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#MicroblogMondays 36: Doppelgänger!

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So these three people set off to find their doppelgängers via social media in a project called Twin Strangers.  They posted pictures of themselves and then attempted to harness the power of the Internet by having people submit images of people they knew who looked like the subjects.

So it would be like me posting a picture and asking all of you to either submit a picture of someone you know who looks like me, or pass along my picture to people in your social media accounts to see if they know someone who looks like me or pass along my image to their social media contacts.  So on and so on.

The woman in the project found her doppelgänger living an hour away.

The project site states: “They say there are 7 people in the world who look exactly like you…  We want to find OUR Twin Strangers.”

So… would you want to find your doppelgänger?  Or do you like the idea of looking different from everyone else?  (This is obviously a moot point for some identical twins.)


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2. Lori Lavender Luz 17. Isabelle 32. Savannah (Because I Can’t Have Babies)
3. Turia 18. Shilpa 33. deathstar
4. Jen (Days of Grace) 19. Junebug 34. Daryl
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6. Persnickety 21. Good Families Do 36. Stephanie (Travelcraft Journal)
7. Middle Girl 22. Shail – Another Sunday drive 37. Resuscitation
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9. Unpregnant Chicken 24. Laurel Regan @ Alphabet Salad 39. Ke Anne
10. Loribeth (The Road Less Travelled) 25. S 40. Mary Francis
11. Mali (A Separate Life) 26. Bio Girl 41. Pages, Stages, and Rages
12. Solo Mama 27. queenjohnsonclan 42. Baby Blue Sunday
13. No Kidding in NZ 28. Non Sequitur Chica
14. earthandink 29. Amber
15. Infertile Girl 30. Aly @ Breathe Gently


1 Jessica { 05.04.15 at 6:35 am }

Once in a very blue moon, strangers approach me to call me by a different name. They were surprised when I correct them, as they said I looked exactly like their friend. I didn’t wish to pursue the matter as I didn’t quite believe in total strangers.

2 Turia { 05.04.15 at 6:54 am }

I have had people tell me they’ve seen someone who looks just like me, but I’ve never encountered a doppelgänger. I think it would weird me out to have someone too similar too close to where I lived.

3 Jen { 05.04.15 at 6:59 am }

For me the idea of a doppelganger is like the question of alien life – yes it proabably exists but too far away for me to worry about the consequesnces! I do love that some people make a career of looking like famous people, capitalising on the coincidence.

4 Persnickety { 05.04.15 at 7:41 am }

I like being the only one who looks like me. Although my little brother also looks like me.
It would be interesting to meet someone who is my doppelgänger though, but odd.

5 Middle Girl { 05.04.15 at 7:44 am }

I have little doubt there are others who look like me but I don’t want to see, much less, meet them.

6 Jenn { 05.04.15 at 8:00 am }

I’d be curious to find mine! I have had people tell me they thought I was someone else or that I looked like someone (once was their 12 year old boy cousin…).

7 Manapan { 05.04.15 at 8:13 am }

I found mine recently while shopping for bras. She’s a supersize lingerie model. Unfortunately she wasn’t credited on the site, so I don’t know her name. But I look like a lingerie model! 🙂

8 loribeth { 05.04.15 at 8:26 am }

I wouldn’t necessarily go looking, but it would be interesting. When I was about 10, I had to go into the city for some medical tests. One of the nurses said to me, “Oh, you’re back!” I was quite puzzled, because I hadn’t been there in more than a year. She told my mother & me that they had just seen a little girl who looked exactly like me, a day or two earlier, same tests that I was having run. After the tests were done, my mother took me to Eatons to shop. I picked out some books to buy & at the counter, the clerk said, “You’re back for more?” Again, I hadn’t been there in more than a year. She said a little girl who looked just like me had just been there a day or two earlier & bought a bunch of books. Kind of spooky, particularly twice in one day. I used to wonder about her, where she was from and what happened to her.

I would be interested to have these dopplegangers tested for genealogical DNA to see if there is a relationship there, somewhere back in time. It’s funny how resemblances will carry on through the generations. I can look at photos where there are cousins I have never met in a group of people and instantly pick out the cousins, just because of how they look.

9 Lindsay | Solo Mama { 05.04.15 at 9:36 am }

In the past two weeks, THREE people have emailed me or texted me a photo of a woman who appears in a Buzzfeed video (“What it’s like to Meet a Cute Stranger”, saying she’s my doppelganger. And I actually googled to see if I could find her name, because I would love to meet my doppleganger(s)! I think it’d be kinda cool!

10 illustr8d (the former earthandink) { 05.04.15 at 9:50 am }

I saw my uncle’s doppelgänger a couple of weeks ago. It was weird, because he could have been where I saw him, but normally he would have emailed to say he was coming.

The guy even wore his jeans the same way (aging hippie post-1960s) and wore the same colour and style baseball cap. (smaller brim)

I finally approached the guy, wondering what the heck was up. And what was up was that it wasn’t my uncle. So fascinating.

11 Kasey { 05.04.15 at 10:27 am }

I don’t have any strong feelings about this. I don’t crave being the only me, but I also have no interest in seeking a lookalike. It would be interesting to just happen across someone who looks just like me.
I have in the past briefly friended on Facebook people with the exact same name as me, and after a couple of days decided that I cared zero about the things they were posting and our lives couldn’t be more different. So there was no reason to stay “friends.”

12 Karen (River Run Dry) { 05.04.15 at 11:34 am }

I think I’d be interested in seeing if I do have a doppleganger. I’m not sure I actually believe that there is someone who looks exactly like me, and I expect that I’d spend most of the meeting being all critical and thinking, “nah, her nose is different,” or something. 🙂

13 Josey { 05.04.15 at 12:48 pm }

I think this would be super fun 🙂 I guess my sisters and I look quite a bit alike so it doesn’t weird me out to think there’s someone out there that looks like me – I’d just like to see their pic!

14 Shail { 05.04.15 at 1:41 pm }

I have been told I look remarkably like a local movie actor. The real surprise came when a fellow passenger on a flight asked me if I was her. Lol.

15 JustHeather { 05.04.15 at 2:11 pm }

I can remember 3 different people thought I was another girl in high school. The first (a friend of hers) came up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and jokingly said: Hey you bible-thumping-b**ch. :O Needless he was shocked when I turned around and apologized profusely. The 2nd wasn’t going to like me because he thought I was the other girl. We ended up being great friends. And the 3rd was a teacher trying to tell me something or explain something about my sibling at the school…when I was the first and only so far (my next sibling was 4 years behind me in school).
I guess me and the girl sort of looked a like…

One of my Taekwon-do instructors and Matt Smith (Dr Who #11) look very much alike!!!

I think it might be fun to meet a doppelganger, but I wouldn’t go out looking for one.

16 Laurel Regan { 05.04.15 at 2:29 pm }

I think it would be fascinating in a way and spooky in another. I’d probably go for it, though, if given the chance!

17 Sharon { 05.04.15 at 3:03 pm }

I guess it would be interesting to find someone who looks like me, but interesting enough for me to put much effort into at this stage of my life. . . too many other things going on.

18 nonsequiturchica { 05.04.15 at 4:47 pm }

Nah not really interested. I guess I don’t know what I would do when I found them- ask for makeup tips maybe?

19 Amber { 05.04.15 at 4:56 pm }

I already have a doppelganger in my sister, who looks very much like me! I don’t know if that counts, since we are related. As another commenter said, I think it would be very interesting to find out if there’s actually a blood relationship between these strangers that really could pass as twins.

20 loribeth { 05.04.15 at 5:52 pm }

My sister & I used to get mistaken for each other all the time, particularly when we were at university & living in different dorms. People who knew us would never mistake us for each other, though — our personalities are quite different.

21 Aly @ Breathe Gently { 05.04.15 at 6:19 pm }

Just did my first MB Monday – even if it’s Tuesday here in Aus!

I’d LOVE to find a doppleganger. 🙂

22 Mali { 05.04.15 at 7:51 pm }

I remember being at a restaurant with my family (parents and some siblings I think) in 20 years or so ago, and noticing that there was a woman at a table who looked a lot like me. We all looked over, and could see that they were all looking commenting on the same thing. (Unless of course they were saying, “look at the people at that table over there. They’re all staring at us. How rude!”)

It was weird. I always thought I’d feel sorry for someone who looked like me, but she looked fine! We didn’t say anything to each other. There didn’t seem to be anything to say.

23 Daryl { 05.04.15 at 8:10 pm }

I’ve been told I bear a resemblance to certain celebrities, but never in a doppelganger-y kind of way. I think it would be super interesting to come face to face with someone who really looks like me (even my sister and I have had conversations about how we sort of look alike, but our features are actually very different from each other) to see if we have anything else in common.

24 Jess { 05.04.15 at 9:25 pm }

I’ve never met my doppelganger, but I know they exist… too many people think they know me (when they don’t) for them not to be out there, and close. I don’t think I’d actively search, though. Something kind of creepy in finding that we’re not as unique as we think we are.

25 Stephanie (Travelcraft Journal) { 05.04.15 at 9:44 pm }

Recently, a good friend of mine (a friend since high school) was sure she saw me sitting at a coffee shop and texted me, but I was at home. So, apparently, I do have a doppelgänger somewhere in my town, which is weird.

What’s even weirder is only about a week later I was sitting waiting for a comedy show to start, and I see this guy that looks so much like my brother that I couldn’t stop looking over at him. He had the same kind of beard, the same kind of hat, his gestures and even the way he scratched his nose were completely like my brother. Closer up, the differences were more obvious. But I snuck a photo and even my brother himself thought the resemblance was crazy.

So I guess my entire family is being cloned-?

26 Queenie { 05.04.15 at 9:45 pm }

I love this story.

27 Lori Lavender Luz { 05.04.15 at 10:00 pm }

I *thought* it would be something that I’d like, but now I know I may have been mistaken. My students are convinced that I have a doppelganger at my school — another teacher — and thought I can see we have the same body type and hair, it’s weird to know that people see me the same way I see her.

28 Mary Francis { 05.05.15 at 7:36 am }

There’s some serious physics that makes sense of the way that particles behave – you know, changed by observation. Either wave or particle, weird stuff – by proposing that every time we make a decision, reality splits both ways … So there are many ‘mes’ then, what with THIS me being decidedly indecisive. Who’s to say that somewhen, two of us won’t meet up?

29 andy { 05.05.15 at 8:05 am }

I have already found my doppelganger… Annie Lennox in the ’90s!!

30 Valery Valentina { 05.05.15 at 9:12 am }

In 2003 I travelled around the world, and in Argentina an older couple came up to me. I didn’t speak Spanish enough, they didn’t speak English so we had a conversation in French. They told me their daughter looked just like me, sounded just like me, was travelling half a world away just like me. And they missed her, and were so grateful to talk to me, as if that way they could see how she was, enjoying herself just like me. While I had to dig deep for my French it was a fun conversation to have.

31 a { 05.05.15 at 2:29 pm }

I am everywoman. Everyone thinks they know me from somewhere. Every place I visit, someone will greet me with a name that is not mine. I look JUST like someone that every person I meet knows. Even my coworker’s husband (who is also my coworker – lots of people find their spouses within our small lab system) mistook me for her once.

I don’t know – maybe it’s a perception issue. Sometimes I have trouble picking my child out of the lineup of small, pale girls with long brown hair – there are so many of them at her school. When they’re all in a pack, it gets difficult.

32 deathstar { 05.05.15 at 5:51 pm }

No, I don’t want to see my doppleganger – because she might be skinnier than me and that would piss me off. However, if she’s a celebrity, that’s okay because they probably live in LA, the land of freakishly good looking and skinny people.

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