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Four Books by Forty

My fourth book,  Apart at the Seams, went on sale on Saturday.  It is once again taking time to roll out on various sites and in bookstores.  I’ll have another post when it is up everywhere that will include a scene I loved that ended up on the cutting room floor.  But I’ve gotten emails and status updates from people saying they are reading it, so… it’s out of my hands and into yours.

With this moment, I hit an arbitrary milestone I made for myself: four books published by the time I turned forty.

Apart at the Seams by Melissa Ford

Fine, so the fourth one came in the first two weeks of my forties, but I’m still counting it since I’m not forty-one.  I mean, if it had happened last month, it would be four books before forty.  But I’ve arrived at forty so I need to use the preposition “by.”

I don’t know why I had that arbitrary goal in mind.  I mean, do I now set it for five books by fifty?  I sure hope I get to publish another book in the next decade.  I mean, I’m partly through writing a new one now.  Or am I merely noting the symmetry of the moment: four and forty?  Maybe it’s not an accomplishment at all, but more a recognition of a moment.  Holy crap.  I did it.  I published four books.

I really hope you enjoy the book.  No, you don’t have to have read the first two books in order to understand this one, so feel free to jump into Apart at the Seams even if you haven’t read Life from Scratch or Measure of Love, which follow the same characters.  It’s hard to rank your own books, and each has felt like reaching the top of a small mountain.  But this one holds a special place in my heart because I worked the hardest to bring it to life.

And in case you don’t read the thank you page until the very end, you are all in there.  Because you mean a lot to me, and without your support, I’m not sure these books would have come to fruition.  I want to especially thank April, Kathy, Kathy, Jessica, Jessica (why do so many of you have the same name?), Michelle, Jona, Kim, Wendy, Kasey, Pepper, and, of course, Josh for ensuring that when I popped online this weekend, I was greeted with an outpouring of love.  Thank you thank you thank you.

And that thank you goes — in advance — to everyone who reads it in the future.


1 gwinne { 06.16.14 at 10:26 am }

Congrats!!! Going on my summer reading list 🙂

2 Serenity { 06.16.14 at 10:55 am }

Woo hoo!! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂


3 Neil { 06.16.14 at 11:01 am }

So impressed with you for making a goal and sticking with it. Very inspirational.

4 Jodi { 06.16.14 at 11:28 am }

How did I miss this? I’ve been waiting for it and I miss that it came out?

Have to know how the trilogy ends!


5 andy { 06.16.14 at 11:41 am }


6 andy { 06.16.14 at 11:42 am }


7 m. { 06.16.14 at 12:44 pm }

Congrats to you, Mel. I love this cover.

8 Peg { 06.16.14 at 1:09 pm }


9 a { 06.16.14 at 2:10 pm }

I was wondering where my copy was, but I just had to go into my Kindle app for it to download! Hurray!

10 Rachel { 06.16.14 at 4:53 pm }

Excited to read this!

11 Lori Lavender Luz { 06.16.14 at 5:53 pm }

I sure hope you publish more than one book in the coming decade!

So very proud of you. Congrats! Now, back to my Kindle.

12 Katherine A { 06.16.14 at 7:22 pm }

Congratulations on the book! Wow, 4 books…that is AMAZING!

Have started it, am enjoying it, and looking forward to reading more!

13 April { 06.16.14 at 9:41 pm }

I loved it!!!

14 Justine { 06.16.14 at 9:57 pm }

You’re amazing. 🙂 Congratulations!

And you haven’t even landed on the moon yet. 😉 (There are still many

15 Justine { 06.16.14 at 9:59 pm }

(arrgh … computer keyboard going crazy) … more things to celebrate in your next decade, I suspect!

16 Jamie { 06.17.14 at 12:01 am }

Congratulations! It is quite the accomplishment and you so deserve to enjoy taking in the moment. Your journey as a writer is inspiring.

17 Aerotropolitan Comitissa { 06.17.14 at 12:43 pm }

Congratulations! That is a lot more books than I’m likely to publish before forty, so I’m impressed.

18 Tiara { 06.17.14 at 1:05 pm }

Congratulations! I was so excited Saturday morning when I got the email from Amazon that your book was waiting to be downloaded…I can’t wait to dive in!

19 chickenpog { 06.17.14 at 8:42 pm }

WOOT! Five books by 50 doesn’t sound nearly ambitious enough. I bet you have 6 by 56 🙂 You rock!

20 Queenie { 06.17.14 at 10:43 pm }

Congrat’s, Mel! I just saw it on your sidebar, and knew I must have missed a post (or two!). I can’t wait to read it.

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