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Advice to Pass Along: Level 165 and Level 167 of Candy Crush

I am sort of proud of myself that I’ve moved into the realm of actually knowing enough about Candy Crush that I can pass along advice.  As of a few weeks ago, I was begging for strategies from all of you.  So since I’ve just passed and been asked how I passed these levels, I thought I’d throw it up here in case you need help passing level 165 or 167 of Candy Crush.

Level 165:

The hard thing here is collecting enough blue ones.  Everything else will pretty much happen naturally as you match the blue ones.  So ignore all other tasks and focus on blues.  If you can get a speckled doughnut and combine it with a blue, great.  If you can get a speckled doughnut and combine it with a striped of any colour so most of the board gets changed, great.  And if you can get a speckled doughnut and clear a dominant colour off the board so more blues fall onto the board, great too.

That said, the order in which to worry about things is bombs first, chocolate second, blues third.  In other words, take care of those bombs because you only get a few moves to do so.  Don’t let the chocolate build up on top or no new candies will fall onto the board.  So take care of those two things minimally and then concentrate on blues.  That’s your focus: bombs, chocolate, then blues.

It took me a lot of tries to get a board where enough blues fell onto the board in the first place.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do with this board because 99 blues don’t show up in the first place.

Level 167:

The first time I played this board, the first move made a speckled doughnut.  “Easy board!” I thought in my head.  LIKE A FOOL.

Here’s the thing: the chocolate won’t start until you break those four pieces that are in front of the four chocolate machines.  So take your time and clear most of the center first.

Next, if you can, clear one side at a time.  Once you’ve popped the jelly, it doesn’t matter if chocolate grows back over the space.  You will still win even if you have chocolate on the board, just as long as that chocolate isn’t covering unpopped jelly.  So clear one side entirely (if you can keep the other side closed off), and then pretty much ignore it while you do the other side.  The hardest jellies to pop are the ones in front of each machine.  The easiest jellies to pop are the middle three rows that run down the center of the board.

So for this board, your strategy is clear the middle, and then tackle each side, one at a time.  If you can get a speckled doughnut and a striped, you’ll clear a lot of jelly at once.  Or a striped/wrapped combo.

What do you do if a horizontal striped candy opened up both sides of the board at the same time?  Then you have an issue of chocolate coming from two directions.  In that case, zigzag back and forth, doing a move on the left side and then a move on the right to keep the chocolate at bay and the jellies popping.

Currently: I’m on Level 181, and I’m happy to go backwards and explain how I did any board before that.  Sometimes it was stupid luck but other times, there was actual thought involved.


1 Kelly { 08.27.13 at 2:57 pm }

I am stuck on 147. Any advice?

2 Jendeis { 08.27.13 at 4:21 pm }

Should I just bite the bullet and play this darn game?

3 Mel { 08.27.13 at 4:53 pm }

Level 147:
Oh my G-d, that level is pure evil. So the way I cleared it was to look for moves that broke down that middle column first, even if those moves were up high (I know, counter-intuitive to the usual method of starting at the bottom and then allowing them to cascade). If I couldn’t clear the middle, I aimed for the bottom. The only thing that came before a bottom move was a bomb. So in terms of ranking: middle, bomb, bottom. Though a lot of times, I had to do moves in the top left and right corners which are total wastes until the game would reshuffle.

4 RelaxedNoMore { 08.27.13 at 5:23 pm }

Wow, 181! I’ve only just reached 37. BTW I blame you for getting me started with and hooked on Candy Crush 😉

5 shelli { 08.27.13 at 6:37 pm }

Just got to level 400. I’m almost at the end, and that makes me saaaaaad! Well, I guess I’ll just start over and try to get 3 stars on every level. That should take a couple years. Rofl.

6 Rachel { 08.27.13 at 6:40 pm }

I’m on 70…help!

7 Jen { 08.28.13 at 3:30 am }

Mel, are you really an international spy passing on top secret details through a devious code based on a computer game? Because to the uninitiated this post sounds like instructions for dropping off weapons plans and evading capture from enemy agents… “Remember, get a speckled doughnut and clear a dominant colour off the board; then zigzag back and forth, doing a move on the left side and then a move on the right to keep the ‘chocolate’ at bay.” : )

8 cindy { 08.28.13 at 7:30 am }

I am on level 140 and cant seem to beat it 🙁

9 Linda { 08.28.13 at 6:29 pm }

For level 165, i found out how this actually works. It is partial luck and perseverance but this is how it works:
It is partially luck but I have worked out how to do it.

You need to make sure the top corner at the top of the screen is clear of chocolates as the majority of blues comes from there. If one side is kept clear at all times, and always make it your priority, then you will get more blues coming down.
Also get plenty of stripes, not necessary to combine, and try to ensure not too much chocolate builds up on the bottom. Usually the stripes keeps it clear of most.
Concentrate on the one half side from top to bottom, that is clear of the chocolate at the top and when you see an opportunity to clear blues all around, do so as well.
The main factor is that stripes on one half (use straight away when possible) will keep clearing the chocolates on the bottom too.
So tips to keep an eye on is:
1. Keep at least one top chocolate clear as the bulk of blues comes through there.
2. clear all blues when opportunity presents itself (dont chase after it and waste more lives)
3. keep an eye on the bombs, if possible the stripes will cascade other colors and clear it anyways.
4. Stick to one half of screen from top to bottom to keep clear of chocolates so the top corners will bring down lots of blues.
5. Persevere until this is done!!

The MAIN tip is keep the chocolate clear up one top corner!! Of course as the chocolate on the bottom is cleared some, then more blues comes down. clear chocolates, get blues..

I hope this helps others to get through quicker 🙂

10 shaun { 09.04.13 at 1:22 pm }

Hard to believe this is possible. I don’t even come close. 3 moves left and 20 more blue to find, I doubt there’s even been that many in the whole game. I might pack this game in now.

11 deemaree123 { 09.04.13 at 3:47 pm }

I am on level 165 and have been for over a month. There has never been 99 blues to clear! Ready to quit this stupid game!!!!!!

12 wdwpixie { 09.06.13 at 2:04 am }

Got lucky after reading your tips — somehow I magically cleared the board with several moves left! Now I’m back for tips on 167; I hope these help. I’ve gotten to the “I’m done with this stupid game” point several times, yet like all the rest of the suckers, keep coming back for more — ugh!
Good luck!

13 michelle { 09.06.13 at 1:02 pm }

for level 165. you have to use the bombs, steps and doughnuts right away. causes more blue to drop. once I realized that I beat it pretty fast!! good luck! 🙂

14 Susan Zetterholm { 09.09.13 at 7:36 pm }

Read this simply but very well explained tips to beating level 165. Played trying your advice….focus on bombs, chocolate and blue candy. 3rd try I beat it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

15 Brenda Banwell { 09.12.13 at 3:41 am }

I have just completed level 165 and have no strategies to pass on as it all came down to luck and perseverence in the end

16 Tracy { 09.13.13 at 7:01 pm }

Thank you so much for your thoughts,however the advice,small or large,it Helps!

17 ceecee18 { 09.14.13 at 3:07 pm }

Just went back to Candy Crush after taking nearly a month off because I had spent the previous 6 wks stuck on 165!!!

I don’t know if they eased up on the program or what, but I got through it 1st try back!! Serious luck – and having a lollipop handy — I needed 2 blue & only 1 turn, so the bl-bl-red-bl seemed like a miracle from the gods!!

18 Luke { 09.16.13 at 7:33 pm }

The advice worked. Almost impossible but after a week of trying, it worked. Key is to focus on blue, but also to clear the board as many times as possible. Level 147 was even more brutal. My advice is to clear bottom corners first.

19 Ursula { 09.17.13 at 10:49 pm }

After two days I got it. I combined lots of stripes to bring down a bunch of candies and got a sprinkled one next to a strip and was able to do it much by my surprise. Thanks! This wasn’t the hardest level. 109 was the one that had me stuck and very frustrated. This one was easy once you figured out a strategy that you shared. Again thanks!

20 Azeem { 09.20.13 at 7:26 am }

I m stuck on level 165. Have tried all above helps but still couldn’t succeded. Continously tring since last 5 days. Is there any way to skip this level and play ahead?

21 wendy { 09.23.13 at 12:51 am }

Im stuck on level 167 and its driving me insane i can not pass it to save my life

22 wendy { 09.23.13 at 1:35 am }

I tried the advise for level 167 but it didnt work for me

23 Ann Marie { 09.23.13 at 11:28 pm }

Thanks for having this site and helping to beat levels on candy crush

24 Ursula { 09.24.13 at 1:52 pm }

Post here when you get level 181. I am there too! Your advice really helped me pass 165 and 167. Thanks! I find that you need to get lots of stripes across to wipe out the cherries. I was close but still working on it. Only been on this one for about 4 hours. I like that I have gold now. I had credits and got a bonus of 30 gold. But I am saving them. Ursula

25 grebnorw30 { 09.24.13 at 7:59 pm }

thanks for the tip on lvl 165 , ill give it a try 🙂

26 Ursula { 09.26.13 at 8:45 pm }

Finally got past 181. Sprinkled balls with a stripe helped clear my board. Now I am stuck on 182. Bomb keeps getting me. But I hear you have to clear the chocolates first. This one tends to scramble the board a lot because it is easy to run out of moves. have only reached 25,000 and you need 30,000 to beat this one.

27 richard { 09.27.13 at 8:21 pm }

just started this level 165 and too cant get enough blues to finish but after reading the tips i will give it a try 🙂

28 Jennifer { 09.28.13 at 2:14 am }

Thank you. I read your post and played immediately and beat 167 first try.
Thank you for giving some direction and a game plan.

29 Joe { 09.29.13 at 9:15 pm }

To help out with lives. Only on iPhone if u wana keep playing just go reset time 1 day ahead then open up candy crush make sure it says 5 full then go change date back and play!!!! NOTICE if u change date and start playing before putting real date back and u lose lives u will have to wait a Long time real easy to do takes about 5 secs

30 Lee { 10.03.13 at 4:59 pm }

I have been stuck on level 167 for nearly two months!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

31 Miss Directv { 10.04.13 at 11:35 pm }

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! It took me a couple of times after reading this but I got it, I got it!!! THank you!!!!

32 colleen { 10.05.13 at 1:56 am }

i have lots of friends who have given up on level 167 .I have tried for 2 weeks and never get below 10 blues left to get.. I guess a lot of people pay to get more time .I have lots of friends who have given up at this level and are fed up

33 candy crush lover { 10.08.13 at 10:50 am }

this is what i wanted I read your post and played immediately and beat 167 easily wow..

34 Susan { 10.09.13 at 5:46 pm }

Thank you, thank you!!!! Read these hints and beat the level in 2 tries after being stuck!!!!

35 Jual Mainan { 10.09.13 at 9:09 pm }

I’ve follow your guide to beat this level. But I never even close to win. My record was 17 blues remaining. I think it’s time for me to leave this game

36 Kat { 10.18.13 at 12:22 pm }

I’ve been stuck at 167 for a week or so. I can get down to 1 or 2 jellies but no farther. Using the wrapped/striped combo helps, but I even switched 2 chocolate bombs and couldn’t clear the level…..and I refuse to start spending money on boosters.

37 And { 10.25.13 at 10:17 pm }

Thanks for the advises! I just completed level 167 after reading your tips.

38 steven w { 11.02.13 at 10:44 pm }

Thanks for your tips – using them I was able to complete level 165. I will try the ones for 167 next.

39 Juanita Rush { 11.06.13 at 1:59 am }

Level 165 sux…i quit!

40 mary hartman { 11.06.13 at 6:58 am }

You state the obvious!

41 Mark { 11.07.13 at 2:42 am }

165 is killin me. Thanks for your advice (ie : major cookie candy… Or whatever the f its called, used to wipe out un needed candies to provide more room for blues) also, your comforting advice that sometimes the board doesnt sometimes enough blues to meet goal… Ive probably tried this level more than 100 times i think!

42 Marty { 11.11.13 at 10:01 pm }

OMG!! Thank-you! Thank-you Linda!

My mum had been stuck on this level for a week or so, driving me nuts with it. When I read your comment about the blues coming from the corners, I told her and she tried it.

It came down to 6 moves left and only 2 blues needed. She did a move that created a striped next to a candy bomb. I told her to just swap them, since she only had a few moves left – she had to do something “big.” And – bam! It finished the board.

But the blues wouldn’t have come without Linda’s advice. *virtual hug*

Now I can get my sanity back – for a little while anyway 😛

43 Turjusa { 11.12.13 at 8:12 pm }

Thank you so much for this post – using your logic I have now passed this level after only a week! (Kept coming very close so many times with your logic too… Just kept getting pipped at the post!). I was doing really well, and packed the game in about 4 or 5 months ago because I couldn’t get past level 165 (I’d spent 2 weeks trying). My sister in law tried for about 4 weeks and only passed it because she fluked it so is now on level something in the 400’s! I’m currently on 167, came back to check your post, and luckily am already using this logic, so will keep going with it 🙂 thanks again… My partner will not be impressed that I am starting to play candy crush again lol.. Oh well 🙂

44 Turjusa { 11.12.13 at 8:15 pm }

I also wanted to add to other readers that I never spend any money on the game, so it can be done without boosters!

45 Marie { 11.13.13 at 8:58 pm }

Was stuck on this horrible level 165 for weeks but thanks to your tips I finally passed it in 7 tries,! Didn’t use any boosters either.

46 Marie { 11.13.13 at 8:59 pm }

Was stuck on this horrible level 165 for weeks but thanks to your tips I finally passed it in 7 tries,! Didn’t use any boosters either.

47 Kit { 11.15.13 at 3:46 pm }

All lives lost again! That crying heart says it all doesn’t it!? Well with some time on my hands here I find out I’m not the only crazy person playing over and over while my partner rolls his eyes…yes I see there are many of you out there! So when I come back to life I will charge back onto board 165 and try to put a smile on that precious little heart face. Thanks for the tips…

48 Kit { 11.15.13 at 5:01 pm }

Yes this works I beat 165. Mostly I did not go after the blues right away but concentrated on combos to keep clearing the board so more blues would fall and it worked. Helps if you get a decent starting board cause some of them are losers no matter what you do. This level is very hard but nothing to Quit over! No boosters, no money, a little strategy and lots of luck. Happy little heart face. Thanks!

49 Shadowwarrior { 11.18.13 at 4:47 pm }

Thank you for the comments. Finally passed after using over 200 lives. I tried a lot of tips from various posters but Linda’s was the most helpful on 165. Now at 167.

50 KDMASK { 11.20.13 at 6:55 pm }

UGH, 165 may be the one that makes me pack it in. cant’ stand it. I’ve gotten the yellows, greens down and the farthest I’ve gotten down is 45 on the blues!! wah

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