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I’m waiting to see if anyone notices.

I’m still pouring drinks.

I really amuse myself sometimes. And that is important too. Even if no one else laughs.


1 Amy { 06.18.08 at 7:49 pm }

You made me giggle, too. Maybe you should cut me off *gulp, gulp*

2 Jess { 06.18.08 at 8:08 pm }

Notices what? I wanna laugh!

But the little one sucks all by brains out my boob. I’m SURE of it. HELP!! I missed it!

3 Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. { 06.18.08 at 8:29 pm }


thanks, Mel, for taking my drink..it’s quite potent these days! 🙂


4 bleu { 06.18.08 at 8:41 pm }

OK Now I feel clueless, what is so funny and how come I don’t get it??

5 chicklet { 06.18.08 at 8:42 pm }

Me neither, I missed something:-(

6 Julie { 06.18.08 at 8:48 pm }

Even Mel’s avatar is drinking!

7 Leah { 06.18.08 at 9:03 pm }

I love me some huge jackmen. Love, love, love them. The huger the better. 🙂

8 Kymberli { 06.18.08 at 9:03 pm }

I’m clueless. I’m not sure I’d notice an elephant even if the sucker sat on me.

9 JuliaS { 06.18.08 at 9:06 pm }

Ye Olde Sidebar seems to be a bit more Ye Newe Sidebar to me – or mayhaps I am a bit pickled by all the virtual drinking . . .


I’m not a drinker – not even social, but figured if they’re gonna stick Mye Olde Ute in a jar along with an ovary or two for garnish, I could toss back a virtual drink or ten and help pickle it for them.

So virtual bartender – make it another double . . .

10 Jill { 06.18.08 at 9:14 pm }

ummm I’m lost

11 Io { 06.18.08 at 9:17 pm }

Silly lady. Pour me a vodka7 please!

12 Josh { 06.18.08 at 9:32 pm }

Huge Jackman. What? No love for the star of Triple-X Men and Kate & Leopold (and Roger and Betty and a midget)? Adoptive father and porn star. He’s got my vote!

13 JuliaS { 06.18.08 at 9:50 pm }

And who is Lollipop? I keep clicking on her and she just keeps taking me back to the same page . . . the one I was already on!

Maybe it’s time to call me a cab . . .


14 nutsinmay { 06.19.08 at 1:19 am }

And so a Jackman should be. It goes with the X-man hair.

15 Michell { 06.19.08 at 3:03 pm }

I don’t get it. What did I miss. Other than I never came over and ordered a drink.

16 Barb { 06.20.08 at 7:20 pm }

hehehehe. I’ve been behind, but liked the giggle. thanks.

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