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Gmail is Down, Gmail is Down… What Do You Do When You Can’t Access Your Email

It started out with a #793 error on Gmail.  I tried to write someone back, and Gmail kept telling me that my message wasn’t sent due to an error.  “Not an error on my part,” I whispered at my computer.  And then I stroked Gmail’s head and begged it to get better.  Please Gmail, I’ll bring you cough drops.  Not even those cheapass ones you get in the supermarket.  I’ll bring you the expensive kind from the organic market.  What?  You prefer the cheapass ones?  I’ll get you those.  Just please be well, Gmail.

Then I went onto Twitter because isn’t that what we all do the moment Gmail stops working?  We go onto Twitter and we check with everyone else.  Are you having trouble with email?  I’m having trouble with email.  Everyone weigh in if you’re having trouble with email.  Can you access Blogger?  Is it only email?  Okay, it seems to only be email.  Are you getting a #793 error?  Oh… what?  You got a #718 error?  Do you have any clue what any of this means?  I really hope I can access my email soon.  I’m just so relieved we have Twitter so we can check with everyone else in the world that Gmail isn’t working.

And then I keep going back onto Gmail, hoping the problem has miraculously healed itself.  But it hasn’t.  So I open a blog post because what can I do?  I can’t do work.

And I look at the clock.

Please, get better Gmail.  I really love you.  I probably don’t say that enough, and maybe that’s why you’re so sick; because you’re heartsick low self-esteem when really, you should feel buoyed by the hysteria on Twitter right now.  People really really really miss you.  Please, get well Gmail.


1 a { 01.24.14 at 3:14 pm }

It’ll be OK, little tiger. 🙂

Call it an early start to your weekend…

2 KeAnne { 01.24.14 at 3:44 pm }

It’s back up! We use it campus-wide at work and I wondered if that was a good idea LOL. Oh well. It made for a quiet afternoon 🙂

3 nicoleandmaggie { 01.24.14 at 5:33 pm }

I walked over all the way across the hall to talk to my RA to give her a print-out instead of making her print out an electronic copy herself. It was terrible. Thank goodness we both went into work today though.

4 Amber { 01.24.14 at 5:34 pm }

I don’t like it when it goes down like that either! Thank goodness it’s back up and running.

5 Aerotropolitan Comitissa { 01.24.14 at 9:32 pm }

Missed the whole thing. But I will remember to tell Gmail how I feel more often after hearing about it.

6 Lori Lavender Luz { 01.24.14 at 9:49 pm }

It was the first time I’d experienced this. I admit I had to work not to freak out. Drive was down, too.

7 Queenie { 01.24.14 at 11:28 pm }

First world problems. 🙂

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