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291st Friday Blog Roundup

I am going to two parties this weekend.  The first is comprised entirely of people I have known for at least eleven years.  Some for much longer than that.  We all knew each other before we met our partners and got married and had children.  It is a group that is entirely entrenched in history and we have found over the years that our roots often inadvertently entwine in the past with shared people we knew even before meeting each other.

The second is comprised almost entirely of people I know via blogging and one old camp friend who I re-met via blogging (who is different from the high school friend I re-met via Twitter–hi, Thea!).  For some, I know the intimate details of their life, but have never seen them face-to-face.  Others started out as online friends and then stepped through the computer screen.

It’s a strange continuum of old and new, but in so many permutations that old and new blend together on one extended plane.

Oh yes, and expect pictures, at least from the second one.


Speaking of meeting bloggers, last weekend, I got to meet Flicka, Becky, and Niobe, along we other TOOTPUers who were not drenched in vomit and could therefore get together for breakfast.


The Weekly What If (courtesy, this week, of Calliope): What if Hollywood called and wanted to turn your blog into a movie like Julie and Julia. You get final casting approval. Who would play you?

I don’t know who would play me, but I’d totally get the cast of Brothers & Sisters to play my actual family.


And now, the blogs…

Life from Here has a post about adoption on the lead-up to her daughter’s first birthday.  Where her life was last year vs. where her life is this year.  She is thoughtful and eloquent and raises wonderful points and then meets them with possible answers.  She is most profound when she speaks about ethics and how they navigated the pre-placement months together.  I found myself nodding a lot while reading.

Relaxing Doesn’t Make Babies has an absolutely brilliant post about the worries that have been hounding her since Kate’s birth.  I love the way she describes that running anxiety: “it’s like my brain decides to suddenly worry about everything at once.”  The post flits from fear to thought to fear, and you almost enter Natalie’s brain, feeling a bit like that anxiety fluttering by like a pack of butterflies.

Waiting Lisa has a post explaining why holiday weekends are the hardest weekends and relates it to the idea of attending a family reunion.  She explains, “Parties like this are big check-ins where we are all supposed to share what has happened with us since we last got together. I have nothing. The only thing that has changed is that I’m missing organs.”  It’s a beautiful, aching post and you need to read it in full.

Lastly, Infertile Newlywed has a post about her husband’s diagnosis and the conversations that came afterward.  It is a simple post about the physical and financial realities of infertility informing the emotional side of infertility.  It is about those all-too-familiar planning conversations; the ones that go above and beyond what someone trying unassisted needs to consider just to get to the starting gate.  It’s a wonderful post.

The roundup to the Roundup: Partying this weekend.  Apparently partied last weekend too.  Answer the Weekly What If.  And lots of great posts to read.


1 loribeth { 06.04.10 at 9:35 am }

Someone once told me they thought I looked like Ashley Judd. I’m not sure I see it (maybe it’s the short dark hair?), but I was flattered. I think she’s gorgeous & she’s a pretty good actress to boot. I would have no problems casting her as me. ; )

2 Half of a Duo, Raising a Duo { 06.04.10 at 11:14 am }

I’ve been told I look like Reese Witherspoon and Melanie Griffith before her mega surgeries that made her look not like herself anymore. I would have to go with Reese. I like how feisty she is. I’m all kinds of feisty. She’s a decent actress, as well.

3 a { 06.04.10 at 11:55 am }

I used to look a bit like Mary Stuart Masterson, but I think it’s because we had the same haircut in the ’80s.

Whoever played me would have to be a combination of Shirley Maclaine’s and Olympia Dukakis’s characters in Steel Magnolias – I’m not quite as eccentric as Shirley Maclaine’s character and not nearly as genteel as Olympia Dukakis’s. I’m not sure who could balance that level of crankiness with a certain amount of kindheartedness and still remotely resemble me.

4 Kir { 06.04.10 at 12:38 pm }

have fun at your parties, I can’t wait to see the pictures. 🙂

um, I don’t really look like anyone, so I guess it’s WHO would I want to play me…that would come down to Sandra Bullock (make her blonde???? ) or Jennifer Garner..(blonde??) hmm…I just like them. ok, ok…maybe Michelle Williams, I think she might be GOOD…she’s short, blonde and feisty enough to do my 20’s and my IF journey too.


5 Lori Lavender Luz { 06.04.10 at 12:40 pm }


I love your haircut, Lolli!

6 Bean { 06.04.10 at 1:40 pm }

Oh man, seeing the photo makes me even more sad that I missed Saturdays get together. 🙁 Unlike Leah, I was not covered in vomit, but just had too much going on.

Gee – don’t know. Salma Hayek. Not because we look anything alike, but I have a total girl crush on her.

7 Kristin { 06.04.10 at 2:32 pm }

I have no idea who I’d get to play me in a movie.

8 Melissa G. { 06.04.10 at 3:29 pm }

Ha, fun question.

Though we look nothing alike (I’m probably a whole foot taller than her) I’d want Ellen Page from Juno to play me. She’s fantastic. And I love her overall no-nonsense demeanor.

9 queenie { 06.04.10 at 9:26 pm }

If we’re looking for someone who looks like us, I’d say Diane Lane. If it’s attitude, hmmmm…it becomes a much harder question, and I’m too exhausted to come up with a good answer.

I keep reading about vomitfests, and I’m really hoping that skips my house!

10 Bea { 06.04.10 at 10:59 pm }

Could I play me? It sounds cool to be a movie star.


11 edenland { 06.05.10 at 1:01 am }

Drew Barrymore

Is Niobe in that photo? An enquiring mind needs to know 😉

12 Manapan { 06.05.10 at 4:00 am }

I want Sara Rue to play me! But she’s gonna need to gain some weight. 😛

13 mrs spock { 06.05.10 at 8:56 am }

Who would play me? They’d have to be short, a little chubby, and wear librarian glasses. Sarak Gilbert, if she gained wieght for the role?

14 brid { 06.05.10 at 11:21 pm }

Maybe Janeane Garofalo could play you – she’d be perfect.

For me… there’s no one sad enough.

15 Heather { 06.06.10 at 1:56 pm }

I truly believe that this is going to happen, so I’d like Sandra B to play me. But she can’t be blonde like in the Blind Side. More like her regualr old self. OH, and my husband is Antonio Banderas.
Actually, I’d like the cast of Steel Magnolia’s to all be in my movie.


16 coffeegrl { 06.07.10 at 5:36 am }

I haven’t the foggiest idea who should play me and it’s driving me nuts (apparently my brain is looking for something to obsess about at the moment). My husband always thinks I remind him of Meg Ryan (my hair isn’t generally as blonde as hers is, but it could be and in terms of the personalities she plays in movies, I suppose I can see his point). But she’s a good 15 years older than I am. Who’s the “new” Meg Ryan?

17 Waiting Lisa { 06.09.10 at 10:16 am }

I forgot to thank you here for including my blog in this round up. I really appreciate it. I actually thanked you on my blog. I refered to you as my fairy blogmother. You have sent a lot of support my way and I really appreciate it.

18 LJ { 06.13.10 at 12:59 pm }

I totally want Kate Winslet to play me, she’s so gorgeous. Not saying that I am, just saying that if we’re gonna go all Hollywood, go big or go home, right?

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