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Happy New Year!

While Friday is usually a Roundup day, this week was so quiet online that there wasn’t much to read.  Sniff.

So the Roundup will be back next week, and in its place, I give you puzzles.  Not my puzzles, but MIT’s.

Every year in January, MIT hosts a treasure hunt.  I’ve always wanted to go, though in speaking to people who DO go every year, I have exactly zero chance of actually succeeding in getting past the first few puzzles.  But I am not deterred!  What I lack in intelligence, I make up for in spirit.

This year, someone at MIT has put up an online version of (I think) last year’s game.  You can form a team and try to solve the puzzles from home.  Our family has a team, and we’re working together.  Again, what we lack in actual knowledge we make up for with exuberance and a complete refusal of acknowledgment of our inadequacies.

Let the games begin!


1 35jupiterdrive { 01.01.16 at 11:43 am }

I would not do well at MIT games. I’d be Rue. That said, I honestly believe in the idea of various types of intelligence, and that we all have our own strengths. (Howard Gardner’s theory.) http://www.cse.emory.edu/sciencenet/mismeasure/genius/research02.html

A very happy new year to you & yours! May she be kind.

2 Mali { 01.02.16 at 3:10 am }

Happy New Year, Mel. I can’t wait to see your new endeavours this year!

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