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The school calendar came home this week in the twins’ school bag, and it had on it the final day of this school year as well as the first day of the next school year.  I took down the family calendar and added in the date because I am — if nothing else — responsible.  And then I counted the number of weeks in the summer.   What originally felt like this fantastic sea of time now feels like a scrunched up, half-used tissue at the bottom of a purse.

We have a lot of things eating into the summer — namely, camp and trips — and even though they are both for very tiny amounts of time, my calendar looks like a monster ripped out enormous bites from the days, leaving behind some sinew and bone.

I often have this problem.  Before the thing has even begun, I’m mourning the end.  Instead of looking at all the days and hours we do have for the pool or side projects or amusement parks, I am stressing about that end date when summer is over.  If I’m not careful, I’m going to spend my whole summer scowling at that back-to-school date and then get to the end and realize that I missed actually enjoying the moment.

Just putting that here so I don’t do that.  I’m ignoring the end date.  I am pretending this is an endless summer.  Chase the wave.

But seriously, did they have to send the back-to-school date on the same calendar as this year’s end-of-school date?


It feels awkward to post your own good news, but I’m really proud of this so forget modesty: I’m a finalist for the Bloganthropy awards.  There’s no voting; it’s decided by a panel at Bloganthropy.  They announced the finalists this week and they’ll announce the winner on the 24th.

Of course I love awards that look at my writing; I work hard at finding the right words for a post or book.  But this award is different.  It is given to those who use their blog to make “a difference by using social media to effectively promote a cause or charity.”

So it was emotional to have that recognized.  Next week will mark the fifth anniversary of this blog — 5 years of trying to use this space to build community, support those experiencing infertility or loss, and disseminate information.  I’m grateful to have that work recognized.


The Prompt-ly listserv is no longer this quiet, docile space.  It is now jumping with conversation and ideas.  And I freakin’ love it.  All are still welcome to join and start talking/listening.


1 jodifur { 06.16.11 at 7:52 am }

Did you notice that next years calendar the end of school is on a Tuesday? They go back for Monday and 1/2 a day Tuesday? What is that?

2 Lynn { 06.16.11 at 8:01 am }

First of all, congrats on your nomination! That is an awesome thing! And modesty should always go out the window. Who’s going to tell your good news if not you? I’m certainly not shy of telling my own…..maybe I should be more modest?

I can completely relate to the “mourning it before it even begins” mindset. I do that with everything I’m looking forward to. I don’t know how to get around it, but any time we start a vacation, I’m already dreading the end of it and thinking it will come too quickly. I’m often so mired in mourning the end, that I forget to enjoy the actual experience! Something to work on, I think.

I’m going to have to have a look at the Prompt-ly listserv this weekend! I joined, but haven’t had time this week to pop in and join the conversation. Definitely something to do this weekend. I liked what I saw the day I joined though and am greatly looking forward to participating!

3 Chickenpig { 06.16.11 at 8:39 am }

Congratulations! Fingers crossed!

I want to do so much this Summer but it is woefully short. On top of that, NB has to attend Summer school for 6 weeks so he won’t lose skills over the break. Not that I won’t pull him out of OT or speech to hit the beach, but I was looking forward to some time w my kids w/o all the school worries…backpack, snack packed, homework….bleh.

4 Heather { 06.16.11 at 8:48 am }

I’m an early mourner too. I do that with everything! I think it’s a genetic curse or something…even when we go on vacation–the minute we get there, I’m worried about when we’ll leave. It’s horrid.

Congrats on your nomination. You so deserve all the greatness the world can throw at you. You have literally saved so many of us from really dark horrid places. xoxo

5 kirida { 06.16.11 at 8:48 am }

Oh my five-year-old is going into kindergarten this year and he is so excited. The sooner that start date comes, the sooner I stop hearing about SCHOOL! SCHOOL! SCHOOL!

6 HereWeGoAJen { 06.16.11 at 8:50 am }

Hooray! I hope you win!

7 manymanymoons3433 { 06.16.11 at 9:34 am }

Ugh…I do the same thing. I do it with everything! My husband makes fun of me because when I get about 3/4 done with my dinner I start pouting and breathing heavy because I’m so pissed that it’s going to be gone soon. I try to be a glass half full kind of person, but it just never sticks.

8 Lacie { 06.16.11 at 9:45 am }

“What originally felt like this fantastic sea of time now feels like a scrunched up, half-used tissue at the bottom of a purse.” Preach on, sista! Fellow teacher, here, and let me just tell you, my summer has that old tissue feel as well (perfect analogy, by the way).

This week, wed-thurs off, BUT, lots of photo editing to do and cleaning and grocery shopping, eek! Next week, grad school, 8-5, every single day. The following week, CRUISE to the Bahamas with hubby (NOT complaining, this has been the only thing saving my sanity for months). THEN, more grad school, then time to gear up for our next transfer! WOW. Lazy days of summer, where art though?

Unfortunately, whiny, complaining people annoy me, so that means I need to shut my trap right about now. Taking a page from your book and enjoying that I’ll get to take a city walk with my SIL (who happens to be my best friend), and the cutest six-month-old niece in the world, before tackling my mountain of chores today.

BTW: Going to try to jump in at Promptly today or by this weekend at the latest, and don’t forget to let me know when you’re going to Hershey Park!

9 Lacie { 06.16.11 at 9:47 am }

OH! An amendment to my ramblings!

CONGRATULATIONS on your nomination for the Bloganthropy awards! Mel, you do more good than you could possible know.

10 a { 06.16.11 at 10:07 am }

You should totally win Bloganthropy (which I know should relate back to philanthropy, but my twisted mind takes right to misanthropy. And why does my Blackberry not recognize misanthropy as a word? I’ve had the thing for a year now – it should be used to me. Anyway)!

I still see summer as endless from this end, but from the other end, I will wonder what happened to all the time. I will wish I had done more.

11 Annie { 06.16.11 at 10:13 am }

Congrats on your nomination! You’ve created a tremendous resource for this community and there’s nothing wrong with being proud of it!

12 Sarang { 06.16.11 at 11:47 am }

I am grateful for your blog. Thank you for all you do for our cause… for being a voice… a good, strong, though t-provoking voice for

13 Sarang { 06.16.11 at 11:49 am }

… thought-provoking voice for IF education.

Congratulations on your nomination!

14 It Is What It Is { 06.16.11 at 1:02 pm }

Congratulations on your well deserved nomination. I hope you find much satisfaction in that alone, win or lose.

15 Seriously?! { 06.16.11 at 1:17 pm }

Sooooooooooooo wishing, hoping, sending the vibes, that you win this award. You totally deserve it. I would have been lost without the glorious almighty ‘Stirrup’!!! And this truly is one of the most meaningful awards out there. So proud of you and what you’ve been able to cultivate here. Thank you.

16 figgymommy { 06.16.11 at 1:34 pm }

I do the exact same thing. I swear, summers felt so huge and endless as a child…

17 Shasta Kearns Moore { 06.16.11 at 2:25 pm }

Congratulations on your nomination!

18 JustHeather { 06.16.11 at 3:07 pm }

Congrats on being nominated! For the short time I’ve been hanging out here, I see how much effort, thought and goodness you put into this all. I also know that much is gained from it by many people!
As my dad would say: You GO Girl!!

I’ve got 3 whole weeks IN A ROW for summer holiday this year! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself. lol. Probably not much. I will try to ignore that work will have to start again. Good thing my phone has an alarm I can set so I remember to go back to work.

19 Mina { 06.16.11 at 3:20 pm }

You deserve to be one of the finalists and I hope you win. I tried having a quick view at your rivals, and if I were to chose, I would chose you. But I am partial, because I ‘know’ you and I like your writing, actually have been liking it for two years now. 😉

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to just enjoy the moment. This is one reason I am glad I have my son now, after having had a lot of experiences of this kind, meaning having ruined a lot of things because I was thinking forward, and now I can be more in the moment. I hope I can continue this way. I hope you can stick to your promise and have a blast this summer.

20 Justine { 06.16.11 at 3:54 pm }

Congrats on being a finalist! You are so deserving, Mel … that’s awesome news. I wish there WERE voting. 🙂

I’m right there with you, mourning the end … I’ve been working on mindfulness and being present in the moment, school calendars be d#*ned. 😉

21 Baby Smiling In Back Seat { 06.16.11 at 8:54 pm }

Regardless of who the panel selects, you’re a big winner in all of our hearts.

22 PaleMother { 06.16.11 at 11:38 pm }

Oh Mel, I’m thrilled that someone had recognized the philanthropic/community building aspect of your blogging. As always, GO MEL. What freaks me out is … it’s only been FIVE years? I guess so, but Girl, were they dog years, or what? I must be getting old, because five years doesn’t seem that long. Gulp.

Today was our last day of school here. My dd “graduated” from elementary school. I could have written that bit about how … BLEEPING SHORT … summer break seems as a parent compared to how it seemed as a child. And how I could wreck this one scowling about how short it will be. Live and learn, I guess.


23 Lori Lavender Luz { 06.20.11 at 12:41 pm }

You have done so much for so many. I’m glad Bloganthropy took note. Happy blogoversary week.

24 md { 06.21.11 at 1:39 am }

congratulations on your nomination! you’ve done a wonderful job of creating community and sharing info, and are totally deserving of such an award 🙂

happy blogoversary!

25 Peaches { 06.21.11 at 5:14 am }

Congrats on your nomination! I just finished reading your book so maybe you will win like Rachel did!
They say that time is time. I don’t believe it. Time speeds up and slows down at will. Commercials are endless, and getting on an elliptical during commercials (since they are hated anyway) makes them last forever. I know, I’ve tried. Summer on the other hand zooms by. As a teacher who literally counts the school year down (it’s something you do as a part of math class), I don’t get how a summer week goes so fast but a school week goes so slow. I think there is some sort of quantum physics involved that no one has discovered yet.

26 Billy { 07.09.11 at 1:42 pm }

Congrats on the nomination! You sure deserve it!!

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