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#MicroblogMondays 62: Comfortable or Cool?

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So here was the Breakfast Club Halloween costume.  Which is pretty much just what I wore during college, except now it’s a costume instead of being everyday clothes.  I tried to keep a straight, disinterested, teenage-ennui face, but I kept laughing:


It was the perfect costume because it was very comfortable.  I am always reluctant to wear costumes that aren’t comfortable, even if they’re really cool, mostly because I spend the whole evening thinking about how uncomfortable I feel rather than being in the moment.  I feel the same way about dressing up in general: I would enjoy social events so much more if I could always wear jeans and a t-shirt rather than putting on heels and a dress.  To me, putting on fancy clothes (and that includes everyday skirts and even dress pants) is torture.

Do you like dressing up?


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1 One and Done? { 11.02.15 at 7:01 am }

I haven’t worn a costume in ages, but I have to say, seeing families this year with their coordinating costumes was pretty darn cute! I *may* just want to do it next year. Oh wait, who am I kidding? I will be juggling a toddler and a newborn, so it will be a victory to get the toddler into a costume, never mind myself. LOL

2 illustr8d { 11.02.15 at 7:16 am }

Love the headphones.

I like dressing up once in awhile, but no longer wear heels.

3 Karen (River Run Dry) { 11.02.15 at 7:44 am }

Clearly we went to college during the same era, because I pretty much wore the same thing in college too. πŸ™‚

I do love dressing up, though. There’s something about wearing a power suit with heels or a fancy dress and makeup that makes me feel good. But my tolerance for it is about once a year, maybe twice. I much prefer being able to wear leggings or jeans or even workout gear. SO much more comfortable.

4 No Baby Ruth { 11.02.15 at 8:00 am }

I LOVE dressing up. I just never get the chance. But, like Karen says, heels and a fancy dress make me feel confident.

I love the outfit!

5 loribeth { 11.02.15 at 8:10 am }

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in ages… not sure what I’d do if I had to do it, as we don’t have a lot of “costume-y” stuff around the house. As far as dressing up in a pretty dress & high heels, etc., we don’t do that much either these days — mostly for weddings, and the last one we went to was three years ago (although we will have at least one next year — Oldest Nephew’s, eeeekkkkk!!). I do like doing that once in a while. I was very relieved when my office embraced a somewhat more casual dress code in the late 1990s, although towards the end of my tenure, they were trying to get everyone back into suits again. I do NOT miss pantyhose in the least!! :p

6 the bespectacled mother { 11.02.15 at 8:17 am }

I am with you here. I do not like dressing up at all. Any day I would choose comfortable over being cool or dressed up. In my culture dressing up for occasions involve a lot of hardwork apart from just wearing the dresses which in most case is a saree or an ethnic suit. One has to do a lot of mix and match with respect to clothing, jewelry and slippers too. And then there is always the risk of going overboard or over doing yourself on an occasion. Staying simple and casual makes things so easy.

7 Jenn { 11.02.15 at 8:33 am }

I am right there with you about needing to be comfortable! I find it even more important if I am in a different or anxious situation like a job interview or party. I haven’t dressed up for halloween in a long time.

8 anks { 11.02.15 at 8:44 am }

I love dressing up!!! Your costume is the epitome of comfort me thinks… but this is something I would wear for an errand… πŸ™‚

9 a { 11.02.15 at 8:56 am }

I don’t do costumes, but I don’t mind dressing up. However, most of my so-called dress up clothes are pretty comfy. I don’t mind heels and won’t wear any that I couldn’t run in. But I have the luxury of dressing in jeans and t-shirts all the time. If I had to dress up for work every day, I would hate it! The other day, when our lab was having a Halloween celebration, I actually wore halfway decent clothing to work (corduroys and a sweater) and told people that I was masquerading as a professional.

10 Lindsay | Solo Mama { 11.02.15 at 9:50 am }

I haven’t dressed up in many years – I don’t like the attention it gets, even if it’s just people admiring the costume. But I sure did have fun dressing up my kid!

11 Lindsay | Solo Mama { 11.02.15 at 9:51 am }

Oh, I am still in halloween mode…I also don’t really dress up much for other occasions. I don’t wear dresses – feel like I’m in drag. But I do enjoy wearing a nice button down shirt & pants from time to time. Comfort is always of the utmost importance to me!

12 nabanita { 11.02.15 at 10:30 am }

Oh no I don’t like dressing up at all…I wish I could be in y PJs all the time, comfortable & happy πŸ™‚

13 Isabelle { 11.02.15 at 10:44 am }

The thought of dressing up makes me uncomfortable, because I feel that it’s drawing attention to myself, which I don’t like. And all the effort in making myself look put together requires so much time and energy… However, once I am all done, I like looking at myself in the mirror. Still don’t like the attention from others though.

14 Cristy { 11.02.15 at 10:44 am }

I had to giggle when I saw this photo. Simply because it is both a wonderful costume and because this was also my attire throughout high school.

I’ve been learning to love dressing up. Though I hate the discomfort factor, there is a fun element that comes with stepping outside my comfort zone. And it often is also a powerful one.

15 Chris { 11.02.15 at 11:56 am }

I love to dress up in a dress but I loathe and despise wearing a costume. I never did it as a kid, and only do it as an adult because of my BFF’s mom’s Halloween party- they go all out on costume’s so I have to make an effort, but really I’m not a costume person. Or a Halloween in general person. As a child the only year I dressed up was in junior high when dressing up got us out of PE. LOL

16 Turia { 11.02.15 at 12:00 pm }

I loved dressing up for Hallowe’en as a kid and then again as a uni student. But Q.’s Australian, so the whole thing is very alien to him, and we’ve never gone in for coordinated family costumes or anything like that. I have a fantastic cloak that I stuck on to hand out candy (over my jeans and hoodie). Maybe next year I will be more organized and get some blue face paint for woad or something.

I am the WORST for dressing up. If I could live in jeans or (at home) yoga pants, I would.

17 Heather { 11.02.15 at 12:27 pm }

I approach dressing up the same way as my workouts. In the beginning I love the idea, the getting ready is sometimes fun. Then during I feel great, then fatigued, then ready to get home. My favorite feeling about dressing up and working out is the feeling after. I did it, but now I’m comfortable and content again πŸ™‚

18 Laurel Regan { 11.02.15 at 12:35 pm }

I’m not so much a fan of dressing up – it makes me feel far too self-conscious. But I’m trying to get over it. πŸ™‚

19 Debbie D. { 11.02.15 at 1:19 pm }

Great costume! πŸ™‚ I would have gone as an old hippie (my normal attire).
Dressing up has become a chore at this stage (age 60) and I’ll only do it when necessary. Back in the 80s corporate days, I was into full makeup, fancy hairdos and pantyhose all the time. Can’t imagine that, now!

20 Ana { 11.02.15 at 1:24 pm }

I like dressing up in dresses/heels for certain occasions, and I love dresses or skirts (with comfortable shoes) for work. But not to walk around the neighborhood on a cold day with my kids! I purposefully chose a costume that basically involved wearing sweatpants & a hoodie!

21 Mina { 11.02.15 at 1:52 pm }

I love costumes. And I love dressing up. Probably because I usually wear jeans. πŸ™‚

22 JustHeather { 11.02.15 at 1:59 pm }

I love dressing up for Halloween! But didn’t this year and haven’t really done so for many years (here in Finland). We did have a yearly costume party for several years, but kids have gotten in the way. πŸ˜‰ (I say good naturedly and wouldn’t take back any of said kids.)
As for having to get dressed up all formal like, meh. Sure, some times it can be fun, but most times I just feel out of place and uncomfortable. I too like comfy clothes and shoes (can’t wear heels anymore without having ankle pain for several days/weeks after). And seeing your outfit is very nostalgic.

23 Traci York { 11.02.15 at 5:05 pm }

*fist pump* Excellent costume! I agree – my favorite costumes are ones that I find comfortable. There are some occasions that I enjoy dressing up (not that I can think of one, offhand), but I’ve always preferred comfort to style.

24 nonsequiturchica { 11.02.15 at 5:15 pm }

I half-dressed up in a costume that used clothes I had in my closet before my husband made fun of me and I gave up. I wanted to dress up and meant to grab something to coordinate with my daughter’s costume….and then ran out of time. Hopefully next year- but definitely a comfortable costume. Always go for comfortable.

25 Jess { 11.02.15 at 8:18 pm }

I love this costume! Even with the giggle-face! It’s perfect…cozy and cool all at once. I love dressing up, and spent Friday at school dressed as Sadness from Inside Out (a soft frumpy blue sweater and wide-legged jeans and loafers, with a slightly un-cozy blue wig that was a lot of fun), and then Saturday I went with witch. Not sexy witch, as a neighbor thought (which is hilarious because while I was wearing a skirt and striped tights I was also wearing an orange boyfriend cardigan and a black shirt that offered ZERO cleavage, which is actually an accomplishment), but a comfy witch with a blinking candy corn necklace. I’m all about the comfy. And I love, love your costume! Put that fist in the air, you’ve got it!

26 Middle Girl { 11.02.15 at 8:58 pm }

The costume is excellent. If I were to dress for Halloween, it would be a similar vein, I think. I like dressing up, but not dresses, heels. I prefer suits–slacks and flats. I don’t do it very much these days though.

27 Justine { 11.02.15 at 9:07 pm }

Love the costume. πŸ™‚ I think I err on the side of comfort, but I like dressing up every once in a while, too. Heels make me feel leggy. But then, I’ve never owned Doc Martens, so maybe that would be even better… !

28 Lori Lavender Luz { 11.02.15 at 10:04 pm }

I do like dressing up once in awhile. Like maybe twice a year. I can’t imagine that I ever did so every single work day.

Love your costume, especially the irrepressible giggle.

29 md { 11.02.15 at 10:56 pm }

i like dressing up once in awhile -nice clothes, shoes, a bit of make up, some accessories, it feels good. however, i like dressing up for myself, not when i am ‘expected’ to.. those times i just want to throw on any old thing πŸ˜›

30 Stephanie (Travelcraft Journal) { 11.02.15 at 11:54 pm }

Love that photo! I guess you could have all dressed up like different members of the Breakfast Club, but the kids might not have been into it.

I don’t mind dressing up for short periods of time. I try to find dress clothes that are relatively comfortable. It’s a tradeoff, though, isn’t it?!

31 Sharah { 11.03.15 at 12:05 am }

I am not a fan of costumes, but I love dressing up.

32 Geochick { 11.03.15 at 12:21 am }

Love it! This year, my costume was all about comfort.

33 Mary Francis { 11.03.15 at 4:35 am }

I LOVE dressing up! I am a belly dancer and have some lovely outfits! (Hip-drop, hip-drop …)

34 Bronwyn { 11.03.15 at 5:59 am }

I love costumes, but I CANNOT sacrifice being able to dance. In other words, I aspire to an idealistic fashion world where I can have it all. (I wore a way-too-short red dress – but it was a stretch fabric so I could still move – and glittery ballet flats as my costume.)

I like your costume. I like the fact it made you laugh. πŸ™‚

35 Kasey { 11.03.15 at 9:27 am }

I live in jeans (although I am expanding a bit into owning non jean pants) and although I own a surprising amount of formal wear that is more like wearing a costume. I love dress up in costumes as seen by our investment into the handmade Halloween. Here we are as Super Mario Bros. http://www.powersfullife.com/2015/11/01/halloween-2015/

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