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It’s 11/11: Make a Wish (Part Five)

Every year on 11/11, we state our wishes, and every year, a few of them come true.  While so many wishes are out of our hands, a few of our wishes are within the realm of possibility, and it is so much fun to see people jump into each other’s lives and make dreams come true.

Here’s how this works:

(1) Make one wish in the comment section (and don’t believe that stuff about how if say it aloud it won’t come true. That is precisely when the parts that are within another human being’s control can come true).

(2) Then leave a comment on the blog of the commenter directly before you (so it’s a chain. #2 comments on #1, #3 comments on #2, etc. If the commenter above you didn’t leave an address, just go one above that. The point is to find new blogs/leave a comment – not stress).

The first person who comments on this post gets a free ride and does not need to leave any comments. The last person who comments on this post gets … screwed.

It would be nice within your comment to refer to their wish (if it ties in to the post you read and comment on) and if you can grant any part of it, to do so. If you can’t, because their wish is outside of human control, don’t feel badly. But if you have the power to grant a wish, why not do it?

In years past, people have seen each other’s wishes and realized that they have the power to fulfill it. And did so. Which is pretty damn cool.


1 Katherine A { 11.11.13 at 8:03 am }

I don’t think it’s within the bounds of human intervention and I know it’s pretty much lots of people’s wish…but I am wishing for a positive beta then a successful pregnancy. Sorry to be so obvious, but it’s really the only thing I can think about these days.

2 ANDMom { 11.11.13 at 8:55 am }

I’m wishing for more options to treat my endometriosis. My current drug regimen is failing, and the other previously discussed options suck.

3 ShyLittleViolet { 11.11.13 at 9:41 am }

I don’t blog anymore, so no pressure for the next person. Like comment #1, I’d like to get a + test and end up with a healthy baby. Three years is a long time with nothing but ttc . My husband is getting frustrated. I started Clomid without telling him so he wouldn’t panic & refuse to dtd, out of piqué. Let’s hope (tmi alert) my insanely sore nipples are not pms for once.

4 Amy { 11.11.13 at 9:47 am }

I’m wishing for an end to the roller coaster of emotions I’ve been on the last 4 weeks. Though I think that will come tomorrow, hopefully, at my doctor’s appointment.

5 Mary { 11.11.13 at 11:53 am }

I wish my wedding/engagement rings would be returned to me, or that we could somehow afford new ones. 4 years later almost and I still feel incomplete.

6 Pepper { 11.11.13 at 12:12 pm }

I’m wishing for an expectant mother to choose my family for her baby.

(I don’t have a blog so, next person, skip me. 🙂 )

7 Kimberly { 11.11.13 at 12:29 pm }

I wish my thyroid would start acting the way it’s suppose to act so that we can finally move forward and find out treatment options. It’s been 4.5 years since we started trying and a year and a half since we started playing with my thyroid and we still have no next step. I’m so frustrated that I sometimes feel like giving up before we actually can give it a real try.

8 Brianna { 11.11.13 at 1:14 pm }

With my husband’s urology appointment 2 days before Thanksgiving, I’m hoping that his numbers are back where they used to be so we can begin treatment again, get pregnant with our 2nd rainbow and bring another living baby home in 2014.

9 Peg { 11.11.13 at 1:26 pm }

I wish for a little peace and comfort to our kids who’ve been through so much, a happy and peaceful holiday season AND the time to get a little more organization around here since sometimes a family of 7 seems like a a barnful of animals who love to dump things all around the house.

10 Rachel { 11.11.13 at 1:30 pm }

I wish…no, I NEED for my husband to get a job. It’s been a year and it’s wrecking havoc on our marriage and my life…I’m working two jobs and I’m tired and I can’t even worry about trying to conceive when we have creditors calling…so yeah. That’s all. 🙂

11 KeAnne { 11.11.13 at 4:18 pm }

I want my anxiety and worry about some things going on with my little boy to abate and for us to have calm. Obviously, I would like a positive resolution but I’ll settle for acceptance and peace.

12 vablondie { 11.11.13 at 7:38 pm }

I finally made an appointment with an OB/GYN who hopefully will be able to work with my RE so we can try for child 2. I have a timeline in my head, and that is going to hopefully work.

My wish for next year is that I wish that my FET(s) go smoothly and I get a positive beta and child.

13 Mali { 11.11.13 at 8:34 pm }

My wish for the next year is that my husband and I can find some work that fulfils us. I’m so tired of corporate life and petty politics, so I especially wish that I can find work/get contracts that I can continue to do from home (I’ve been working from home for the last 10 years), and that preferably involves writing – travel, marketing, business development, etc – I’m not (that) fussy.

14 Mali { 11.11.13 at 9:20 pm }

Oops – linked to the wrong (my recent Lemons Limoncello trip) blog. This one is linked correctly for this space.

15 Jo { 11.11.13 at 10:34 pm }

I wish that the job that I recently applied for (and was recommended for!) wasn’t being denied by higher-ups. I’m miserable at my current job, and the stress is coming between hubby and I.

16 Lori Lavender Luz { 11.12.13 at 10:28 am }

I wish that my book becomes required reading for anyone considering adoption or parenting via donor gametes.

I wish for a steady, significant income for work that is fulfilling to me, flexible and fits with my family life in all ways.

17 JustHeather { 11.12.13 at 1:17 pm }

I wish for a second pregnancy/child. It would be awesome if our one frozen embryo was it.

On a more realistic or obtainable wish: I hope I am one of the lucky ones and find out I get to keep my job next week.

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