store site.  I have Googled it incessantly.  It’s like a ghost dress.  I keep opening the bag to check that it’s still there.  It sort of looks like this, but it’s tea-length and doesn’t have an open back.

I’m actually excited to wear this dress, so I’m glad I didn’t settle for meh.


We tried giving Linus his first bath.  He lasted about 15 seconds.  I put him down in the water, and he flipped out and immediately tried jumping out of the bathtub.  Then I soothed him by gently stroking his back while I told him about water and he cried.  Then he went back to trying to claw his way out, so I scooped him up and swaddled him in the towel.  You have never seen a sadder pig.

Unfortunately, even though he didn’t actually have a bath, his fur was wet so I needed to use the hair dryer to dry him.  But that?  That thing that comes with a loud noise and hot air?  That he loved.  He totally chilled and let us dry him for about ten minutes.  Such a weirdo.

He tends to do better with things the second time around, so hopefully next time we’ll make it to the shampoo stage.


1 a { 07.30.17 at 8:40 am }

I’m glad you both found your perfect dresses! I’m sure you will look amazing!

I had no idea people bathed guinea pigs.

2 Lori Lavender Luz { 07.30.17 at 1:09 pm }

That dress looks gorgeous! And you in it will only make it even gorgeouser.

So funny about Linus liking the loud heat-throwing thing.

3 Beth { 07.30.17 at 1:28 pm }

Yay for the perfect dresses for both of you!

4 jjiraffe { 07.31.17 at 12:31 am }

Really like the dress, and I think it will look awesome in tea-length. Very classic.

5 Jamie { 07.31.17 at 2:08 am }

Beautiful dress, and I totally picture you wearing it as you described in tea-length. Glad you found something better than meh. It feels good to wear something that makes you happy wearing it.

I once heard that if you ever try on a dress and it fits well and you like it, you should buy it. You should even buy when you don’t have anything specific for it in mind because you will find the right occasion to wear it when you need it. Sometimes it is harder to find a dress when you need one than when you don’t need one. Ha!

6 Mali { 07.31.17 at 5:06 am }

I love the dress. And better, of course, that you love it! I’m kinda hoping for a photo of you in it, but no pressure.

Poor Linus.

7 loribeth { 08.08.17 at 5:32 pm }

Yes, this definitely calls for a photo! 😉 Love the representative sample!

I am already browsing for a dress for Nephew #2’s wedding next spring. I have already seen a few I like, but I don’t want to buy anything too early, because I will be sure to find something I like better later on, right? If all else fails, I saw a dress almost exactly like the one I wore to Nephew #1’s wedding last fall, except it’s in blue and the jewelled detailing is a brooch-type thing on the side at the waistline, instead of the neckline.

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