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Advice to Pass Along: Level 181 of Candy Crush

A bunch of people emailed me about level 181 of Candy Crush recently after I wrote a note about it on the level 180 and 182 post.  So maybe it’s not as straightforward as it seems.  I tried playing it again to remember how I did it, and of course lost on the first try.  It took me a bit before I could win it again.

Candy Crush 181

So you have to bring down two cherries.  They’re locked on the side columns with multi-break whipped cream below them.  The only way to pop that whipped cream is to smash through the whipped cream in the middle and make as many striped horizontal candies as possible to shoot them through the side columns.  If you make a horizontal striped candy higher than the cherries, don’t use it until you can bring it down.

Should you make a vertical candy?  No, not unless you can also make a wrapped one or a speckled doughnut and combine it.  Every move needs to be either smashing that whipped cream in the middle or doing something to set up a horizontal stripe.

This is not a level where you can predict whether a board is good or bad before the first move, so it’s worth playing on Facebook because you won’t be exiting out the board.  Just look for places where you have two of the same colour one above the other (let’s say, yellow), a yellow one off to the left or right, and another yellow one in the same column as the first two yellows.  You’re looking to make a foursome vertically so it creates a striped candy that moves horizontally.

Hope that helps!  Off to go moan about my back.

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