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#Microblog Mondays 98: Haircut

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The ChickieNob and I hauled ourselves over to the hairdresser for our annual haircut.

Every time I go, she tries to sell me on the expensive shampoo they carry at the salon.  I am thinking about getting a t-shirt printed that says, “I use shampoo from the drugstore, and you’ve already expressed your disgust at it during the last visit.”  Though this time she said, “I remember that you think your grey hair is a pretty colour, so I am not going to tell you change that.”

Small victories.

She really does do a great job with the cut, hence why I keep going back to her.  She also gets me in and out of the salon in under 15 minutes (including hair washing).

I dread haircuts because I don’t like strangers touching me. I find things like manicures or haircuts very stressful.  I let her go a little shorter than I wanted just so I wouldn’t have to see her again for a long time.

Do you enjoy getting haircuts (or manicures or other pampering services) or do you also find them a dreaded item on your to-do list?


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1 No Baby Ruth { 07.11.16 at 6:47 am }

I very much like getting pampering experiences, like mani-pedis or massages. I’m less of a fan of getting my hair cut because I don’t do it enough and feel sort of embarassed by that when I’m there. Plus I hate the sales pitches. I also find it hard to find the time since it’s not something I enjoy. I reallllly need to go though… soon.

2 Katie { 07.11.16 at 7:19 am }

Similar to No Baby Ruth, I mostly enjoy them but also get embarrassed most of the time. I wish I was one of those who had the time and money to have regular manicures, haircuts, and [especially] massages, but I’m not. So when I do go, I feel like a raggedy mess and then dread the possible lectures about what “is recommended”.

3 Jen@FrugalSteppingStones { 07.11.16 at 7:25 am }

I love pampering services. I have fibro and any kind of massage helps. I get massage therapy every two weeks and long for the day we can make a weekly one happen in our budget. I love having my hair washed and styled and the massage they give with a mani and pedi. I prefer to see the same person I am comfortable with however. I’ve seen my massage therapist for 7 years. I wish I didn’t mind spending on other beauty treatments, but I just can’t justify it unless we become a lot wealthier.

4 Conceptionally Challenged { 07.11.16 at 7:56 am }

I’ve found that one of the drawbacks of getting a short hairstyle is having to go back so much more often… it looks outgrown after 2-4 weeks. Sigh. I enjoy the pampering every now and then, but it stresses me to squeeze the haircut appointment between working and childcare, so it almost evens out. Haven’t found a really great hairdresser here either, which doesn’t help.
But, if you hate being touched by strangers, how did your survive IVF and pregnancy? 😮

5 Beth { 07.11.16 at 8:12 am }

I don’t love people touching me and I find the walking around with wet hair from sink to chair stressful (silly, yes). But I do love a new haircut. Once I’m in the chair and the hair is being cut, I’m ok. I don’t get manicures. A newer friend has invited me to join her for a pedicure a couple of times and I’ve gone but I can’t really get into it like she does. It’s just a little weird. Also – I live on a budget and extras like pedicures or expensive shampoo (which I also always reject and I color my own hair – gasp!) blow my budget and I can’t buy books or things I actually enjoy. So, there’s that.

6 Traci York { 07.11.16 at 8:24 am }

I hear you on the whole strangers touching you thing. Add to it, having to face a HUGE, well lit mirror, and needing to talk to the stranger while you know they’re silently judging you… *sigh*

Never done the mani/pedi thing, but I’ve promised my girls (21 and 16) that we’ll do a Momma/Daughter thing at some point in the relatively near future. I have new anxiety meds, so that should help. 😀

7 Middle Girl { 07.11.16 at 8:28 am }

In my nearly 56 years, I have been to a salon for hair services, maybe 5 times. I have had 1 mani/pedi (10 years ago). I have had zero massages.

I don’t think it is necessarily not wanting to be touched by strangers. But, I can’t (beyond financial) pin-point what (else) the issue might be. Hmmm… never really thought about it, now I will.

8 loribeth { 07.11.16 at 8:29 am }

I do enjoy haircuts, and manicure/pedicures. I’ve had the same hairdresser for quite a while now, so she knows me & my hair well, & doesn’t try to pitch too often. In fact, while she’s the one who pouted until I let her colour my hair awhile back, she’s also the one who encouraged me to let it go natural again, greys & all.

Massages are a little more intimate, and I don’t always enjoy them while I’m having one — sometimes they really dig in there and it can hurt! — although I always feel like it’s done me some good afterwards.

9 swati bassi { 07.11.16 at 8:38 am }

I enjoy all spa session, manicure and pedicure are on top of my list.

10 Charlotte { 07.11.16 at 8:53 am }

So I absolutely love getting a mani/pedi because it is so very relaxing and it makes me feel good afterwards. I don’t enjoy the process of going to a hair salon, though, and luckily have had friends who are stylists come to my house or I go to theirs. If I were rich I would have someone who washed and brushed my hair everyday, and also who would give me scalp/head massages. I have never actually paid for those services, but I would. When I was single and would still go to the salon, I had super long hair and would pay the exorbitant amount to get a good blow out because it was so relaxing.
However. As much as a total body massage sounds wonderful and I don’t mind anyone who comes up and rubs my shoulders, I just can’t go to a spa and get one. Never mind the cost, because I have been given gift certificates as gifts before that I have regifted. I just can’t bring myself to getting naked and relaxing to let a stranger massage me. It sounds way more stressful than it’s worth.

11 Lindz { 07.11.16 at 10:17 am }

I like the head massage that goes with the shampoo at the hairdresser, but I have a hard time justifying the expense for a good haircut so I always go at least a year between them. I like manicures, but my feet are horribly ticklish so pedis are a no go.

12 Isabelle { 07.11.16 at 10:39 am }

My major pampering treat is massage. I love deep tissue massages and look forward to my treat whenever possible. I got one done yesterday on my birthday. Unfortunately, the style of massage wasn’t my favorite, but it was a treat nonetheless. I do like manicure and pedicure but find them too expensive so I rarely go. I also like getting my hair done but don’t go often for the same reason. I guess the only thing I consider worth the money is getting a massage.

13 Ana { 07.11.16 at 10:45 am }

I am somewhere in between. I don’t mind getting haircuts or pedicures—and I really really like the effect at the end. but I’m not a fan of chit chatting with strangers. I found a hairdresser I actually like and can talk to comfortably FINALLY after years of going to different places. But she is also very expensive so I can’t go more than 1-2 times a year. And then I feel bad for not being a “better customer” which is weird, I guess.

14 Cristy { 07.11.16 at 10:56 am }

I dread haircuts because of the product sales pitch. That and the feeling of needing the make conversation on top of not knowing how to articulate what I want. But yes to the product sale being stressful. I would even pay more to go to someone who didn’t push the products.

Manicures and pedicures aren’t an issue for this reason. But that may change if there were product pushing involved.

Hope you’re loving the haircut

15 Lavonne @ the OCD infertile { 07.11.16 at 11:00 am }

I used to be so weird about people touching me, about going into VS to buy a bra, and never liked the idea of massages or people touching my feet. I guess my hands never really bothered me because I loved getting my nails done.

After infertility, and my HSGs’, D&C’s, and more vaginal u/s that I care to count, none of that bothers me anymore. My decency kind of went out the window when I had like 5 med students at my first HSG and now, I just don’t care. LOL!

Silver lining.

16 Kathy { 07.11.16 at 11:17 am }

I have gone to the same stylist for a long time. He knows me and my hair very well. I do buy shampoo and conditioner from the salon. It keeps my hair in better shape and my colour lasts longer. When I work it out it’s only slightly more expenses that drug store brands and hey, I’m worth it. I like mani pedis but I’m a gardener so its a waste of money in the summer. I have the stuff so I do it at home.

17 Lori Lavender Luz { 07.11.16 at 11:30 am }

Dang. She crams a lot of opinions into 15 minutes, doesn’t she?

I like having a new haircut. I do it more often than you, but I suspect much less often than most. Maybe 2 or 3 cuts per year.

18 Journeywoman { 07.11.16 at 11:44 am }

I love getting haircuts and getting my hair washed and blown out professionally.
I don’t understand some people’s attachment to pedicures as I think if you are touching my feet without a medical license, I should be allowed to kick as hard as I can.

19 chris { 07.11.16 at 12:33 pm }

I love having my hair done. And I have it done on a very regular schedule of 5 weeks. I love how the woman I go to now cuts my hair but we don’t really “click” so I don’t find it as relaxing as some places I’ve gone.

20 Lori Shandle-Fox { 07.11.16 at 1:16 pm }

I love getting my hair shampooed. That little head massage is the best part of the experience for me. Get yourself some nice little ear buds and listen to music when you go to the passive-aggressive hair stylist. Listen to some great music and just keep nodding and smiling.. xo

21 Stephanie (Travelcraft Journal) { 07.11.16 at 1:23 pm }

I kind of enjoy it, but it mostly gives me anxiety. I tend to out off stuff like haircuts. Glad I’m not the only one!

22 Stephanie (Travelcraft Journal) { 07.11.16 at 1:24 pm }

I kind of enjoy it, but it mostly gives me anxiety. I tend to put off stuff like haircuts. Glad I’m not the only one!

23 Delenn { 07.11.16 at 1:49 pm }

Hate.getting.haircuts. My mother studied to be a beautician when she was out of high school…so I always ended up getting these “cute” hair cuts and curls, etc. when I was a little kid. I was a tom boy and hated doing such “girly” stuff…so, now as an adult–its not so much that I hate it…as much as I cannot be bothered by it. 😉

24 Cyn K { 07.11.16 at 2:09 pm }

I don’t like people touching me, so I have never had a manicure or pedicure. I also avoid massages. I did do a Reiki session once. That was okay, but I’m not rushing back for another.

25 Mary Francis { 07.11.16 at 2:57 pm }

Two years ago I had my hair styled TWICE in six weeks .. For my daughters weddings! I usually cut my fringe, and let the rest grow.

Have had a few massages, and enjoyed them.

26 Working mom of 2 { 07.11.16 at 3:42 pm }

I have to get my hair cut every 10 weeks minimum otherwise it gets awfully ratty. I don’t do a lot of heat styling or anything. But I do have to dye every 3-4 weeks to hide the gray, and for over ten years my hair has been like this despite conditioning yada yada…Can’t grow it very long even if I wanted to. We’re a great clips family. I’ve tried expensive salons a few times and didn’t get much better results…and I’m cheap like that. For years I’ve been thinking “someday when I make more money I’ll get my hair colored at the salon…”but I still don’t. Sigh.

I’ve never had a mani pedi.

I’ve had 2 massages–once at ccrm the day of my one day work up and second on vacation this year. I thought this last time “wow I really need to do this regularly” but I can’t justify the huge expense.

27 Daryl { 07.11.16 at 5:09 pm }

I don’t get my hair cut nearly as often as I should. I hate the sales pitches, too, and admitting that I pretty much comb it out wet and let it air dray, so give me a cut that will look decent when that is the extent of the styling I’m willing to do to it. There are so many salons and barber shops here (like, one on every corner!), I don’t even know how to go about choosing one. Which is just adding to my anxiety about getting my hair cut and leaving me paralyzed (and with shaggy hair!). I hope you like your new cut so you don’t have to go back again for a good long while!

28 Queenie { 07.11.16 at 10:18 pm }

I desperately need a cut. It’s been like a year. I hate the awkward small talk at the salon, though, and it’s a time thing.

29 Mom PharmD { 07.11.16 at 10:49 pm }

I am so pleased to have found a hair stylist who doesn’t push products on me so now I like haircuts. I haven’t ever had a mani/pedi but that’s on the docket for the next few weeks so we will see. I have to take my spouse for a pedicure so I’m getting one too. Eep!

30 Jessie Francis { 07.11.16 at 11:21 pm }

I never get my hair done anywhere more fancy than Great Clips because I am the kind of girl that gets shampoo at the drugstore, but I do like the experience of someone else washing my hair. I love pedicures but I hate manicures because I hurt a nerve in my finger once and it still causes problems when someone messes with my finger.

31 Kim { 07.12.16 at 12:05 am }

I adore getting my hair done. And also pedicures. And also massages. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve indulged in a massage. Perhaps I’ll make an appointment this month 🙂

32 Mali { 07.12.16 at 12:11 am }

I adore anything pampering – manicures, pedicures, facials, massages. One of my “happy places” is a massage table on a hill in South Africa. Getting my hair cut in Thailand was always a treat, because we always got a long head massage, and often a hand and arm massage thrown in. A foot massage is one of my favourite things ever.

For the last three years though, I have had haircut related anxiety, so I can relate a little. I had my hair cut short (short works for me, and I only ever had it long-ish for about six years) about three years ago, and at the same time quit my directorship to travel overseas. Since then, we’ve been short of money, and so I haven’t gone back to my favourite (but expensive) hair salon, which also means I haven’t found anyone who cuts my hair the way I want it. I need another cut soon, and I don’t want to go back to the guy who did it last. Three strikes and he’s out! So now I’m stressed about finding someone else. If I had long hair it would be less stressful – but then I would have to colour it every couple of weeks. Argh.

33 JustHeather { 07.12.16 at 7:45 am }

I love getting new styles and letting the hairdresser do whatever (from what I understand, that makes me one of the most annoying type of customers out there). But, I just can’t be bothered to get myself to the hairdresser that often. Which isn’t so bad when my hair is one length and long-ish. As I have been coloring my hair green the last 6 months, I either need to go to the hairdresser when the roots get bad, or bleach it myself. It’s too expensive to pay someone each time I need it bleached or dyed, I do it at home. Not as often as is…needed…but when I can get myself to do it. (I’m getting ready to bleach it all and go purple and blue!)

34 nonsequiturchica { 07.12.16 at 10:44 am }

I thought that I wouldn’t like pedicures for a while- people touching my feet- eww- but now I love them. I would rather a facial than a massage these days, but I’m up for any pampering!

35 a { 07.12.16 at 4:29 pm }

I don’t mind haircuts (thanks for the reminder! Time to make an appointment!), and they don’t try to upsell me, because I make it clear that I am not going to bother with my hair. If I asked for advice, I’m sure she would give it, but my stylist is very chill. And she cuts mine and my daughter’s hair for under $50 with tip.

I don’t think I will have another manicure, because they ruin my nails. But I love getting pedicures, in that I love having someone else paint my toenails. And soaking my feet is nice. I hate the foot scrubbing (I’m sure they do too, since I can’t hold still – but it amuses my friends to watch because of all the facial contortions they get to watch me go through) and the leg massage, but well painted toes are worth it!

36 Jess { 07.13.16 at 10:02 am }

I love the scalp massage part of things, but struggle with getting a good haircut, because of the curly hair. My hairstylist doesn’t push the products, but I do buy the curl cream, because it’s really good. I have no problem with strangers touching me..I love massages, but hate pedicures because I have ticklish feet. That’s too funny that she felt she needed to remind you how you think the gray is pretty, instead of just not saying anything about coloring. 😉

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