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It’s Almost 11/11/11 (Part Three)

It’s sort of fitting that the one time in our lifetime that the number 11 repeats in the date three times, it is also the third time I’ve asked people to make a wish.  And in honour of this third time, I am actually doling out THREE wishes.  Be careful.  Some people’s wishes end up coming true.

Here’s how this works:

(1) Make three wishes in the comment section (and don’t believe that stuff about how if say it aloud it won’t come true.  That is precisely when the parts that are within another human being’s control can come true).

(2) Then leave a comment on the blog of the commenter directly before you (so it’s a chain.  #2 comments on #1, #3 comments on #2, etc. If the commenter above you didn’t leave an address, just go one above that.  The point is to find new blogs/leave a comment–not stress).

The first person who comments on this post gets a free ride and does not need to leave any comments.  The last person who comments on this post gets … screwed.

It would be nice within your comment to refer to their wish (if it ties in to the post you read and comment on) and if you can grant any part of it, to do so.  If you can’t, because their wish is outside of human control, don’t feel badly.  But if you have the power to grant a wish, why not do it?

In years past, people have seen each other’s wishes and realized that they have the power to fulfill it.  And did so.  Which is pretty damn cool.


1 St. Elsewhere { 11.09.11 at 7:32 am }

I am all for free rides!

– Wish 1: I bring this baby into the world and he/she is happy and healthy and stays alive.

– Wish 2: I am walking down some street and someone sells me Aladdin’s Lamp (with the genie still inside).

– Wish 3: That I become a more wholesome person.


2 a { 11.09.11 at 8:05 am }

Well, with all the content here lately, I wish I was going to Disneyworld! Even though I’ve tried to let it go, I will always wish we had another child. And I wish that my daughter’s life is as happy and carefree as possible.

3 Lynn { 11.09.11 at 8:06 am }

I love your wish posts, Mel! They make me feel happy inside all day =D

– Wish 1: We got our invite to adoption orientation yesterday. I wish that the time between us starting and our placement goes quickly and smoothly.

– Wish 2: I wish that my upcoming birthday and anniversary will hold something special and new (doesn’t really matter what) for The Hubs and I and will be the best ones yet!

– Wish 3: I wish I could figure out how to makeover my blog and get it looking the way I want! I have some graphics I’ve drawn and others I’m working on, but getting everything to look right with the HTML is proving much more difficult than I thought possible, particularly because HTML coding used to be super-easy for me!

P.S. To St. Elsewhere: Sweetheart, you are already one of the most wholesome people I know! You are definitely one of the people I strive to be more like in attitude. I think if the world had even a touch of your love, honesty and tenacity, it would be a much better place!

4 Kelly { 11.09.11 at 8:08 am }

1. That ivf # 3 works.

2. That all of my blog friends that are struggling with infertility are able to conceive.

3. That congress passes legislation mandating infertility insurance coverage in all 50 states.

5 frankiesoup { 11.09.11 at 8:24 am }

1. That baby is happy.

2. That baby starts sleeping all night.

3. That I can somehow continue to be at stay at home parent,but can find a way to relieve husband’s stress at being the sole breadwinner.

6 Chickenpig { 11.09.11 at 8:25 am }

I wish that the beta I’ll be taking on 11/11/11 comes back positive 🙂

I wish that if it comes back positive, the numbers double

I wish that if I make it to an ultrasound I see a heartbeat

Everything is pretty contingent on that first wish. But you know how it is, when you’re in the middle of the 2ww that’s all there is. 🙂

7 Denver Laura { 11.09.11 at 9:40 am }

1. I wish the commenter above would see that baby in 9 months.

2. I wish a certain someone would move through her grief and quit harassing us.

3. I wish my boss could see that I’m actually making a difference in my company.

8 Denver Laura { 11.09.11 at 9:40 am }

I wish I had left my website address in the first response.

9 Mrs. Gamgee { 11.09.11 at 9:44 am }

I love wishes!

Wish #1 – That our NT scan on Monday goes well and that we will get to see an active healthy Halfling 2.o

Wish #2 – That my Beloved gets ‘the call’ from Jeopardy, and that he would do well on the show.

Wish #3 – That winter this year is short and not very snowy… not likely, but a girl can dream

10 Keiko { 11.09.11 at 10:02 am }

Mel, this post is perfect for this morning. I’m still riding off the high of Mississippi’s defeat of Initiative 26.

My 1st wish: That my new social media biz takes off in a firestorm of awesome and lots of business.

My 2nd wish: That I (eventually) publish my NaNoWriMo novel that I’m writing right now.

My 3rd wish: IVF with donor egg will work for us on the first try. And hopefully before the end of next year. That would be just lovely.

11 dspence { 11.09.11 at 10:10 am }

1. I pray/wish for God’s will to be clear as our profile is reviewed.
2. I pray/wish for peace with the final decision.
3. I pray/wish for strength if we move forward.

12 rufers54 { 11.09.11 at 10:16 am }

1.Holidays filled with love, laughter, and memories.
2.Gainful employment for both my husband and I.
3.Breaking of the stranglehold of debt.

13 Foxy { 11.09.11 at 10:32 am }

The thought of wishes makes me tearful this morning. My heart is so full of gratitude as I lay here feeling my 35 week belly moving about. It feels almost indulgent to wish for anything more. In the spirit of the post and because there are so many things on my mind today, I wish that HBear will seriously consider going to the remedial boarding program that we are touring this afternoon, I wish for a renewed sense of calmness in these final weeks before we meet our child, and most importantly I wish for the health and happiness of this baby.

14 Christina { 11.09.11 at 10:47 am }

Very cool prompt here!

1 – I wish that things in my house would stop breaking and needing repairs that cost $$.
2 – I wish everyone in this community success in what ever wait they are in (2ww, next appt, baby birth, adoption placement, etc).
3 – I wish for the motivation to write/blog more frequently than I am currently.

And since it is almost Thanksgiving here in teh states, I’m thankful that I’ve found this community and all the wonderful and helpful people that make it up!

15 Becky { 11.09.11 at 10:49 am }

Chaos reigns and I have been so pressed with necessity lately, that I have forgotten to dream and wish, so I find this hard. Okay, wishes make yourself know to me!
Wish 1: that Hubby and I find our way back to each other in a more meaningful, supportive relationship that the one we’re floating around in right now.
Wish 2: that I will be a momma to more babies (through adoption or by some mirable birth) and be able to nurse them more successfully.
Wish 3: that baby E will start to sleep (after more than 13 months!!!) at least 5hrs consistently at night. 9Funny enough, THIS one seems like the most unlikely!)

16 Gee { 11.09.11 at 11:02 am }

1) I wish that in 10 years, I can look back and be generally happy with where my life has gone.

2) I wish I were a more patient person.

3) I wish margaritas had less calories.

17 jjiraffe { 11.09.11 at 11:08 am }

Great idea.

Wish #1: The really nice man who I rear-ended in a terrible car accident on Monday heals well and completely.
Wish #2: My husband and I can return to the sweet, caring, loving way we used to interact when the twins were younger.
Wish #3: My beautiful and wonderful twins, who turn four today, have long, happy and fulfilling lives.

18 Peg { 11.09.11 at 11:09 am }

1. I wish for patience so I wouldn’t lose my temper so much at the kids

2. I wish we could magically find the time and resources to tackle all the home improvement jobs around the house

3. I wish this crazy life would feel more normal and not so stressful so I can play with my four year old and not feel guilty for what I’m “not” doing

19 Kate { 11.09.11 at 11:26 am }

I’m with many of you who feel too lucky to temp fate but here are my wishes;

1. I wish that I quit having panic attacks when I go to an OB apt (I can’t believe I just wrote this… I still have told nobody other then DH and parents, well… and you all apparently)

2. I get through holidays and classes with grace and happiness.

3. That I can improve my blog stats –> this is actually for one of my MBA classes, my term project is to increase traffic using social media and I seriously wish for an A in this class.

Thanks everyone and great idea.

20 Sharon { 11.09.11 at 11:29 am }

1. I wish I can make it to 37 weeks with my current pregnancy before I deliver.

2. I wish I could have one day free of heartburn, bloating and gas while I’m still pregnant.

3. (I really can’t think of a third. I’m pretty lucky at the moment.)

21 Warrior Woman { 11.09.11 at 11:30 am }

Great idea!

1. I wish that my blood pressure would go down, I could get off bed rest, and have this baby boy with no further complications.

2. I wish my husband could have a restful reprieve from taking care of me 24/7.

3. I wish my mother-in-law’s health would improve/that the doctors can figure out what’s wrong and fix it quickly.

22 Lisa { 11.09.11 at 11:39 am }

Love it!

I wish that my boys will have a happy, healthy, fufilling life.

I wish that I have the strength to maintain a “normal” life for my children even though inside I am struggling with single parenthood.

I wish that my electronics would not all break at the same time, right before I have to find the money for Christmas shopping.

23 Newbie { 11.09.11 at 11:51 am }

Great post, Mel.

I wish that IVF #3 will work, and result in a happy, healthy child.

I wish for all of the women going through IF to have a happy ending.

I wish that I will find a new career in the next couple years that will be satisfying and rewarding.

24 flmgodog { 11.09.11 at 12:14 pm }

I am feeling pretty lucky right now to still be pregnant AND both boys still seem to be alive.

Wish 1 – Live, healthy babies on Dec. 14th, 2011 AND they continue to live and be healthy (maybe that’s two wishes?). FOr that matter I hope DH continues to be healthy and happy too!

Wish 2 – Current employment situation to improve, LOTS of WHAT IF’s right now and I am seriously stressed ( as in cannot handle 1 more thing)

Wish 3 – I hope that all you wonderful woman (and men) are able to resolve your infertility with an outcome that is positive for you.

25 Rebecca { 11.09.11 at 12:20 pm }

When I started writing this, it was 11:11 in my time zone, I think that adds even more power to it!

I wish that this bleeding stops once and for all, and soon, because no matter what the doctor says about “bleeding in early pregnancy is normal, especially with twins” it terrifies me every time I see it.

I wish that I can start feeling positive about this pregnancy and truly believing that next summer I’ll be trying to figure out how to handle two screaming babies!

I wish that my cousin’s triplets stay cooking as long as possible and are healthy.

26 michelle { 11.09.11 at 12:31 pm }

I wish:
1) my twins currently in utero make it term and are born healthy
2) my cancer continues to stay squashed (6-yr survivor) and I’m able to live a long life with them
3) our pending house purchase comes through!

27 Eggs In A Row { 11.09.11 at 12:36 pm }

I wish:
1) My sister has a healthy baby and she has an easy delivery. (She’s going to have the baby today!)

2) That I could just keep focused on losing the weight and working on my marriage.

3) That my husband could get a better job so that I didn’t stay up nights fretting about money.

Thanks, Mel! XOXO

28 Gil { 11.09.11 at 12:44 pm }

I wish:

1) That my stepdaughter figures out the mistakes she is making and chooses to do better for herself.
2) That 2012 can bring much, much better things than 2011 did. It’s been a really crappy year in our house, and I have to hope that things will improve.
3) That somehow, someway, we find the money for another try at ART and get just as lucky, bringing a sibling home for Petite.

Thank you Mel honey. As always, I wish nothing but the best for you and all my fellow bloggers.

29 Eve { 11.09.11 at 1:15 pm }

I have forgotten how to wish, really, these past few months. Thanks for the reminder. Here’s mine:

1) I wish I could let go my resentments of friends and family that have let me down.
2) I wish that my surviving twin will be vibrant and somehow unburdened even in the knowledge of having a lost her twin.
3) I wish that I could get my mojo back…and soon.

30 Guera! { 11.09.11 at 1:22 pm }

Hi there! Long time no see.
1) I wish for a good job down south (Florida or Texas) so we can move to a warmer climate like we’ve been talking about for the last ten years.
2) I wish for Sofie to become a gracious, kind, wise and self confident little girl and woman.
3) I wish we were debt free.

31 magpie { 11.09.11 at 1:29 pm }

i wish the disability situation were resolved, now.
i wish my house had a new exterior envelope, or that it was in the planning stages.
i wish i could take a sabbatical.

32 loribeth { 11.09.11 at 2:14 pm }

1. I wish that November was over already. :p

2. I wish I had more time right now to do more fun stuff, like blog reading, writing & commenting. ; )

3. I wish the people who are making my wonderful BIL & SIL’s life miserable right now get what they deserve, & sooner rather than later. :p

33 vablondie { 11.09.11 at 2:52 pm }

It has been a while since I wished, too!
1. I wish I have a working stove before the end of the year.
2. I wish I have a paycheck coming in soon. (Weird job situation. Still have a job, but no paycheck. Very strange.)
3. I which the FET we are going to do early next year is a success.

34 geochick { 11.09.11 at 2:56 pm }

Fun post!

1. I wish that S will be able to find a more fulfilling job
2. I wish that C will be able to continue down her ambitious path to sucess despite what this past year has brought to her.
3. I wish that our families stay healthy.

35 Justine { 11.09.11 at 3:07 pm }

I love this one.

1) I wish I could find a job and get hired and/or I could find a way to be paid to write (is that two wishes?)

2) I wish that my children grow up to be happy, caring, kind, strong, and able to speak their minds.

3) I wish that all of the amazing women in this community who are on the journey to motherhood are gifted with children to wish for, too.

36 A.M.S { 11.09.11 at 3:10 pm }

1. I wish our house would sell soon after we get it back on the market.
2. I wish I thought I had the strength to go through everything a gestational surrogacy would entail (and that we could afford it).
3. I wish I could hurry up and finish crocheting all these hats so I can try to raise some money to help my grandfather.

37 unaffected { 11.09.11 at 3:19 pm }


#1) I wish that my upcoming Frozen Embryo Transfer is successful.

#2) I wish that my husband’s newly-formed Electrician business remains successful and stays busy, busy, busy!

#3) I wish that 2012 brings us some financial stability and some serious progress in paying off our debt.

38 Mina { 11.09.11 at 3:25 pm }

1. I wish I get to see a heartbeat tomorrow.
2. I wish my son starts sleeping better/the bloody molars come through already. Soon.
3. I wish the present I got this year for my birthday is contagious through the internet and a lot of the ladies in the ALI get it.

39 Jenna { 11.09.11 at 4:06 pm }

ah, wishes!

1. I wish that I was as happy with my job as I was when I first started.

2. I wish that infertility wouldn’t exist someday.

3. I wish that when we start clomid that it works… because lets face it, two emergency medical technicians in Arkansas do not get paid near enough money to pay for infertility treatment.

40 JustHeather { 11.09.11 at 4:26 pm }

1. I wish that this round of IVF (#3) is THE one.
2. I wish my husband finds a job and it is one he likes. (Or that he starts his own successful business.)
3. I wish for strength, courage and the ability to be happy no matter what happens in all aspects of my/our life.

41 Kenny { 11.09.11 at 4:34 pm }

What a great post Mel. I’m new to the society off loss/IF, and this is a great ice breaker.

1. I wish that my molar pregnancy doesn’t turn into cancer.

2. I wish that someday I will be able to see my wonderful husband be a wonderful dad.

3. I wish that in the future, I always handle life’s bumps with grace, humor, and courage.

42 Amy { 11.09.11 at 4:40 pm }

I wish:
1) That the ovarian cyst goes away on its own without needing aspiration, and that I never have to go on this combo of birth control pills, Lupron shots and Chinese herbs ever again.
2) That I release these deep-seated feelings of blame and not-worthiness that I’m inflicting on myself and that I feel are standing in the way of us getting pregnant with our rainbow(s) and are complicating my grieving process.
3) That our injectible IUI cycle in December moves forward, peacefully and with me feeling serene (like in May with the twins), and results in a healthy pregnancy that I can carry to term or near-term (and, of course, preferably with twins, but a singleton will do, too).

43 Erica { 11.09.11 at 5:01 pm }

1. I wish that my brother and my beautiful SIL get pregnant soon. They’re having a rough time of it.

2. I wish that my best friend in Seattle wasn’t facing down a Thanksgiving holiday alone. She is social and giving and fun and deserves to be surrounded by people who appreciate her on holidays.

3. I wish I had an hour to myself every day to go for a walk or paint or write or nap or seduce my husband.

44 Casey { 11.09.11 at 5:07 pm }

1) I wish I had the power to write a coherent academic sentence after 9.00pm.

2) I wish that everybody knew Jack Marshall’s story, to raise awareness of childhood brain tumours.

3) I wish that there was greater emphasis on anorexia awareness in the wider world.

45 slowmamma { 11.09.11 at 5:48 pm }

1. I wish that this pregnancy goes to term.
2. I wish that this baby is born healthy.
3. I wish that everyone’s wishes come true.

46 Tigger { 11.09.11 at 6:07 pm }

1) I wish that my libido would come back from its 7-year vacation, at least for my husbands sake.

2) I wish that I didn’t have to worry over every penny that is spent

3) I wish I could figure out what I want to be when I grow up, because I’m eventually going to run out of credits.

47 missohkay { 11.09.11 at 6:10 pm }

1 – I wish that our adopted baby comes home soon.
2 – I wish that I could carry a pregnancy to term and give birth to a live baby.
3- I wish that everyone who wants to become a parent gets to do so with minimal heartbreak.

48 Amanda { 11.09.11 at 6:14 pm }

This is a great idea for those just starting out in the blogging world!

Justheather – I’m sorry. I’m going to have to use one of your wishes as my own. It perfectly states how I feel!
1. I wish for strength, courage and the ability to be happy no matter what happens in all aspects of my/our life.
2. I wish I would stop resenting all those around me who are pregnant and allow myself to be happy for them.
3. I wish I will get pregnant and carry a happy, healthy baby to term in early 2012.

49 Lisa { 11.09.11 at 6:50 pm }


1) I wish that all the people above who are looking for or have partners looking for work find it swiftly.
2) I wish that my friend who just confided in me about her 6 years of TTC and multiple losses can find some peace.
3) I wish that our upcoming IUI will go smoothly and successfully.

50 Slackie O. { 11.09.11 at 8:28 pm }

1- I wish I could determine if it’s really time to stop treatment.
2- I wish I could quit my 9-5 job and reopen my studio.
3- I wish we could move closer to family.

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