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What Would You Wish For?

So a guy goes to a few countries and asks people on the street what they would wish for if they were to come across a magic-granting genie.  Once you get past the first 42 seconds of wishes for money, it becomes very moving.  And yes, your heart will get a little mushy and you may even tear up.  Okay, I started bawling by the time the woman gleefully said, “long time joy!”

The point, of course, is that no matter where you live in the world, we all want the same sort of things.  But it also made me sit for a long time and wonder if I’d use my three wishes for the main themes that popped up in that list (going under the assumption that I go into wishing with all the things I already have now) or if I’d go off-the-beaten path.  And then, do I go in a direction for overall good or personal gain?

It’s so hard to know what to wish for, especially if wishing for unlimited wishes is off the table. It seemed that way… or else why wouldn’t any of the people in the film wish for that?

So I guess I would go for…

  1. Good health for everyone.  Even the bad guys.  They get good health.
  2. To have all the superpowers, and I’d use them to take down the healthy bad guys.  See, because the bad guys won’t get cancer now, so something has to be done to bring them down.  So I will get the ability to fly, become invisible, have superhuman strength AND I will be able to grant those powers to other people.
  3. Peace of heart for everyone.  Not happiness.  Not buffering from sadness.  Just the ability to refind balance after you’ve been swept into grief or joy.  To be able to cope with our emotions.

I am counting on you guys to wish for other things and sweep up all the wishes that I couldn’t get to.

So what would you wish for if you ran into a 3-wish-granting genie?

P.S. Look, I didn’t even do something stupid with my wish like wish that lots of people particpate tomorrow in #MicroblogMondays because using up a wish as a reminder would be a very silly and wasteful thing to do.


1 earthandink { 09.28.14 at 3:29 pm }

1. that every child was wanted and grew up loved, valued, and wanted. I know so many grown ups who have problems because they simply weren’t wanted children. That world would be different from the one we have at present. And, speaking as a wanted child, it makes a difference.
2. that every person discovered their gift and passion, the thing they came in to life to give and be, and that the world was set up in a way to value and support that. That, in fact, that was something that was an acted upon value in the world. Whether it was to be a poet, a writer, an artist, a cook, a child-care worker, a nurse, on and on … whatever they came to be they got to be. I keep thinking that world would also be amazing.
3. that we all belonged to caring communities, where everyone knew us and we knew them. And, this one is going to seem like sacrilege, but here goes. That one of the ways those communities were supported was that the entire world took two days off a week, the same two days, and that on those days all social media was shut down and you could only use your phone for 5 minute calls, long enough to issue an invitation or an SOS, but otherwise we had to create things to do where we got together: cookouts and dinner parties and egg hunts and neighborhood plays and so on, and we enjoyed who each other were, and truly got to know each other in person.

Yeah. I’ve thought about this before. 😉

2 earthandink { 09.28.14 at 3:31 pm }

PS: I want to clarify that I know a bunch of wonderful people who have come from a variety of pasts. I’m not saying that isn’t also true. (Sometimes I feel like a social moron when I comment … dang it all.)

3 Mali { 09.28.14 at 10:32 pm }

Ooh, I love earthandink’s list.

I loved that video, it made me smile – especially the man who said “I want to be 20 again,” and the other man who said “I want to speak all the languages.” Me too.

I’d feel a social obligation with the three wishes. Wealth, health and happiness for all? Unrealistic, sadly, but so is a genie with three wishes.

And yes Mel, before I read your final comments, I was thinking that my last wish would be “three more wishes.”

4 Lori Lavender Luz { 09.28.14 at 10:54 pm }

I adore WaitButWhy.

I would wish for everyone to know they are lovable and connected.

I’ll grant your wish for tomorrow, at least a little bit.

5 Lori Lavender Luz { 09.28.14 at 10:55 pm }

(Really, his entire travel series if worthwhile, and so are his other posts.)

6 Tiara { 09.29.14 at 4:55 am }

I’ve always gone the selfish route, wishing for things for myself but I always thought I’d wish for things that could help me make lots of money (like to know & be able to speak any language, be able to sng beautifully, be able to be invisible…) than to wish for money itself. I am a little ashamed that it never occurred to me to wish for something for anyone else though in my defense, I would use my new things to do good in the world.

7 Lexy { 09.29.14 at 8:15 am }

1. No illness (especially for children)
2. No more greed, corruption and war
3. Never ending packet of Tim Tams (you may need to be an Australian to get that one)

8 Amber { 09.29.14 at 4:56 pm }

1. To rid the world of violence.
2. That there would be no more illegal substances = no addictions.
3. To be forever debt free.

9 Jamie { 10.11.14 at 4:25 pm }

Love Wait But Why. Glad you shared the video. 🙂

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