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#MicroblogMondays 1: Ishiguro for Chickens

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is?  Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.


Back on May 12th, I made myself a note that reads: “Ishiguro for chickens.”

That’s it.

Ishiguro for chickens.

I have no clue what this means now, though it’s intriguing.  Was I considering a situation for chickens where they were treated well just to be slaughtered?  Do I want Ishiguro to write books specifically for chickens?  Or about chickens?  Sometimes I wish I could remember what I was thinking when I wrote down these cryptic notes, but sometimes it’s more interesting to find them and not understand.


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1. emma 11. Em 21. Tiff
2. loribeth 12. sharah 22. Mali
3. Daryl 13. KeAnne 23. Laurel
4. Tara 14. Summer 24. Cynthia Samuels
5. dennasus 15. RelaxedNoMore 25. Cindy
6. Rachel 16. Heather 26. kate
7. Jessica 17. JustHeather 27. Deborah
8. Obie 18. JB
9. Amy 19. Neil
10. A. 20. Mrs T


1 Tara { 09.01.14 at 3:54 pm }

Some of the things I find on my iPhone notepad have me thinking “What the…?” then I’m too afraid to delete them in case they mean something important that I forgot and will need later!

All linked up for #MicroblogMondays!

2 Rachel { 09.01.14 at 5:55 pm }

I still have a note on my iPad that has a bunch of numbers and a date that I haven’t dared to delete because I can’t remember what it means! I remember writing it and thinking ‘I better put the date so I remember’….hah! I’ve even contemplated trying hypnotism incase it jogs my memory. I usually remember things…so it really a bugs me!

3 Amy { 09.01.14 at 7:23 pm }

I write notes so cryptic when I’m writing lesson plans that I spend almost as much time decoding them. Especially when written late at night, which is often.

4 Prairie { 09.01.14 at 8:48 pm }

A couple years ago, for a least 6 months, we left a one-word scrawl non the white board. Neither of us could remember what it was/meant but we knew it was important. So we left it there. And talked about it often.

Eventually, when planing for a trip to Munneapolis (8 hours & a border crossing away) we realized it was the name of a restaurant that had been recommended to us for our next visit to the Cities. We were so ecstatic to have solved the white-board mystery. Even better, the restaurant was awesome.

5 sharah { 09.01.14 at 11:14 pm }

Thanks for the push to get me writing!

6 Summer { 09.02.14 at 1:44 am }

Been thinking about starting up again on and off the last few years, but never did it. Too much pressure to write something lengthy, I think, given how long it’s been. But, just a few words, well, that apparently I can do! 🙂

7 RelaxedNoMore { 09.02.14 at 3:02 am }

Great idea! Hopefully the Microblog Mondays will help me return to blogging regularly.

Maybe you wanted to write a book that applied some “Ishigurian” idea to chickens – as in the book “Macchiavelli for Women”.

8 Karen { 09.02.14 at 8:12 am }

Didn’t get to this yesterday – we were hiking – but yes, love, love, LOVE.

9 Heather { 09.02.14 at 9:24 am }

Might be just the thing I needed to start blogging again. Thank You.

10 JustHeather { 09.02.14 at 11:23 am }

Hah, I can’t think of any unsolved notes I have now, but I have done that.

I love the idea of a microblog post. Sometimes, it just feels like I have to write a ton for it to be post worthy, but who says that is so? Especially when it is on MY blog!

11 JB { 09.02.14 at 2:38 pm }

Love this idea. It’s definitely an easy way to give love to your blog without thinking too much about crafting a post. I also like to go back and see how I was feeling on a particular day.

12 Keiko { 09.02.14 at 2:43 pm }

I once played a prank on Larry by adding a very strange reminder in his calendar, something weird like, “Remember the cakes!” and gave him ZERO context for it. He kept asking me all day like, “Am I supposed to be buying a cake for something?” and I played dumb the entire time. It was marvelous.

13 Mrs T (missohkay) { 09.02.14 at 4:53 pm }

I love this idea. I submitted even though I was late 🙂

I’ve never read Ishaguro but I am in the middle of my third Murakami novel, and your note about him would definitely say “cats.”

14 Tiff { 09.02.14 at 5:31 pm }

Fun idea, so I did it too. Anything to get the blogging community revved up is a good thing!

15 Mali { 09.02.14 at 7:24 pm }

When I saw you were leaving the list up, I decided to jump in rather belatedly, even though I’ve already scheduled my post for next Monday.

I really love this idea. I have a blogging friend who published a whole book of posts that were mainly only a paragraph. And my first blog was one year writing a paragraph every day on people in my life – strictly speaking it was 44 words. I look forward to getting back to brevity.

16 Cynthia Samuels { 09.02.14 at 9:11 pm }

Happy to be here! Weird to write in this format; very healthy I think for discipline and clear thinking! YAY Mel!

17 Deborah { 09.03.14 at 1:34 pm }

Love this idea. Thanks!!

18 Deborah { 09.04.14 at 10:35 pm }

Sorry I fracked up the link. Serves me right for doing anything doing my lunch break. ::sigh:: here is the link for the specific post:
http://middle-girl.blogspot.com/2014/09/eight-hundred-and-fifty.html I’ll bet sure to get it right next time. 🙂

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