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Candy Crush is Killing My Phone’s Battery

At dinner last night, the ChickieNob admonished me for paying for Candy Crush.

“But I haven’t!  I haven’t bought anything on Candy Crush!  I don’t pay for it.”

(I may, or may not, have been gleefully commenting about how I’m only 6 or so levels behind a friend and catching up quickly.)

I swear that it was like encountering a mini version of myself at the dinner table.  She pursed her lips and stared at me.  “Oh, you pay,” the ChickieNob said owlishly.  “You may not pay King.com, but you pay as you drain your battery and kill your phone.  One day, you won’t have a phone and you’ll cry.  ‘How did this happen?  Why doesn’t my phone work?  Oh boo hoo, I’m so sad because I don’t have a phone anymore.’  That’s what you’ll say.”

“No, I won’t,” I insisted, uncomfortably.

“So you do pay for Candy Crush.  You pay for it… WITH YOUR PHONE.”

Oh my G-d, it was like encountering the Ghost of Christmas Future except that ghost looked like me (with more gaps between my teeth and browner hair).  I wanted to delete the app from my phone and run out of the room screaming to escape my fate.  Except that I have a horrific, crippling addiction to the game.  So, that isn’t an option.  In fact, moments earlier in the meal, when the Wolvog asked me what game I would play after I finished with Candy Crush, the answer was none.  I am not getting hooked on another drug-like game, thank you very much.  I will go back to reading books and crocheting and watching Green Day documentaries for the 6335th time.  You know, things worthy of my big brain.

The ChickieNob is right.  Candy Crush is draining my battery.  It helps to go into my apps and formally log out of it after playing.  By which I mean, while I’m waiting for the lives to regenerate so I can play some more.

She informed me that she was going to tell Grandma on me.  So here I am, turning myself in.  I am killing my phone for the sake of a match-3 game.  Oh, and I just introduced the concept of gambling via Yahtzee to the kids.

Apparently my goal is to turn us all into degenerates in 2014.


1 Kasey { 12.03.13 at 10:15 am }

LOL I have a new tablet and I am only allowed to play “the game” on there for the sake of my battery and since I don’t bring the tablet with me when we go out it deters me from playing when I shouldn’t.

2 Mrs T (missohkay) { 12.03.13 at 10:50 am }

That ChickieNob, she is wise. I only play 10 rounds a day, which makes it okay, I think? 🙂 The question to me is WHY is Candy Crush so addictive when it’s just a match-3 game? I think it’s because there are so many levels that actually get harder. Most games are done before I feel challenged enough to really find them compelling. I beat level 158 pretty fast, by the way. (And it was pure luck.)

3 Sharon { 12.03.13 at 10:57 am }

The addictive nature of Candy Crush is why I haven’t started playing it. I’ve been sucked into too many video games in the past, going all the way back to Donkey Kong on the Atari and continuing through Bejeweled Blitz in the present day.

Your daughter is wise beyond her years. 🙂

4 jodifur { 12.03.13 at 11:14 am }

Why do I feel like I was that friend? (I don’t pay for anything either, by the way.)

5 Heather { 12.03.13 at 11:53 am }

I went cold turkey on Candy Crush and haven’t looked back. Until my nephew got me started with Words of Wonder. OMG, it’s like Candy Crush with letters and words. I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

6 Battynurse { 12.03.13 at 12:52 pm }

Lol. This is why I won’t even start.

7 Constant { 12.03.13 at 2:01 pm }

Hahahahahahaha, you’ve raised one smart little girl!

8 Erica { 12.03.13 at 3:26 pm }

I had to delete it from my phone. I replaced it with a (milder) addiction to tumblr, which I tell myself is more valuable because I now know lots about movies like Thor: The Dark World and Pacific Rim without ever having to go to the theater.

9 Mali { 12.03.13 at 4:57 pm }

“Oh, you pay!” Those words are so true. I’ve never paid money for Candycrush, but I have paid for it in lost time (usually though when I’m doing something else) or sleep (in bed when losing all my lives at least puts a stop to it). My CC addiction is going slowly though, because a Dragon Zumu addiction started before it, and is continuing as I am stuck on a particular level. (If you’re looking for something new). I fool myself that it is good for my brain to do/learn something different.

10 Amber { 12.03.13 at 10:19 pm }

Oh that daughter of hours is a very smart girl. I am killing my phone as well. Sigh…..

11 Catwoman73 { 12.04.13 at 6:16 am }

Lol… in case you change your mind, and want to try another game, I’m a HUGE plants vs. zombies geek… 😉

12 deathstar { 12.05.13 at 12:22 pm }

After working several hours doing transcribing, I chose to spend time playing Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga. I should have gone to bed, but I needed my fix before turning in. And now I’m tired and will have no time for a nap. I play it on my laptop more because it does eat up all my battery on my phone. But doing anything for a long time on your phone will eat up your battery really. These lovely phones come always start out with a long battery life and then eventually as you add apps and use them and surf the net and read online articles and the months slip by, the battery life gets shorter and shorter. It’s not Candy Crush’s fault, is it? You’re just using the phone as it was designed to be used. Ahem. I sound like an enabler, don’t I?

13 Michele Unangst { 12.05.13 at 1:44 pm }

LOL these types of games are just too addictive! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

14 Dave H { 01.27.14 at 11:00 pm }

How do you go into your apps and formally log out of Candy Crush? The only options there are Force Close, Uninstall, Clear Cache, and Clear Data. If you Force Close, any running services (which it doesn’t have) usually restart automatically. You can formally exit the app by backing out of it (hitting the Back button rather than the Home button), or going into multitasking (hold the Home button or tap the multitask button) and swiping it away.

Candy Crush is totally killing my Razr Maxx battery. The phone used to last two days now it’s less than a day playing Candy Crush twice a day for 5 lives each, usually no more than 20 minutes or so. Plants vs Zombies 2 was an even worse offender, with its over-sized graphics resolutions, and I think Candy Crush is an offender in this way as well.

I don’t understand why these game makers don’t try to make their games more efficient or use download the graphics after install for a resolution based on your phone. If my phone becomes less usable as a phone because of a game I only play twice a day for 40 minutes total, it’s going to get uninstalled.

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