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#LetsMove to the White House

I was once sitting with a senior staffer at the White House before an event, and she admitted that despite seeing the President every day for her job, it still took her breath away every single time she saw him in the hallway or he walked into a meeting. She said the day that doesn’t happen is the day when you know there is something wrong with you. That it means you’re taking it for granted that you are in this amazing place with amazing people, taking part in making history.

I think about that every time I’m in the White House.

I do a self-check and make sure that I appreciate how lucky I am to be inside that building, interacting with the people who work within its walls.

I got to go to the White House for the Let’s Move event on Tuesday morning. It was a magical day. Hanging out with super smart women, listening to other super smart women speak: Seriously, so lucky.

Michelle Obama Let's Move

Every single person speaking not only inspired me to make a big salad for dinner but to continue doing the work of making sure that healthy options are the easy, go-to options for the next generation. When you hear the statistics on kids and obesity, there isn’t another sane decision.  (1 in 3 kids!)

As Dominique Dawes pointed out, we don’t wait until kids are 13 to start teaching them to brush their teeth or wash their face, but for some reason, we think it’s okay to have kids eat overly processed junk food when they’re young and think that we can teach them differently when they’re older.

Probably my favourite part of the day was learning about FNV. Have you heard about this yet? It hasn’t officially been rolled out, but Partnership for a Healthier America put together a brand campaign for… fruits and veggies. Get it?  They’re combatting advertising for junk food on its own terms, making equally enticing, celebrity-hawked, a little cheeky ads for broccoli and carrots. My favourite so far has been for Wolverbean.

Okay, and my other favourite part of the day was the First Lady. She rocks so hard. I will forever be grateful that she took on healthy living and making sure that kids find the same message (instead of conflicting messages) in as many places as possible as her cause at the White House. Thank you for your work in getting better food in schools. Thank you for your work in getting rid of food deserts. Thank you for getting spaces built and programs in place that get kids moving. Thank you, FLOTUS. Please know how much your efforts are appreciated.

Michelle Obama Let's Move

The day ended in the White House garden, squatting in the aisles, photographing kale and lettuce. And yes, I took a moment to check in and make sure that I appreciated where I was and what I was doing. I did. I appreciate it so much.

A few more pictures from the day:

Can you find the Arnebya?

Can you find the Arnebya?  It was so good to get to sit with her vs just talk via email.

Nancy Reagan

Flowers under Nancy Reagan’s portrait

White House Magnolias

The magnolia trees were in bloom.  It was so pretty.


The White House garden makes you want a big salad.

Me at the White House

Squinting on the White House lawn.  Is that the… sun?

Thank you, BlogHer and SheKnows (especially Jenny Lauck), for making this day possible.


1 Susannah Catherine { 03.16.16 at 7:57 am }

Yay, you! What a great opportunity to be at the White House for this historical meeting. Loved the pictures, too. ? Thanks for sharing with all of us.

2 a { 03.16.16 at 9:00 am }

I hate that food is such a fraught subject these days, but I hope this move towards healthier eating persists through the next administration.

3 Katherine A { 03.16.16 at 11:37 am }

Wow, that is SO cool! I’ve always wanted to meet Michelle Obama or hear her speak. Thanks for sharing.

I hear you about always taking a minute to sort of reflect on what you’re doing. I’ve heard a similar thing when it comes to my job (nursing) and it’s true that the day I don’t feel the immense responsibility and honor I’m given of working with patients and families is the day it’s time for me to find a new career. It’s a good reminder and I’m glad you were able to take time to soak it all in and appreciate.

4 illustr8d { 03.16.16 at 1:20 pm }

This is beyond cool.

5 illustr8d { 03.16.16 at 1:42 pm }
6 Cristy { 03.16.16 at 3:48 pm }

Absolutely amazing that this event happening and this work is happening!

And how cool you got to be a part of it.

7 Arnebya { 03.16.16 at 4:05 pm }

That Arnebya is a clown.

8 Lori Lavender Luz { 03.16.16 at 7:25 pm }

I’m so glad you got to do this, partly because you appreciated it so. I welcome my kids being marketed to by fruits and veggies.

(And man, do I always love it when I get to see your face).

I wonder if the senior staffer would apply the same thinking with either party: “you are in this amazing place with amazing people, taking part in making history” — specifically the middle part.

9 ekhlas { 03.17.16 at 5:02 pm }

You are so lucky! you got to meet the first lady 🙂
I think it all starts at home, when a healthy meal cooked at home and I am not going to say to cook every single night, some gets home late and don’t have the time to create a full meal, but also making sure we are picking up a healthy dinner on the way home. if you trick your kids they well eat it, make your burger at home, instead of red meat, use turkey or chicken, they wont know the difference, baked fries instead of the greasy fried ones! little changes gives them healthy eating habits.

10 loribeth { 03.17.16 at 7:38 pm }

FLOTUS definitely rocks, and so do you. 🙂 Thanks for taking us behind the scenes!

11 Heather { 03.18.16 at 4:04 pm }

Wow. What an opportunity. You’re so lucky. 🙂 But I just scored a batman car seat today for blogging, so I’m feeling pretty lucky too. 🙂
I’m pretty bad with the healthy eating thing (for my son) although meals are good I give him too many treats. I argue I spoil him too much because of infertility but I need to start somewhere.

12 Lori Shandle-Fox { 03.21.16 at 10:39 am }

How exciting! I worked for years at a government subsidy program which included kids only up to their 5th birthday & nutritionists had to discuss diabetes & high cholesterol with the parents. There were three year olds who were 50 or 60 pounds. It will be great if people can learn that the old mantra that people like to spew out: “Junk food is cheaper” really isn’t true.

13 tasivfer { 03.22.16 at 7:57 pm }

This is just SO COOL!

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