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Five Important Pre-Creme de la Creme Announcements (plus one more)

The air is getting cooler, the leaves will soon be crunching underfoot, and it is time to start organizing the sixth Creme de la Creme.  Every year, the list gets longer and longer and I need to start working on it earlier.  I’m not complaining — I’m just stating a fact: it’s a lot of work.  Last year, we had 364 submissions.  This year, I’d like to have over 400.  So things will need to kick off soon — namely, October 20th.

Here’s what you need to know before the list opens.  This post is long, but I sprinkle a lot of good information in here so you’re going to want to read until the end.  Lots of changes afoot — some boring but some, I hope, are a bit fun.


Because it’s a lot of work, I’m changing one aspect of it this year (beyond opening the list on October 20): the list will only be open for new submissions until January 5th.  In the past, I’ve updated it well into the spring, but the list is just too enormous to do that now.  I need to contain the bulk of the work  to these fall/winter months and then put it to bed.  So the last submissions will be taken on January 5th at 11 pm EST and then the list will close for the year.

Which means, you may want to take the next few weeks to peek through your archives and find which post you want to highlight.

As always, there will be two deadlines: the first will be December 15th.  Any submission that comes in between October 20th and December 15th will be on the Creme de la Creme when it goes up — as always — on New Years Day.  The second deadline will be the hard deadline of January 5th.  Any submission that comes in from December 16th to January 5th will go on the list after its initial posting (in other words, I’ll get it on there some time after January 1st).  Any submission that comes in after January 5th will not be included.

There is plenty of time to get on the list, but I know some people like to know when the list will open so they can submit as soon as the list opens so they’re high up on the list.  Also, I ask as a favour that you spread word about the list between now and December in order to get as many people on there as possible before the list goes up on January 1st.  Tweet it, Facebook it, Stumble it, blog about it, email about it, call your mother about it — help me get word out so no one gets to mid-January and feels left out.


When the call for submissions goes up on October 20th and the list opens, please take the time to read the full post.  I know it’s long, but I write it for a reason.  It is to make things easier for me and easier for you.  I can’t tell you how many people don’t bother to read the post and it shows when the submission comes in wrong, for instance, a post from 2009 for the 2010 list.  So I’m begging you, if you want the Creme to run smoothly, please read the post.


The part that I really, really, really need help with is the Blogs that Closed section.  I am looking for the names of blogs that closed in 2011.  This means that they have at least one post in 2011 and then they formally stated that they are going to stop blogging OR they have not had a new post since January 2011.  If you are a former blog writer who closed his/her blog in 2011 OR a blog you read in 2011 closed, please email me the name so I can keep track.


Speaking of being high up on the list (I was speaking about that in the first point in case your eyes are currently glazing over), I am holding the second slot on the list for the winner of a commenting contest I’m going to hold in the next few weeks.  You know how I love for people to comment everywhere, so in order to encourage people to comment more, I’m going to be offering up the second slot on the list as a prize.  Yes, those higher up on the list have given feedback that they get more hits.  More news coming soon.

I will probably hold a second slot somewhere high on the list for an IComLeavWe’er to grab in a comment raffle.

Just trying to keep it fun.


Lastly, the Creme de la Creme was created as the anti-award list in response to all of the “best of” voting contests that spring up each winter.  It’s all well and good to honour one person, but I’d much rather everyone have a post honoured — we all do great work.

That said, I think it would be fun to have prizes this year BUT they would not be merit based.  No blog post would be deemed “better” than someone else’s (how do you truly judge something like that?)  Instead, they would be by random chance based on where you are on the list.

Because this is the 6th year, I’d like to honour the 6th, the 36th, and the 216th participant (or something to that effect — I picked the number 6 and then squared and cubed it, but it will all depend on how many prizes we have to work with).  And I’d like the prizes to come… from you.

The prizes should be handmade, based on a specific skill you possess, or something you wish to giveaway (such as a giftcard).  You have etsy shops, you have online stores, you have crafty side projects, you can pull together a fun basket of American candy that would be appealing to someone overseas.  Anyone who would like to submit one of their pieces as a prize will have their online space listed and linked to as a thank you.  So it becomes a give-and-take: you contribute the prize, but in return, you get free publicity right before the holidays so people can support you (by perhaps doing some of their holiday shopping at your online site) OR support your blog.  See, it’s like a big community group-hug.

Anything works, though it obviously needs to be mail-able or transferred electronically:

  • Do you do website design?  Offer up a free blog makeover.
  • Do you make jewelry?  Offer up a bracelet.
  • Great at using photo software?  Offer to touch up someone’s pictures for them or teach them how to use photoshop.
  • Do you knit?  Contribute a hat or scarf.
  • Do you have a gift card to a business you’re not using?  Someone else might want it.
  • Anyone who crafts or creates music or has a technical skill they can pass along — send it all up as a prize.

If you would like to contribute a prize, please write the following information in a comment below:

  • What the prize will be
  • A link to your online site (or your blog if you don’t have an online site but can make something crafty to serve as a prize or have a skill to pass along)

By doing so, you’re making a commitment to deliver the prize — t0 mail it to the recipient or connect with them over email if you’re passing along a skill.

The prizes will all be randomly assigned based on where you fall on the list.  The first person who has a “lucky spot” on the list will get to choose from all the prizes offered.  Then the second lucky spot will get to pick, so on and so on until the final lucky spot gets the final remaining prize.  If you do not wish to keep your prize, you can pass it along to the next person on the list.  All prize submissions need to come in by October 19th at 11 pm EST to be included.

Got that?  So leave a comment below if you have something to contribute.

Wheeew, and those are the five announcements.  Look for the submission list opening on October 20th.


Jen asks a good question in the comment section below.


Are people interested in doing the Grateful Said again, the comment equivalent to the Creme de la Creme list?  I loved it and would pull it together again if people are interested.  Let me know in a comment below if you’d participate.  Trying to gauge interest.


1 HereWeGoAJen { 09.19.11 at 10:46 am }

Are we doing the best comment you received of the year too? I loved that idea last year, but I didn’t have one because I hadn’t been thinking about it all year. This year I’ve been thinking about it and I have two finalists.

I will donate a pair of Babylegs as a prize.

2 KnottedFingers { 09.19.11 at 11:40 am }

I’m very excited! I’ve been going through the 2010 creme de la creme list and wow. The posts are just so amazing I’m definitely taking part this year.

I only hope what I submit won’t make people roll their eyes as I am definitely not eloquent as many of the bloggers out there are. lol

3 Erica { 09.19.11 at 12:40 pm }

I’m not sure how desirable this would be as a prize, but I could use my librarian powers to create a custom list of 10-20 good book suggestions (for an adult or child) based on reading preferences, mood, etc. I’d throw in a copy of a book or two that ends up on the list as well.

4 Lisa { 09.19.11 at 1:24 pm }

I would love to donate My Hopeful Journey premium memberships as a prize. It is the only web organizer that was designed for the unique needs of someone going through infertility treatment. It also tracks financial information and has a personal journal for those that love to document their journey but doesn’t want to share it with the world… yet. There will be a mobile version coming soon. It is also outstanding for tracking other non-baby making info. like medications and medical appointments and test results.

5 AlexMMR { 09.19.11 at 1:50 pm }

I can offer up a pair of mugs. I specialize in agateware mugs and can offer either a large pair or a smaller pair as I have plenty of both in stock.

You can see what they look like here – http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/2930831

6 AlexMMR { 09.19.11 at 1:51 pm }

I’m having commenting issues so I apologize if this turns up more than once.

I can offer up a pair of mugs. I specialize in agateware mugs and can offer either a large pair or a smaller pair as I have plenty of both in stock.

You can see what they look like here – http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/2930831

7 Mo { 09.19.11 at 4:10 pm }

I’d love to contribute to the prize pool! Fitting with my belief that chocolate heals all wounds, I would love to send out some Israeli chocolate to someone. It is yummy!

8 a { 09.19.11 at 6:32 pm }

I’ve got a $10 Starbucks giftcard that no one seems to be using. However, I can no longer guarantee that it has value, and I don’t want to register the number to myself if I’m giving it away. I don’t think it expires, but I think it’s been sitting on my counter for over a year. I am an excellent gift giver, no? (OK, so if it doesn’t work, I will replace it with a $10 gift card of the winner’s choosing)

9 Patience { 09.19.11 at 7:06 pm }

I’d love to offer up a set of personalized notecards- you can see some samples on my etsy shoppe:

I set up my shoppe with the hopes of helping to offset some of the costs of our adoption. I’d love to share some love with others in the ALI community who’ve supported me through IF hell and back!

Thanks for all you do for the ALI community, Mel!

10 Becky { 09.20.11 at 10:13 am }

Oh I’m so excited about this! I would love to throw in a custom made banner (scrapbooking kind of thing) for a prize – winner chooses the theme, colors, etc… I don’t have an etsy shop or anything, but I will have an example on my blog in the next week or so, as I made one for my baby’s 1st bday (which is this weekend – ahhhh!!) and I’ll have a post up with pics sometime next week.

11 JustHeather { 09.20.11 at 11:44 am }

I’d like to offer a piece of my glass jewelry I’ve made. (No shop, but I have blogged about it before and you have my blog/email here.)

So exciting! Everything I’m seeing this year around is all new for me and I love it all!.
KnottedFingers: I too don’t feel nearly as eloquent as many of the blogs I read, but I plan on submitting something too. The best posts are the ones from the heart, no matter the words.

12 Angie { 09.20.11 at 1:09 pm }

I’d offer up a handpainted mizuko jizo watercolor, for those who have gone through miscarriage, stillbirth or who have lost a child, or a meditating mama, for those wanting a pregnancy visualization painting for trying to conceive or pregnancy focal painting. I paint these painting in tonglen meditation. My blog is still life with circles (http://stilllifewithcircles.blogspot.com) I agree with Jen. I have been a comment I want to nominate for Grateful Said, no idea about Creme de la Creme. I find it so difficult to judge my work on an objective basis…maybe I will ask readers to figure it out. (is that cheating?)

13 Rachel { 09.20.11 at 2:47 pm }

I would LOVE the Grateful Said contest…I had a comment on my blog that literally blew my mind. Seriously.

14 Kathy { 09.20.11 at 9:30 pm }

Yay! I LOVE this time of year, the Creme de la Creme and count me in (please) for the Grateful Said! xoxo

15 Denver Laura { 09.21.11 at 5:57 pm }

I can donate a cigar box purse. One of a kind design.

No etsy shop, but in the past they were in an antique shop. It was made 2006-2008 so not so antique but very unique indeed.

16 April { 09.21.11 at 8:57 pm }

I crochet and am willing to offer up a scarf as a prize. I’m even willing to let the winner choose the color of the scarf. It would be handmade and unique as I’ve yet to have made 2 scarfs from the same pattern.

17 Meim { 09.24.11 at 4:25 am }

I’d love to donate some digital scrapbooking pages (up to 6). They can be whatever size the winner would like, and I am willing to work within a chosen theme, or to design the pages myself. The winner can email me pictures they would like scrapbooked, or just tell me the sizes of the photos and I can create templates that they can add the photos to later. Whatever the winner is more comfortable with.

18 JustHeather { 10.09.11 at 10:05 pm }

I said I’d offer up a piece of my glass jewelry I’ve made. I’m still offering that, but I’d like to also add a couple of other hand made things:
3 phone (or jacket or whatever) charms
2 book marks

19 JustHeather { 10.10.11 at 8:25 am }

I’d like to add a couple of things I’ve made up for offer.
3 phone (or jacket or whatever) charms
2 book marks (beads/charms on the end and a cord inbetween)

20 Lori Lavender Luz { 10.14.11 at 3:42 pm }

One adoption profile review:

21 Lynn { 10.17.11 at 12:02 pm }

Well, I’ve debated back and forth, but have decided to just add my offering! I don’t have an Etsy shop, but I do like to crochet, so I’ll offer a crocheted afghan.

Hope that’s okay!

22 Foxy { 10.19.11 at 12:25 am }

I loved the Grateful Said last year and would love to do it again.

I’d also love to donate a gift, but am not crafty and can’t think of anything awesome to give at the moment. Can I offer up an unspecified “surprise” gift for the Creme?


23 Jess Rowe { 10.19.11 at 3:26 pm }

I would love to offer a watercolor still life, probably 4×6 inches. Examples are here at my etsy shop:

24 Heather { 12.30.11 at 1:20 pm }

Hi Melissa – I’m not sure if it too late but I do have a prize to offer – it is 8 audios helping the emotional aspect of infertility. http://surviveandthrive.co.za/tap-into-motherhood

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