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Year of the Magician

If the world doesn’t end on December 21, 2012, as we’ve all been fretting about for years, I’ve decided that 2013 will be a rebirth sort of year, a year where you feel like you’re operating on borrowed time or a second chance after a close escape, and you better do something really good with it.

I’m going to learn magic and become the greatest non-performing female magician of all time.

I have to preface that by saying that I’m not going to be performing because the idea of having people looking at me sounds particularly unpleasant.  But I am going to be the greatest female magician who performs solely in her kitchen for people who are in her house… of all time.

I’ve started my 2013 goal a little early (which I figure is okay because I started my 2011 goal of learning guitar a little late and I also started my 2012 goal of daily yoga in late January so it all evens out).  For a few months, the kids and I have been reading history of magic books.  I hired the twins to look up facts about various magicians.  And we took out books from the library and very unsuccessfully tried to teach ourselves a few tricks.  And that’s when I decided that we needed to find a magic mentor.  Except that I didn’t know any magicians.

But a lot of Googling and random chance and good luck led me to a man who lives a little over an hour away who has sort of agreed without saying as much to be our magic mentor.  My inner eighth grader wanted to define if we were magic dating or not, much in the same way I used to demand that middle school boyfriends actually speak the words, “We are dating” before I would agree to call them my boyfriend.  I like things to be black-and-white like that.  But I squelched my inner eighth grader when he let out an exasperated sigh and took my hand, correcting my hold for a card trick.  He set me up with my magic textbook and told me to write down all the questions we had until we met up again.

So, I’m learning magic.  Even though I seem to be the only woman in the world who is learning magic. (No, seriously, it’s a little disconcerting how there don’t seem to be many… any… female magicians.).  So if you come to my kitchen, prepare to have your mind blown.


1 Mud Hut Mama { 11.11.12 at 9:39 am }

Awesome! I’ve never been very into magic but my husband loves to watch magicians on TV. He calls me to come watch saying, “how do they do that, really how do they do that?” Now I can send him to you!

2 Sarah { 11.11.12 at 11:06 am }

I had a magic kit when I was little….I loved LOVED to do the tricks for my parents….but like you I don’t think I could actually perform for a crowd of any kind….good luck with your adventure!!!

3 Lori Lavender Luz { 11.11.12 at 2:41 pm }

I’ve already have my mind blown in your kitchen with that Smith Island cake. I can’t wait to see the greatest non-performing female magician of all time next time I visit.

What card am I thinking of?

4 a { 11.11.12 at 10:00 pm }

You crack me up! Keep learning…it keeps you young.

5 KeAnne { 11.13.12 at 1:59 pm }

My husband is an accomplished magician and used to give magic shows when he was younger. He is looking forward to being able to teach Daniel his tricks in a few years!

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