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Baseball Season Blues

Our Little League season is drawing to a close, and it makes me profoundly sad.  I love our team.  I love our coach.  I love the way the kids interact with one another, especially when they chant each other’s names while they’re up at bat.  I love sitting in my beach chair near the dugout, watching the team.  I love standing up and doing my sympathetic running with the team as they really round the bases.  I love it when the Wolvog gets a hit.  I love it more when he gets on first.  I love it the most when he crosses home plate and runs to give me a high five.  I love talking with the other parents.  I love watching the siblings playing together while they ignore their brothers.  I love the drive to the field not knowing if we’ll win, and I even love the drive home after we lose, thinking about how there is always another game.

Until you hit that final game.

I am never good with goodbyes; I am especially terrible with goodbyes when we are having fun.

It’s partly about the people, and it’s partly about the activity, and it’s mostly about being part of something.  Belonging to the team.

There will be another team to root for in the fall, and in the meantime, I am still a superfan for the Nationals.  But I am really having a hard time saying goodbye to the end of Little League season.


1 Karen { 06.01.13 at 10:06 am }

Owen is playing tee ball for the first time this year, and I find myself LOVING everything about it myself. I feel your sadness.


2 Mary { 06.01.13 at 12:17 pm }

This made me smile. Broadly.

3 Jessica { 06.01.13 at 12:28 pm }

Ditto. All of it.

4 Lori Lavender Luz { 06.01.13 at 2:13 pm }

Abiding with you until the time you cycle back to the boys of spring.


5 a { 06.01.13 at 4:45 pm }

Sign up for another sport? 🙂 Or look forward to other summer vacation activities…

6 Catwoman73 { 06.01.13 at 7:35 pm }

Oh, I know! Every time I sign the wee woman up for something, I’m always terribly sad when it ends. I find that I’m just really starting to get to know people when it’s all over. It is sad!

7 Tiara { 06.02.13 at 6:12 am }

Aw, it’s one of the things I like most about you, when your in for something, you’re ALL IN, with your whole heart!!

8 Peg { 06.03.13 at 1:35 pm }

I love watching Damon play baseball (and we are such a soccer family). I love the pace, the positive coaching and teammates he’s had, and how going to his games has become a whole family affair. We still have playoffs and he made all-stars but I’ll be sad to see baseball end in about a month.

9 K { 06.03.13 at 10:49 pm }

You know I’m so with you in this. Our last game is tomorrow, and I’m already sad. 🙁

10 Amber { 06.13.13 at 3:31 pm }

As a softball coach, I love this post of course!

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