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Advice to Pass Along: Level 130 and 140 of Candy Crush

While my back heals, I’m writing out advice for passing level 130 and level 140 of Candy Crush because I have a lot of requests for those two levels in my inbox.  They both require skills that pop up a lot on later levels, as well as Candy Crush Saga’s penchant for red herrings.  More on that below.

Level 130

Candy Crush 130

To pass this level, you need to make ten striped candies and combine them five times.  Well, maybe you’ll end up making a few striped candies that you’ll never use, or striped candies that accidentally get set off before you can combine them, but for the most part, you’re looking to pop two striped candies together, five times.

Look at the board above.  Four columns over from the right, you’ll see three yellow candies, with a 4th one in the column to the right.  Slide that one on the right over one and you’ve made a striped candy.  Now look above it at that formation of blue candies.  The instinct is to slide over that 5th blue candy to form a wrapped candy.  DON’T.  Instead, slide that blue down four rows from the top and you’ll have a striped candy land on top of that other striped candy.  Combine them, and you now only have 4 more combinations to go with 38 moves.

Plus there are two more stripes waiting to happen in the board above.  Do you see them?  One is a vertical yellow stripe three over from the left, and the other is a vertical red stripe four over from the left.  You’ll need to mess around a bit with the red one to bring it down a level or two so it’s next to the yellow one, but this can be done.

This board uses the same threading technique that will help you when you get to level 356.  In fact, this board mirrors that one almost completely with the added difficulty of how the board on 356 is set up.  So go over and read those hints, but the one that will help the most is to look for places where you have two of one colour (let’s say, red), one of another colour (blue), and then another red.  Make a match below ONLY the blue candy to gently pull down another red candy into that row.  That will form a stripe for you.

Level 140

Candy Crush 140

This board is what I call a red herring board.  You think you have to only focus on the reds, oranges, and yellows since those are the orders you’re filling.  WRONG!

If you did that, you likely won’t make enough matches even with 45 moves.  You need 99 moves to clear this board if you keep making three-combination moves with only those colours.  See, impossible.

What you need to do is make as many special combinations, regardless of colour.  The opening move for this board creates a red striped candy (two columns over from the left).  This is actually a fairly crappy board (above) because you can only make one special immediately.  I would restart (exiting out if you’re on a mobile device.  If you do this on Facebook, it takes away a life) until you have a board where you can make two specials as an opening move.  When I played the board above, I didn’t pass on the first try despite making a speckled doughnut and combining it with a red candy, as well as a striped/wrap combo.

So ignore those orders and instead take out whole rows and columns (or many rows and columns) by creating and setting off special candies.

Currently: I’m on Level 409, and I’m happy to go backwards and explain how I did any board before that. Sometimes it was stupid luck but other times, there was actual thought involved (here are the other advice posts I’ve written). Let me know the level you’re struggling with.  I’m finishing a write up for 181 that will be up in a moment.


1 Jamie { 01.11.14 at 4:41 pm }

382 please 🙂

2 Rebecca { 01.11.14 at 5:45 pm }

I’m stuck on 409, I cannot get past it. I’ve given up.

3 Diane Hampton { 03.18.14 at 9:10 pm }

Help on Lev 140 please otherwise I am gonna delete the game as it’s been nearly 200 tries from me it is crap

4 Becky { 04.02.14 at 1:35 pm }

I can’t figure out the icon that looks like 2 blocks of chocolate with a plus sign. I know it’s a combo if something but I don’t know what. Thanks!!

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