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Measure of Love Giveaway

Haven’t gotten your copy of the second Rachel Goldman book, Measure of Love?  You’re in luck.

I’m doing a giveaway of an iBook version of Measure of Love to celebrate the book coming out on iTunes.

Entering is simple.  Leave a comment below telling me your dream spot to hold a wedding.  Anything goes: nuptials on a space station, shivering through a ceremony in Antarctica, or underwater vows in Bali.  If money were literally no object, where would you love to hold a wedding?

A winner will be chosen at random at 6 pm ET Thursday afternoon and announced in the Friday Blog Roundup.  If you win but don’t own an Apple device, you can give away the book to a person of your choosing.

So say “I Do” to Measure of Love!

Measure Of Love Final Cover Blog


1 Kimberly { 05.22.13 at 8:16 am }

I’d get married in a castle in the Scottish Highlands. Fly out all my nearest and dearest. I told my husband if we ever renew our vows, this is how we’re doing it.

2 a { 05.22.13 at 8:44 am }

We had ours in Key West on a sunset cruise. There were no guests. That was just about perfect for me.

Not that I actually need another copy of the book… 😉

3 Katie { 05.22.13 at 8:48 am }

Under a grass hut, overlooking the clear blue water in Bora Bora….

4 Egg Timer { 05.22.13 at 8:53 am }

I wanted to have ours on an Alaskan Glacier… until I learned they charge about $400 per guest to fly them there.

5 LN { 05.22.13 at 9:51 am }

Having been through a traditional wedding, surrounded by family and friends, I think I’d go in the completely opposite direction. There is something very powerful about a public declaration, but I think being private would be very cool too, just flying off to Vegas or going to City Hall. Not terribly romantic, but it gets the job done.

6 Steadfast Warrior { 05.22.13 at 10:47 am }

If money were no issue, I’d have loved to have had our wedding at the same place that my parents got married. It was a castle (read: mansion) that was built by a notable rich family. It was later taken over by the military for their school and that’s how my parents were able to be married there (my dad was in the navy at the time). It’s a magical place overlooking the pacific ocean with the loveliest gardens.

7 Kasey { 05.22.13 at 11:04 am }

Our dream wedding was pretty much what we had. We are both drawn to water, and I wanted to get married in an old church. So we found a tiny chapel overlooking the Hudson River. If I win this is for a friend. I bought he kindle version and just finished it over the weekend after re-reading Life From Scratch. LOVED it!

8 loribeth { 05.22.13 at 11:20 am }

@Kimberly: My cousin did the castle in Scotland for his second marriage. Both he & his wife are Scottish — her last name is McCrae, & they got married at Castle McCrae. ; ) And yes, he & his brothers wore kilts. ; )

We got married in the chapel at the university where we met, had our photos taken in front of the beautiful old administration building on campus, & had our reception in the student union building, in a room that is part of a cafeteria during the day. It actually turned out to be very nice once we put some tablecloths, flower & candles & on the tables. Two sides are glassed in — and I had no idea when I booked the place that the glass panels slid open! — so it wound up feeling a bit like we were outside. Lots of shrubs & greenery outside the window.

So it was perfect for us. If I had to do it again, I think a tropical beach somewhere would be great.

9 Ana { 05.22.13 at 12:38 pm }

We had the big fat ethnic wedding filled with 500 of our parents’ nearest & dearest. I’d love a small destination wedding on the beach. With only the closest family & friends. Anywhere will do, though I’ve always wanted to go to Bali.

10 Tiara { 05.22.13 at 12:54 pm }

This is one contest I won’t enter since I already have MofL on Kindle…but I loved the suggestion of nuptials on a space station…any excuse to go into outer space, lol!!

11 magpie { 05.22.13 at 1:38 pm }

Hmm. On a beach.

12 claire { 05.22.13 at 3:29 pm }

What an exciting give away!!!
We got married in our small cute Arts and Crafts UCC church on a Saturday afternoon in July. The windows were open and it was around 95 degrees ( no a/c). The sun was streaming in. It was beautiful. If we did it again, I would love a beach wedding on our favorite beach on Tiree, my favorite Scottish Island, with my immediate family and British friends who couldn’t come to our first one! It would probably be windy and cool and we would drink coffee out of thermos flasks and eat chocolate digestive biscuits. Entertainment would be a match of beach cricket with the kids and adults playing and of course the kids winning.

13 claire { 05.22.13 at 3:30 pm }

PS that was me, Tireegal with that last comment!

14 Billy { 05.22.13 at 4:15 pm }

I think I’d like my dream wedding to be by the sea on a nice warm (but not too warm!) summer night.. [the date would obviously be ט”ו באב..]

15 Lauren { 05.22.13 at 4:57 pm }

Dream wedding would be in Alaska!!! 🙂 it’s beautiful there and would love the nature!

16 k { 05.22.13 at 7:06 pm }

Oh wow. I guess for me the beach in Hawaii, with a small group of people, and 2 weeks in paradise after just us with not a care.

17 A.M.S. { 05.22.13 at 8:37 pm }

Boboli Gardens in Florence, just to do something fancy, even though our actual wedding outside at my parents’ home on Lake Gaston was pretty close to my dream wedding.

18 Jennifer { 05.22.13 at 8:57 pm }

If money was no object I would pick a beach somewhere – Hawaii, Mexico, central America somewhere….Although, I do have a thing for lighthouses, so maybe a beach with a cool lighthouse.

19 Shelby { 05.22.13 at 11:07 pm }

I would love to get married in an old restored barn at night, strings of lights hanging from the rafters, hay bales surrounding the perimeters of the dirt dance floor and wild flowers in mason jars (perhaps I’ve been perusing Pinterest too much?) I, of course, would wear a pair of convoy boots underneath my wedding dress. Suburban girl in reality, but country girl at heart!

20 Shelby { 05.22.13 at 11:09 pm }

Dang autocorrect! I meant to say I would wear cowboy boots. Teaches me to comment on my phone!

21 Liz { 05.23.13 at 12:58 am }


Ok, Dream spot? A labyrinth made of stones in the high desert outside Taos, New Mexico. Stay in Mabel’s room at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house for a honeymoon. Either that, or in a grove of old redwoods.

Where we actually got married? An old elementary school, in the auditorium, with red velvet curtains on the stage that reminded me of singing ‘Turn On Your Heart Light’ in 3rd grade chorus.

22 persnickety { 05.23.13 at 2:23 am }

On top of a mountain in NZ. Which was pretty much almost what we did. Had to be shifted a little bit to one of the DOC huts on a nearby mountian because it had snowed overnight and the helicopter couldn’t land. It was meant to be a fairly private ceremony, but I forgot that my family loves NZ, snow and helicopters, so they all wanted to come. And I had wedding boots!

23 Mali { 05.23.13 at 3:26 am }

It’s very hard to choose just one. But here goes:

On safari, at a beautiful lodge, rented out only by the wedding party. standing on on a hill as Africa stretches out below us, and the Milky Way acts as our bower.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll do that for my 30th wedding anniversary.

Gift will be donated. Can you believe we don’t get iBooks in NZ?

24 Dora { 05.23.13 at 10:04 am }

I once planned a wedding that never happened (thank goodness!). It was to be bigger than I ever wanted, which was a compromise. But the one thing I wouldn’t compromise was an outdoor ceremony at sunset. For that gorgeous golden hour light. My ideal location is The New York Botanical Garden.

25 Lori Lavender Luz { 05.23.13 at 5:03 pm }

The platform at the Eiffel Tower.

26 Mrs. Gamgee { 05.23.13 at 8:48 pm }

Highclere Castle! Well, any castle would do, really, but Highclere is just gorgeous.

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