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Advice to Pass Along: Level 180 and 182 of Candy Crush

Once again, here are two more levels that people keep emailing me about — level 180 and 182 of Candy Crush.  Thank you for emailing me or sending me Facebook status with level requests.  There is a lot of happiness that comes from the straightforward simplicity of crushing candies when the rest of life feels amorphous, twisty, and difficult.

For people who have already emailed me about these, I don’t think there is anything new in this post that I didn’t already tell you.  For everyone else, the tips are here if you want them.

Many fewer people have emailed me about level 181, but that one seems straightforward to me: just make a lot of horizontal ones in the right place.  At some point, you will make that happen.  It’s annoying level, but it’s at least clear what you have to do in order to make the ingredient drop.

Level 180

Candy Crush 180

This level is so trick-sie.  You think you need to clear the bottom, so you waste valuable moves clearing all that licorice and whipped cream so you can explode the bombs.  But look at that — they are set to 35 moves, and you only have 35 moves.  In other words, they’re a distraction and don’t really matter.

Only clear the lines that have ingredients in them.

Here’s my advice: play this level on a mobile device, since you can exit when you don’t get a good starting board and try again without losing a life.  What you’re looking for is an opening move that either (1) creates a horizontal break against the whipped cream (three across) or (2) makes a doughnut.  That’s it: if you don’t see one of those two opening moves, exit out and try to have it reshuffle and present a better board.

This board you would play, right, because you can make those three reds pop the whipped cream?  NO.  Because that moves opens up whipped cream that isn’t under an ingredient.  See, I told you it was trick-sie.  Exit the board and try again until you get one that has a decent opening move.

Level 182

Candy Crush 182

This is one of the worst timed levels ever.

You have four quadrants.  The one on the bottom right is the “lowest” (meaning, the candies will cascade there).  The top right is the second “lowest.”  The top left is the highest, which leaves the bottom left as second “highest.”  In other words, the candies move from top left to bottom left to top right to bottom right.  If you want to create a cascade effect, make matches in the bottom right.

So you have three bits of craziness all demanding your attention at once PLUS there is a timer.  For the love.  So here is how you need to focus your attention: break the chocolate, explode the colour bombs, and then break the whipped cream.  Once the chocolate is gone, it’s gone for the rest of the level.  Same with the colour bombs.

But the big thing to get points is to break that whipped cream and have those candies cascade.  Without that, you won’t be able to make enough matches and build up enough points to get to that 40,000 point target.

So, your focus is chocolate (bottom right), then colour bombs (top left), then whipped cream (bottom left), and then cascade, cascade, cascade from the bottom right or top right.

You may need to use my timer trick once again, which only works on a mobile device.  When you can’t instantly see a move, give yourself a break by double tapping the home button at the bottom of the device.  This pauses the timer and slides the game up on the screen to make room for the apps row at the bottom.  You can then scan the board for a moment and look for the best move that will net you the most points.  Then touch the screen to make that move and the screen will drop down and return to normal.

Currently: I’m on Level 213, and I’m happy to go backwards and explain how I did any board before that.  Sometimes it was stupid luck but other times, there was actual thought involved.  Let me know the level you’re struggling with.


1 Stimey { 09.29.13 at 11:08 am }

I’m on level 197, but for some reason, these candy crush advice posts, even for levels I’ve already done are FASCINATING to me. I think that I’m not using enough strategy. All of my level passings have been blind luck. 🙂

2 Kacey { 09.29.13 at 11:55 am }

Well, now I feel sort of bad. I’m stuck on level 181 which it sounds like everyone breezed through in-between these two actually difficult levels lol

3 Kris { 09.29.13 at 12:21 pm }

I’m stuck on level 70 and have been all week

4 Mali { 09.29.13 at 5:35 pm }

Really? I can exit without losing a life? On a cellphone AND an ipad? (I generally play on an ipad – and that is one of my first public admissions that I am a tiny bit addicted.)

5 Cindy { 10.02.13 at 10:17 pm }

Kacey, spent 2 months on level 181. Just completed it tonight!! And it was all luck. I found that level to be very frustrating, almost quit playing because of it!

6 Mel { 10.02.13 at 11:39 pm }

Help with level 184

7 candy r { 10.07.13 at 11:26 am }

Just passed 183 level and now i’m on 184 too, would you like to give us a few tips like these ones?

8 sa junker { 10.12.13 at 11:01 am }

The score doesn’t change during the “candy crush” at the end of 182 even though there are wrapped or stripped candies left.

9 Martha { 10.26.13 at 11:49 pm }

I am on level 182 and I have done everything you have said and stil can’t break the 40,000 mark.
I think this game is very unfair. I don’t have mobile device and why should mobile devices get these cheats and we do not.
I loose 5 seconds on reshuffle – mobile device does not
I can’t skip back or refresh when I get a bad board or I loose a life – mobile devices lets you maintain your life.
Also, if someone gives me lives I loose them all the time when I am fully charged with lives. My son who has a mobile device doesn’t have to accept the lives straight away, thus has them for back up.
I have a laptop, which I consider portable (a mobile device – I do take it places with me). But I do not get the same options as someone with a tablet.
I think the developers should make it fair across all platforms.

10 justin { 10.29.13 at 7:41 pm }

I lose lives when I cancel out on my phone…so that’s not true

11 Arlene McCullough { 11.01.13 at 12:12 am }

I think level 182 is very unfair. When you only have possible moves in the top left cube you are doomed because nothing else moves. It is very discouraging!

12 chobo { 11.04.13 at 4:08 pm }

Level 12: One trick: On Android device, fast forward your clock by a year and the target drops down to 30,000 instead of 40,000 for the quest.
My version is CCS version is 1.15.1

13 chobo { 11.04.13 at 4:08 pm }

Level 182 trick: On Android device, fast forward your clock by a year and the target drops down to 30,000 instead of 40,000 for the quest.
My version is CCS version is 1.15.1

14 chloe { 11.04.13 at 4:32 pm }

I have been on level 181 for months now. I have tried every possible strategy but I do not have enough moves. I have swapped special candies with disco balls, packets with disco balls, packets with candies and nothing works. I have tried everything that’s on you tube and nothing I working! please help me

15 Cindy { 11.07.13 at 6:37 am }

Just finished 181 it took me 2 weeks & I was just one move from beating it, so I had to buy a life 🙁 I hate when that happens. Now on to 182!

16 Nicole { 11.07.13 at 8:58 am }

Read advice for level 180 and passed my first try. Thanks pal!

17 Sandya { 11.16.13 at 9:21 pm }

Yes I agree this level is pretty bad. As I’m playing now, the requirement is 30,000 points. The developer decreased the almost unreachable standard?!

18 Omar { 11.18.13 at 10:26 pm }

If anyone needs help i can pass your candy crush level your stuck in. Im on 455.

19 Sue Harris { 12.02.13 at 6:08 pm }


You say: use your mobile device, since you can exit when you don’t get a good starting board and try again without losing a life. I have Motorola Android. I tried and I still lose a life. Is there a special way to exit?

20 Nance { 12.18.13 at 7:34 am }

I crushed level 181 after combining 3 striped with 3 wrapped candies. Sometimes a color bomb & a striped candy can help but those I mentioned are the only 2 that can get you passed 181. It took me weeks to get just the right combos positioned in just the right places. A lot of luck involved.

21 Liz rosenwink { 01.03.14 at 7:31 am }

Level 181 is rubbish why make it so hard it is not fun,

22 john { 01.03.14 at 8:59 pm }

after 1 week and 155 livesi just got pass 181 can now live for another day lol good luck to all i just got lucky on the way the striped candy fell , iwas going to quit after this week could not see me doing this for months or even weeks all the best

23 sandra { 01.10.14 at 2:57 pm }

I’m stuck on 181. Can you offer some advice?

24 Mary Jordan Smith { 01.12.14 at 6:11 pm }

The only ingredients (orders) I see are not in the block where the other ingredients are. How do I get them there to bring them down? Please help me.

25 Lorri { 02.03.14 at 4:54 pm }

Omar you said you can help people I cannot pass level 180 when I get close to getting the cherries and acorns down the bombs always go off or I run out of moves I have been stuck on this level FOREVER HELP anyone!

26 Kathleen wiggins { 02.06.14 at 8:54 pm }

Help me get threw 181 ..I love Candy Crush and I don’t want to quit this wonderful game

27 Kathleen wiggins { 02.06.14 at 8:55 pm }

I love candy crush..I don’t want to quit

28 amanda { 05.12.14 at 11:28 pm }

I have been stuck on 180 for quite a while now and I can’t get past it. Help!

29 Rhonda Lillie { 05.22.14 at 12:01 am }

181 was very easy… All you have to do is get a bunch of horizontal stripped candies with paper wrapped candies and it’s not too hard to do.. Break through one spot drop down a striped candy and a wrapped candy and make 1 huge wipe out candy… Do that twice and you’re good to go!

30 Rhonda Lillie { 05.22.14 at 12:02 am }

182 on the other hand is one of the most annoying timed levels ever. I don’t like timed levels!

31 Lori { 08.26.14 at 11:39 pm }

I’m stuck on level 182! I tried your hints to no avail. Plus I keep getting a notice that I must be connected to the interrnet to get more lives and to spin the daily wheel even though I am connected! Thought something was wrong with the game! Very disappointed! Any suggestion would be appreciated.

32 Lori { 09.13.14 at 11:06 pm }

I finally had to delete candy crush. I was on level 182 and after spending weeks trying to pass to 183, I started getting knocked off after the game loaded on my ipad. So I’m done. Ipad or vandy crush itself is not cooperating. Hope others don’t have this problem,

33 Paul William Dixon { 02.12.15 at 10:10 am }

Phase 181. I’ve been stuck for over two weeks already.

34 Kathy Trombini { 10.22.15 at 9:52 am }

On level 181 – they don’t give you enough “special candies” to beat this level. I don’t want to buy any more to continue this. I’m already addicted. Enough already. I just want to skip 181 and go to 182.

35 kat { 03.16.16 at 7:29 pm }

I’ve been stuck on level 180 since Christmas. CHRISTMAS!!!! Really fed up with it now – this isn’t fun any more! – I can’t get less than 5 left. Reading the comments about how tricky 181 and 182 are here I think I might just give up completely and just delete it. 🙁

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