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No Super Bowl for Me

I am so far outside the football loop that I needed to look up how to spell Super Bowl.  Is it one word or two?  Learned that it’s two and had to fix the title (I had guessed one), and now I can write the post.

As Josh wrote a little while ago, we’re not watching the Super Bowl.  We don’t watch football.  This wasn’t a huge loss for me seeing that I’ve never kept up with football.  I’ve been to exactly one football game in my life, and that counts four years at University of Wisconsin. (Yes, I went to a big 10 school and managed to never see a football game.)  It was in Indianapolis — free tickets to whatever team plays in Indianapolis — but it was in the middle of trying to conceive and I couldn’t stop crying, so we left early.

I’ve been in the room while football is playing, and I’ve been to two Super Bowl parties. I guess I don’t watch it because I don’t understand it.  I don’t know the rules of the game so I can’t follow the story playing out on the field.  It is similar to watching a movie in a foreign language without translations.  You can pick up on the emotional responses of the actors, but you have no clue why they’re happy or why they’re sad.  And after a while, it gets a little boring to try to figure things out without understanding the storyline.

Like deciding to pick up a new language so you can watch foreign films, it comes down to interest weighed against time, and I guess I just don’t have enough interest to learn about football when I weigh it against time.

So I have no clue what I’m missing, but Josh knows.  He used to like football a lot.  It has been a huge change for him.  A change for us because he was my connection to that all-American world.  Even if I wasn’t watching it, he was watching that, and I made that count for both of us as if we have a collective brain.

When I was younger, not watching football didn’t seem remarkable.  There were plenty of places where I fell through the cracks of popular culture.  But it feels as if it has caught up with me in recent years.  Or maybe it’s just social media making me believe that the entire world is focused on this event that I’m choosing to miss.  I could watch it; it’s totally my choice.  But I won’t watch it.

I’ll also probably avoid social media tonight.  I don’t know, it feels different from not watching the Oscars or State of the Union or fill-in-any-big-television-event here.  It feels more like everyone is at a party that I chose not to attend.  And while I know that was my choice, I also don’t need to see everyone having a great time at the party in real time.  I’ll wait for the recap the next day, since you know Facebook will be filled with people still dissecting the game.

We’ll watch something else with the twins, phones off.

Womp womp.

This is your weekly reminder to write your #MicroblogMonday post for tomorrow.


1 Catwoman73 { 02.01.15 at 8:49 am }

I’m with you. I have no interest in football, and don’t understand the rules. Fortunately, hubby feels the same way. Instead of watching football today, hubby and I will be driving home from Niagara Falls in a snow storm. I’m just hoping that everyone will be staying home to watch the Super Bowl today- too many people on the road in bad weather is dangerous!

2 nicoleandmaggie { 02.01.15 at 9:12 am }

Oh, is today the superbowl? For some reason I thought it was next weekend. I have a pretty long to-do list for today and there’s a chance we’ll get started on taxes this weekend.

3 Middle Girl { 02.01.15 at 9:51 am }

I am a fan (now, again thamks to my daughter) and will watch the game unless it turns lopsided. But, I could just as easily do somethimg else.

There are at least 1,000 other things to-do. 😉

4 loribeth { 02.01.15 at 10:07 am }

I have absolutely no interest in the Super Bowl, or American football generally — although I am fascinated by the hold that it has on American culture. College football in particular amazes me. Every family reunion different factions of my family will show up wearing their T-shirts for rival college teams. Iowa State was playing University of Iowa once & the reunion screeched to a halt as there were fans of both teams present.

By contrast — when I was growing up, my high school dropped its football team the year before I arrived due to lack of interest (although I believe it’s since been reinstated), and at university, they regularly gave away free tickets to the football teams in our dorm cafeteria. I went to one game & there were maybe 200 people in the stands. (I was more interested in the party with the players afterward, lol.) I went to grad school at a southern Ontario university that’s considered about as culturally American as a Canadian university gets, and their top-ranked football team drew perhaps 10,000 people. To see 100,000+ people in the stands at Ann Arbor with people going absolutely bonkers is something completely outside the realm of my experience.

I do have some sentimental/patriotic attachment to the Canadian Football League and will usually watch the Grey Cup (championship), depending on who’s playing. The Grey Cup has more than 100 years of tradition behind it (vs the Super Bowl, which was/is a made-for-TV event) and is based on an east vs west rivalry that is intrinsic to the fabric of our country. It’s adopted more Super Bowl-type hype & trappings in recent years, but it still feels like a more authentic experience (especially when hosted by a small city like Winnipeg or Regina). It’s also usually a more exciting game than most Super Bowls turn out to be. And it’s ours. I can follow the general arc of the game, but I don’t know or understand all the rules, and I’m really not interested enough to learn. So you are not alone, Mel. 🙂

5 Working mom of two { 02.01.15 at 11:12 am }

Same here. Only time I might pay attention (to who wins, not actually watch) is if the “local” team (49ers) are in it. Same with DH. He dies watch nascar tho…

6 Lori Lavender Luz { 02.01.15 at 12:41 pm }

I’m going to a yoga class. Then queuing up a #MicroblogMonday post. Husband will have the game on in the background. I’m not vested in the outcome, nor the process.

Husband says that I’m not really a football fan. I’m just a Broncos fan.

7 sharah { 02.01.15 at 1:23 pm }

I am actually a HUGE college football fan. But I have no interest in the pro ball, and concurrently the Superbowl, unless my team is playing (which they are not). I’m sure we’ll have it on in the background, but I’m counting down until August when the schools start back.

8 Laurel Regan { 02.01.15 at 2:01 pm }

I have zero clue when it comes to football – never watched a game, never tried to learn the rules or understand what was going on, and never had any interest in doing so! That said, this year we were actually invited to my first-ever Super Bowl party, which was all kinds of weird for me, but now as it turns out it’s cancelled due to the big storm that’s hitting us. Seems as though football just isn’t part of my destiny! 😉

9 Mijk { 02.01.15 at 3:21 pm }

Husband flew out to arizona yesterday and landed right super bowl madness … As Europeans we had to check what sport it is. But I guess he will watch his first footballgame tonight. he doesn’t even watch much soceer 😉

10 Sara { 02.01.15 at 3:42 pm }

I am a big football fan and will watch as much of the game as my boys will allow and as much as I can stay up for. Knowing that I have to get up at 4am for work will probably keep me from staying up for the whole game. Usually we would go watch the first half with my parents but bedtime for my twin boys falls during the first half so we are staying home and going to enjoy as much of the game as we can here. Time to start making some black bean soup and chicken enchiladas for our dinner and the game!

11 Valery Valentina { 02.01.15 at 4:07 pm }

Thanks for the link to Josh’s piece. Makes it sound like bull fighting or something.
Hey, maybe if you think of it that way, your vegetarian self knows how to deal with it? As if you’re avoiding a meat party?
For us in the Netherlands it is just another evening with bringing children back and forth, visiting parents, no time for tv and just a little sprinkling of internet.

12 a { 02.01.15 at 4:56 pm }

Well, I was all set to watch The Great British Baking Show and Downton Abbey, but my husband said something nonsensical about not watching football at all this season, so he’s going to watch (at least part of) the Super Bowl. Yawn. I only watch for the commercials. I do understand most of the rules, although I picked them up via osmosis since I don’t actually watch football. I used to take a book to the bar when I would go out with my friends for various sporting events.

On the other hand, there’s a player from Seattle who gives the best interviews because they’re totally non-responsive to the asinine questions asked by the reporters. It might be interesting to watch just for him.

13 loribeth { 02.01.15 at 5:19 pm }

A’s comment above reminds me, even if I wanted to watch just for the commercials, American ads are mostly blocked here in Canada, with Canadian ads substituted. Apparently that will be changing in the next few years, though. Until then, we will have to look for them on YouTube. 😉

14 Claire { 02.01.15 at 5:42 pm }

I feel very similarly to you, Mel. And thanks for the link to your husband’s blog! Except unlike Christmas / Thanksgiving and other national holidays focused on food and family, I don’t care about ppl posting or having a better time than me. I would like some ready made food in the house though as we have two sick kids and two very tired mommies and there us a BLIZZARD outside. And even though I subscribed to Josh’s blog, I’m mostly interested in it because he’s YOUR husband – if that doesn’t sound too creepy! You’ll always be my favorite!

15 Mali { 02.01.15 at 6:14 pm }

School starts for the year here today, and my sister commented yesterday that she might sit and watch the Super Bowl whilst her daughter is at school. (I almost typed it as one word then, so thanks for checking for me in advance!) I was amazed. It’s really only passing news here – the sport is very small and usually only played by American expats – and I never even knew it was televised. I’m definitely not interested.

Stayed up last night till 2 am to watch the final of the Australian Tennis Open though.

16 earthandink { 02.01.15 at 7:53 pm }

I’ve never liked football but every single woman I’ve ever been in loves it. Loves, loves, loves. I watch cooking shows (Great British Bake-Off will be on tonight) and then I’ll probably start reading The Art of Asking.

17 Chris { 02.01.15 at 8:04 pm }

We’re watching! I love football. I am always in quite a funk once the season is over. My team isn’t playing but their rival is and so I must root against them.

18 Cristy { 02.01.15 at 8:22 pm }

Um, how do you think I feel? I’m literally having flashbacks to high school with how gag-gag my town has gotten over all of this. When did it become part of the farewell to say “Go Hawks!”? Only reason we’re keepin tabs is 1) determine when it’s safe to be on the roads and go to the grocery store and 2) to figure out if we’ll have to be on the lookout for fires tonight. Either way, I’m so unhappy about all of this. Hate, hate, hate the NFL.

19 torthuil { 02.02.15 at 1:31 am }

I “watched” the game with hubby and the in-laws. I have no understanding of what was going on. (To me, it doesn’t look like much is happening at all. A bunch of men jump on each other? They do have nice butts though…) It’s really just an excuse to hang out with the in-laws. And of course they get to see AJ. And they made dinner for us. Yum. That’s worth watching some impenetrable (to me) sport. Oh, and Katy Perry was fun. I rather enjoy seeing that completely over the top kind of entertainment – so very American.

20 JustHeather { 02.02.15 at 11:27 am }

Has the game happened yet? I know I’ve seen stuff on FB about it recently, but I thought ie was a week or two ago… Call me clueless.
I went to some football games in high school, but only ever once tried to learn/understand the game once when I was 14. Then when my youngest brother was in high school, he played football and i went to one game, for support, you know. My dad and Finnish husband tried explaining the mechanics of the game to me and I did learn a bit. I have since forgotten… I do the same with hockey. Each time hubby and I watch a game, I ask him what “off side” means. I am sure he is sick of that question. Haha

21 Lindsay | Solo Mama { 02.02.15 at 12:59 pm }

I didn’t watch it, either. I didn’t stay away from social media, so I almost feel like I watched the game just from people’s comments. I don’t understand the national obsession with football. At all.

22 Justine { 02.02.15 at 11:08 pm }

I didn’t watch it, either. I came home from running an overnight retreat for 45 freshmen, and went to a party down the street where my family had already gone without me. I lasted about 20 minutes, ate some chips, stole my daughter back with me and went home. I got the ad/halftime recap this morning, and that was quite enough.

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