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Goodbye Drop Dead Fred

Taking a break from fretting about the far-reaching Internet to say goodbye to Rik Mayall.  I read the news of his death last night, and then promptly turned on Drop Dead Fred.  Movies are sort of a rewind button, springing the dead back into life for a moment.

This was my favourite movie for the longest time, and my best friend and I watched it incessantly. I still quote from it to this day — “I am the pirate who doesn’t touch anything!” — and the movie still makes me cry. I think that’s why I loved it so much: it made me cry so hard.

Because maybe — just maybe — I could relate a bit to Phoebe Cates having imaginary friends of my own.

Thank you, Rik Mayall, for being so funny that you made me burst into tears.


1 mrs green grass { 06.10.14 at 12:43 pm }

My sister watched this over and over and over when we were little. I texted her after seeing this post. : )

2 Lori Lavender Luz { 06.10.14 at 3:25 pm }

I hadn’t seen that film. Maybe I need to, if only to trade lines with you.

3 Sian { 06.10.14 at 4:04 pm }

I have never seen the film. I am however a fan of Rik Mayall. My favourite tv show of his was Bottom. Such a funny, funny man.

4 Sharron { 06.10.14 at 4:44 pm }

In a world of PC mediocre comedians Rik Mayall was a true comedy hero. Everyone has a favourite Rik, mine was I think was Rik from the Young Ones, check out the clip on you tube where he realises someone is filming him at a charity auction…priceless
Oh and then there was Lord Flashheart in Blackadder

True genuis

And I loved this film too

Taken too soon for sure

5 JustAnotherInfertilityBlog { 06.10.14 at 9:25 pm }

I never had imaginary friends (that I remember) but I too loved this movie and was saddened by the news of his passing. After all these years, it must have been the death breath.

6 A. { 06.11.14 at 5:32 am }

Loved this movie! It was the go-to flick for all us giddy girls late night at a sleepover after too much sugar.

7 deathstar { 06.11.14 at 10:47 am }

This is odd. I’ve never heard of this movie and I’ve never heard of Rik Mayall. It must be really touching for his family to know though that so many people have and they have such fond memories of him.

8 Tiara { 06.12.14 at 8:10 am }

I, too, loved this movie & watched it repeatedly. I had imaginary friends & felt lest strange about it after this movie.

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