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Advice to Pass Along: Level 175 and Level 177 of Candy Crush

Here are two more levels that people keep emailing me about — level 175 and 177 of Candy Crush.  For people who have already emailed me about these, I don’t think there is anything new in this post that I didn’t already tell you.  For everyone else, the tips are here if you want them.

I think a Worst Levels of Candy Crush list should be made, writing out all of the levels that people commonly get stuck on so people can know it’s not just them.  I am now hitting a point on the game where every level is taking several tries to get past, and some are taking many more than several…

Level 175

Candy Crush 175

You have to move four ingredients down to the bottom.  You want to clear off the whipped cream, starting in either the middle or the bottom.  Don’t bother trying to clear from the top.  If you can’t make one match in the middle or the bottom when you start the game, don’t make a move.  Exit out (this only works on a mobile device) and re-open so you have a decent board to start from without using up one of your lives.  Looking at the board above, this one is really a toss-up over whether I’d start over.  You have that one space in the middle with three blues on the left-hand side.  I guess I’d play it out, mostly because there is only one other match and it’s at the top, so good chances of a reshuffle early on that will hopefully get you a better board.

After you’ve popped a few of those whipped creams away, make as many striped candies as possible.  They’ll clear the board and help the ingredients fall.

Level 177

Candy Crush 177

This is one of those dreaded timed levels.  I hate these.  They make me tense.  And this one only has one minute.

Essentially, you need to break through that whipped cream and make the candies fall over to the right side.  Make as many vertical stripes as you can (by matching 4 horizontal candies of the same colour).  The first move I’d start with on the board above is that sweet block of four candies at the bottom.  Another option would be to use the two already touching the whipped cream and move that blue one above it on the left side down on block so it cracks those three across the bottom.

Once you get through the whipped cream, start making matches on the right side.  Make striped candies, even if you don’t explode them.  When your time runs out and it says “Sugar Crush,” it will give you extra points from all those stripped ones going off.

Here’s the thing; time is tight.  You may need to use my timer trick, which only works on a mobile device.  When you can’t instantly see a move, give yourself a break by double tapping the home button at the bottom of the device.  This pauses the timer and slides the game up on the screen to make room for the apps row at the bottom.  You can then scan the board for a moment and look for the best move that will net you the most points.  Then touch the screen to make that move and the screen will drop down and return to normal.

Currently: I’m on Level 184, and I’m happy to go backwards and explain how I did any board before that.  Sometimes it was stupid luck but other times, there was actual thought involved.  Let me know the level you’re struggling with.


1 Jessie { 09.08.13 at 9:50 pm }

Bear and I love the idea of a Worst Levels listing and would have several to suggest. What we do both think is interesting is what it started doing once we were stuck on 410 for a little while: some of the time when we play it, but not always, it gives us a little meter when we lose to rate the level from boring to awesome. We both hate this level, so we move the meter all the way to Boring.

2 a { 09.08.13 at 9:56 pm }

I think the fun-o-meter is the new key to getting past a level – if you tell them it’s not fun, you’ll get luckier with it.

3 JustHeather { 09.09.13 at 2:59 pm }

184 took me a bit of getting through, but by luck I managed it! Now I’m _this_ close to passing 185…over and over. lol

4 rachel { 09.09.13 at 7:46 pm }

79 is making me crazy. Seriously.

5 margaret deane { 10.30.13 at 2:27 pm }

I cannot find the home button on my iphone. Any hints for level 178 as I find your hints very helpful. lol

6 Sandya { 11.15.13 at 2:47 am }

I’m stuck at level 175 at present. Not sure if it’s programmed in the game that if no fruit has been brought down, the last (4th) fruit will not appear? It’s frustrating I’ve encountered a few times the last fruit has not appeared yet with only 1 move left! Or appeared really late, near the end of the game

7 Lexy { 11.23.13 at 1:53 pm }

Thank you!! You have helped me thru sooo many levels so far. Very appreciative 🙂

8 Rica { 11.30.13 at 9:18 am }

I am having the same trouble as Sandya; I had three candies out with 12 moves left and the last one NEVER appeared. Anyone know what to do?

9 Dolly { 03.11.14 at 4:54 am }

Thanks you so much for level 175 level help. Had been trying for ages, getting more and more frustrated, and then, read your blog and simply sailed through on very next life. Brilliant! Will come back to you next level I get stuck on!

10 Jeffrey Buell { 04.09.14 at 10:20 pm }

I can’t get past level 175 on candi crush.

11 Jeffrey Buell { 04.09.14 at 10:21 pm }

I can’t get past level 175 on candi crush. What can I do?

12 Melody Paddock { 04.22.14 at 6:36 pm }

Wow, was having trouble with 177, but as soon as I read your advice I cleared it in one try!

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