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Friday Blog Roundup

This week is the three-year anniversary of the Friday Blog Roundup. With only one or two exceptions, for three straight years, every Friday, I have posted a taste of what I read that week. Over the last three years, I have highlighted 625 posts give or take. Some weeks, I do more than four, but one or two times I missed the roundup. Each year, I hit about 200+ posts. Hence why 200 is my goal for this week.

Between now and next Friday, instead of doing the traditional Roundup Extravaganza we have held in years past, we are doing a DIY version. And I would like 200+ submissions on the list. Why? Because I have told you what I read 200+ times this year and it’s your turn to do the same as a group effort.

So, please leave a comment below stating something amazing your read this year (from July 2008–July 2009). Do not get tripped up looking for the “best,” simply submit one post that moved you on another person’s blog. It may be been written in the past week, or it may have been written almost a year ago. Literally, anything that has stuck with you after you closed your browser or clicked to the next blog. Do not spend hours thinking about it; just grab the url for the first post that comes to mind.

And this is how you should leave your comment:

I had to put it in a box like that or Blogger would naturally convert it from code to linked, but it will look like this if you write it in that manner, obviously replacing (1) the url with the permalink of the post you’re choosing, (2) the title of the blog and (3) the “why.”

Stirrup Queens Why: Because it was a really cool list.

The reason is so the comment will be linked to the post and people can click over and read it for themselves. And ooh and aaah over it. Of course you can submit more than one post, in fact please do, but use a new comment box each time. Posts should come from any blog in the ALI blogosphere. You can submit anonymously, though people do like to be able to thank others for submitting their post.

So…just to be clear since I’m half asleep right now and this may not make sense, (1) do not click away from this post without leaving a comment. (2) In the comment, use the code above–if you can–to link to a post that appeared on someone else’s blog between July 2008 and now that you enjoyed or cried reading or learned something from. (3) Do this between today and next Friday. (4) Then, during the week, starting now, check back from time to time and see the posts that have been added to the list. (5) Enjoy the list and celebrate the Friday Blog Roundup which will return as normal next week.

Oh, and you have seven days to compile 200+ great posts. If you notice that a blog you read doesn’t have a post on the list, make sure you add one from their site. Celebrate, people, celebrate.

And consider this the Weekly What If: What if Melissa asked you to help celebrate three years of writing the Friday Blog Roundup by asking you to submit a post from someone’s blog in a DIY version of the roundup using the comment section?


I’m so glad that I ended up asking about the head shot because I was going to send in choice #3 if I had been left on my own to make the decision (which only got 6 votes). It was somewhat a tie between #1 and #5/6 so I’m sending both and letting them make the choice, though Seal Press wanted #5/6 for their site so perhaps both will get use. I am so glad I asked–thank you for helping! And thank you, Palemother, for making me a new sleeve and enhancing the colour.

Next week, I go to BlogHer where I will be meeting bloggers galore (on the menu: Kathy, Bri, Aurelia, Musings of a Fat Chick, Flotsam, Uppercase Woman, Uncommon Misconception, Magpie Musings and Who Shot My Stork?). My plan is to live-blog the conference with pictures again. Though I thought up a new feature this year–let me know if you want to see anything/meet up with anyone that I haven’t gotten to yet. Sort of a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure situation where if you email (and I will have email on most of the time), I will go find the person/swing by the booth/hear the panel–time willing. Isn’t that a good idea? So then it’s like you’re there. Through my camera, at least.

Last night, some TOOTPUers got together with Murgdan who was visiting from out of town.

Karen and B, who never takes a bad picture.

Lindsay as her natural and authentic self

Things you may not know about Murgdan–she’s Canadian, born and raised, with a maple leaf tattoo on her neck, right under her left ear. Okay, that might not be exactly true, but for some reason, I thought she was from Toronto. In fact, I was so sure of it that I said things like, “I want to make sure you have a really good trip to DC because who knows when you’ll be able to get back here” and “do you have a choice of clinics in Canada or is where you cycle dictated by the health system?” Oh, and I asked her about what it was like living in Toronto and finally, the strange looks she had been giving me all evening suddenly became clear.

My bad. Murgdan is not Canadian. Though she is lovely.


And now, the blogs…


You guys are going to provide those this week.

The roundup to the Roundup: participate in the Friday Blog Roundup Extravaganza. Thank you for the picture help. I’m going to BlogHer so tell me what you want to see/hear while I’m there. And I met Murgdan! Have a wonderful weekend reading the Extravaganza posts.


1 areyoukiddingme { 07.17.09 at 7:37 am }

Botttoms Off and On the TableWhy: Because Megan's videos are awesome!

2 kate { 07.17.09 at 8:05 am }

Apron Strings (and also this one from Apron Strings, too- they are a matched set…) Because I haven't laughed so hard in a really long time.

3 Seraphim { 07.17.09 at 6:46 am }

He Will Carry MeBecause it was thought provoking

4 Anonymous { 07.17.09 at 6:49 am }

I just could not stop thinking about this post for days afterwards.

5 WiseGuy { 07.17.09 at 7:15 am }

Baby Smiling in the Backseat Why: The post stayed with me. I found a beautiful new word, and it meant something which can put life and day-to-day in complete perspective…

6 WiseGuy { 07.17.09 at 7:21 am }

Burble Why: Beautiful Pictures…one could feel the blue of the ocean and warmth of the sun.

7 Delenn { 07.17.09 at 7:49 am }

Serenity Now! Why: Because it is how I feel about my blog and invitro. And I like her.

8 Wombded { 07.17.09 at 7:59 am }

Why: Because it's so simple and yet it says it all.

9 Liddy { 07.17.09 at 8:07 am }

Just Trying to Make a Cub: Imposter! Why: I sobbed the entire time I reading this post. A beautiful post that compares the 3-day walk with infertility and how we will wait until everyone makes it to the finish line. Note: Grab your tissues before you start reading, it is an extremely moving post.

10 areyoukiddingme { 07.17.09 at 8:16 am }

The Bloggess Why: Because no one reviews children's video games like Jenny (warning…much swearing)

11 IdleMindOfBeth { 07.17.09 at 8:22 am }


Why: Because I love seeing how things have changed so dramatically for her in the last year. And this simple post speaks volumes about community, and treatment, and Cali's life in general.

And, I always love a peek at W!

12 Heidi { 07.17.09 at 8:29 am }

Mrs. Spit Why?: Because this is the post that made me feel like I wasn't alone in the world. I wasn't the only one feeling that particular burden.

13 IdleMindOfBeth { 07.17.09 at 8:33 am }


Why: Watching her gracefully tread through the – often conflicting – emotional waters leading up to the arrival of their beautiful little girl… it's a lesson to us all in how to approach a situation in which we hope for a certain outcome, but are forced to accept that we realy have no control over it.

14 IdleMindOfBeth { 07.17.09 at 8:54 am }

Pamela Jeanne

Why: A completely new take on the "us vs them" battle that rages on – well – everywhere! This one really made me think about perspective.

15 Lavender Luz { 07.17.09 at 9:06 am }

Stirrup Queens' post on Adoption Chiasm, because it made me think. Deeply.

16 Jendeis { 07.17.09 at 9:17 am }

Flotsam Why: because I wish that I could explain IF as well as Alexa does to those who don't get it.

17 Jules { 07.17.09 at 11:29 am }
18 loribeth { 07.17.09 at 9:39 am }

I can't seem to get the html right, but the blog is Plan B: Family of Two and the URL is http//planbfamilyoftwo.blogspot.com/2009/05/enough-already.html

Why: Because I can't get the line "I am enough" out of my head.

19 Aurelia { 07.17.09 at 10:12 am }

Hey Mel, this post is not showing up on my feed and I'm wondering whether or not you need to number this title, or repost or something with a slight variation.

And I can't wait to see you at BlogHer!

20 serenity { 07.17.09 at 10:49 am }

My Wait Is Over… Why: Because this post is the epitome bittersweet.

21 Liddy { 07.17.09 at 11:19 am }

Conceive This!: She Laughed Until.. Why: Because when I read it, I realized I was not alone and the comments showed the power of the IF sisterhood.

22 Jules { 07.17.09 at 11:31 am }

ok link didn't work…..have to work on that

23 Jules { 07.17.09 at 11:37 am }

Life Induces Thoughts, Mostly Random There we go – again a great piece

24 babyinterrupted { 07.17.09 at 11:50 am }

This one from A Real Life, on the film UP. Why: because it's beautiful and sad and hopeful, all at the same time.

25 Billy { 07.17.09 at 3:45 pm }

I see the link didn't work (one day I'll learn how to do those..), so:

26 bendingbackwards { 07.17.09 at 2:19 pm }

I'm hope bored today so I am happily taking on the assignment of the round up.

From Alicia, Pieces of Me: Why you may hate me now and may walk away and leave me all alone, which is ok, cause I suck. Why: Because it is a post that was honest and real, in all the early pregnancy symptoms and why Alicia felt bad that she was complaining while others will still playing the IF game.

27 Kristin { 07.17.09 at 2:36 pm }

I want to recommend a series of posts…
Preamble (part1)
Wednesdays Child Is Full Of Woe
My Soggy Bottomed Girl
Exaudi Orationem Meam
Amelia's Grace
and, finally, Precious Fragile Little Thing
Because they will just take your breath away…they are moving, touching, scary, and uplifting all at the same time and the writing is amazing.

28 Billy { 07.17.09 at 3:42 pm }

Becoming Whole

Why: because I very much related to what she wrote.

29 Princess Jo { 07.17.09 at 3:53 pm }


Why? Because it was such a powerful, moving post. The best post I have ever read.

30 Lollipop Goldstein { 07.17.09 at 4:38 pm }

Two that I was planning on putting in the Roundup this week until I decided to do this DIY version to celebrate the anniversary:

Still Life with Circles because I loved her deeply honest thoughts on her body.
Relaxing Doesn't Make Babies because everything she writes is gut-wrenchingly beautiful and this is but one example.

31 Deathstar { 07.17.09 at 6:15 pm }


cause you had a way of describing just how I was feeling at that moment!

32 Rambler { 07.17.09 at 6:33 pm }

I'm going to list two.

(1) Good ole Murgdan's blog in general. But I especially found this entry endearing. It made me laugh, it made me sad and in the end, I learned something. That's a pretty powerful blog entry that can do all three for me!!

(2) From across the pond(s), Barren Blog, and this entry in particular breaks me into peals of laughter EVERY time. Her blog in general is just entertaining and I find she hits the sore spots I am feeling but able to word them so much better than me.

33 Hillary { 07.17.09 at 6:53 pm }

Remember All the Way Why? She beautifully describes how significant each cycle trying to conceive is in the big picture…and why each and every one matters to us so much.

34 Hillary { 07.17.09 at 6:59 pm }

Take 2:

Remember All the Way

She beautifully describes how significant each cycle trying to conceive is in the big picture…and why each and every one matters to us so much.

And in case the link still doesn't work:

35 Kathy { 07.17.09 at 9:22 pm }

Oh, the possibilities! Why: Because it meant so much to me this year on Mother’s Day to see my baby girl’s name, along with so many others who have gone too soon, written on the petals of Seraphim’s beautiful flowers. Our babies/children will never be forgotten and I am grateful to Seraphim for remembering them on what can be such a bittersweet holiday for those who have lost children.

36 Hillary { 07.18.09 at 11:44 am }

Life,Love, and TTC Mysteries
This post really struck me about the stages of grief and how they apply to infertility. After first reading the post and commenting, I kept thinking about it and had to go back and comment a second time!

37 Mrs. Shoes { 07.18.09 at 7:48 pm }


Because she said the words I couldn't find to articulate about my first Mother's Day

38 WiseGuy { 07.18.09 at 10:30 pm }

Destined to be an old woman with no regrets… Why: the post has a flavour that all her posts have, the musings of a lady who has seen a lot on her life.

39 WiseGuy { 07.18.09 at 10:38 pm }

Destined to be an old woman with no regrets… Why: a post that makes one wonder and teaches etiquettes…

40 Jenn { 07.19.09 at 7:19 am }


Why: Because I love her writing and as a woman of AMA (advanced maternal age) myself – I so relate to suddenly wondering how I got to where I am today.

41 Parenthood For Me { 07.19.09 at 10:14 am }

So Close
Why:It spells out what I could not describe myself

PS I don't know if this qualifies. It might be too old even though I read it in the past few months.

42 Kristin { 07.19.09 at 10:33 am }

The latest post in the Amelia chronicles…Sky Blue Pink…the story telling continues to be amazing!

43 Bluebird { 07.19.09 at 2:30 pm }

Oh I love this. I have so many that I've "saved" because they have touched me in some way. . .

Mrs. Spit Spouts Off Why: A beautiful, although heartbreaking post, about a friend.

44 Bluebird { 07.19.09 at 2:42 pm }

I should give up but I can't 🙂 Another:

The Real Bean Why: Because it's beautiful and whimisical and sad and perfectly stated, all at the same time.

45 Bluebird { 07.19.09 at 2:38 pm }

Well, nuts. Sorry guys. Try this link for my comment above:


And, so I don't waste a comment. . .
Tiny Footprints Why: It it says it so perfectly.

In case the link doesn't work. . .


46 Yaya { 07.19.09 at 4:45 pm }

Parenthood For Me Why: Because adoptive parents are expecting too

47 Billy { 07.19.09 at 4:09 pm }
48 Cara { 07.19.09 at 5:33 pm }

Darn but that code won't just cut and paste!!!

I guess, much like my banking techniques, it is the old-fashioned way for me!


Why: It made me realize how much there is to learn about our past and that it is sitting right here in local cemetaries.

49 Magpie { 07.20.09 at 8:41 am }

Dead Baby Jokes Why: Because it's a big guilty pleasure.

50 nutmeg96 { 07.20.09 at 11:21 am }

A Fifth Season: A Memory in Stone

This post was so sad, and so beautiful at the same time.

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