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Ring Tone Bemoan (Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo)

Updated at the bottom…

I had intended to get just one ring tone, but all of you convinced me that I needed multiple ring tones.  This has become a thing of beauty because I don’t answer the phone if I’m driving, and now I can tell by the song that is playing who is calling the phone.  Not that my phone has rung even once since getting them.

So, without further ado, the winners of the 2011 Ring Tone Extravaganza (from the dark horses who didn’t even show up in the first round of picks to the winners that were already contenders).

“Cannonball” by The Breeders

Since I plan on becoming the next Kelley Deal sans the actual performance experience or cool, swingy hair, I thought it made a good pick.  I assigned it to everyone in my family mostly on account of my brother and an old  The State sketch (remember that show from MTV) where Michael Ian Black isn’t wearing any pants and needs to buy a pair.  And as he swings around with the store employee, mouthing “I love pants!”, this song by The Breeders plays in the background.  And because of that, all of them need to suffer under this song.


“Speed Racer Theme Song” by … Who Knows (no, really, I have no clue who sings this)

During one year of college, I needed to hear this theme song every night before bed or I couldn’t sleep.  It was like the audible version of sucking my thumb.  I was very stressed that year, so I would like to hold that up as an excuse for my behaviour.  One night, I thought my roommate had erased my tape by accident and I completely lost my shit despite the fact that the show aired every night at 11 pm and I could tape it again.  This song plays when anything related to the kids call such as the doctor or school.


“Queen Bitch” by David Bowie

I feel like this song would have been best on Josh’s phone for when I call him, since it is a song associated with me, but since he wouldn’t do it, I took it and assigned it to my friend, Julie.  Mostly because, in her heart, she is “an old-time ambassador / Of sweet talking, night walking games / And she’s known in the darkest clubs / For pushing ahead of the dames.”


“Pets” by Porno for Pyros

We always tell the kids that one day there will be a robot apocalypse.  They should be kind to machines because they’ll have deep regrets about how they treated the computer after the revolution when the iPads are ruling all of us.  That will be the day when we will become the pets of the computers.  Or the martians.  Either/or.


“Know Your Enemy” by Green Day

This has become my general ring tone for anyone who is not already in the contact list on the phone or who doesn’t have their own special ring tone.  Most of these people are not enemies, though one day, in the not too distant future, the 2012 election will gear up and the phone solicitors will call, and then yes, I will know the enemy because it will be the person calling to tell me about a candidate.


“The Mesopotamians” by They Might Be Giants

This is the song that plays whenever Josh calls me from his phone or his office. I like to think that if Josh ever encountered Sargon, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, and Gilgamesh that they would invite him into their band. Josh sort of has that slacker band vibe to him. It is one of his most endearing qualities.


So that is what is currently playing on my phone.


I didn’t know about ring back tones until Manymanymoon’s comment below.  Maybe it reveals how few phone calls I make, but I’ve never experienced this before where a song starts playing for me while it’s ringing and I’m waiting for them to pick up.  I want to make this happen.  Then I want to make all of you call me and experience it.  So what is going to be my ring back tone?  What song would you expect to hear playing if you called me?


1 manymanymoons3433 { 01.30.11 at 8:53 am }

I don’t want to blow your mind or anything, but do you know you can also add “ringback” tones. When someone calls you it’s a song that will play for them rather than a ring tone. For instance, I know that my grandma loves Elvis so when she calls me she hears Blue Suede Shoes until I pick up.

Love the ringtone choices!

2 a { 01.30.11 at 12:13 pm }

Help! How do you do the ringback tones? And how does it work? Is that what people hear on their end of the phone when they call me? What’s a good song that says “Leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you?”

3 HereWeGoAJen { 01.30.11 at 2:00 pm }

My mind is blown from this ringback tone thing.

4 Bea { 01.30.11 at 5:33 pm }

Ringback tones. Wow. Concept.

The multi tone idea is definitely a goer.


5 It is what it is { 01.30.11 at 5:33 pm }

Ringback tone???? Do tell!

6 Baby Smiling In Back Seat { 01.30.11 at 11:10 pm }

I am too cheap to pay for ringback tones.

If I called you, I’d expect to hear Kumbaya, obviously.

7 Kristin { 01.31.11 at 12:23 am }

Oooh, I love the idea of ringback tones.

@a…I think the perfect ringback tone that says go away and leave me alone is Travis Tritt’s Here’s A Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares

8 Vee { 01.31.11 at 4:14 am }

That’s loads of fun. I am yet to set mine up and I have had my phone for ages. You can also take a photo of the people in your address book so their photo comes up when they call you.

9 coffeegrl { 01.31.11 at 7:41 am }

Wow. Ringbacks??? I love that. I want one that changes daily.

10 Denver Laura { 01.31.11 at 10:13 am }

Ringback… hum… Hadn’t ever thought about that. Maybe something from a local band? Can they do that?

11 Jendeis { 01.31.11 at 1:19 pm }

Ringback tones?!? Awesome!!

Several choices for me: “Hava Nagila” (cause c’mon, this is me); “You Give Love a Bad Name” (cause you can dance to it); or “Paranoia” (cause I like it).

12 Kir { 01.31.11 at 4:09 pm }

yes I do know about them, in fact even at home we have them on our home line (since it’s a VOIP) I think right now it’s Playing “HOME” by Michael Buble.
When I call JOhn it plays “I LOve you” by Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra ..I think. Etc. 🙂

you didn’t pick Sister Golden Hair…Sad Face…but the other choices are cool.

I have lots of songs for each of my friends etc. I love the ringing tones and the ring backs. It makes you intersting don’t you think?

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