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Friday Blog Roundup

I am declaring this Fess Up Week. Which takes delurking one step further. It is cool when I find out a blogger I read is also reading me, yet it makes me a little bit thinky about the whole concept of blogging. Are my relatives (beyond the known ones) reading this? Old friends? My random Australian ex-boyfriend from high school? Someone from Albury, New South Wales who might know whatever happened to random Australian ex-boyfriend from high school that I haven’t spoken to in 15 years?

I was named a “top motherhood blogger” by Wall Street Journal yesterday (it’s okay; you can snicker. I’ve got balls of steel and I can take it). While I was extremely grateful for the compliment, it also brought up the larger questions that I grapple with such as where does motherhood begin or can motherhood ever be taken away once it begins? And beyond that–a feeling of who is reading?

So, since I tell you all sort of interesting tidbits from inside my head, it feels like a fair trade to ask you who you are. So let me know that you read this post and then you can go back to reading without commenting. And feel free to ask others on your own blog to fess up this week. Though I’ll admit this here–if you are on my blogroll, I read you. Either regularly or irregularly, I am on your blog. See, it’s not so hard to fess up.


I am currently vomiting. By which I don’t mean I am writing and vomiting at the same time, but I am taking breaks to throw up. The sane person wouldn’t finish writing the roundup when she has the stomach flu. Maybe I’m not sane. But something does have to give so I won’t have the Lost & Found up tomorrow–at least, not the full version. It will be a skinnier version of stuff that was already on the calendar. I am taking the weekend to kick this thing and hopefully make an IKEA run as well as meet up with the Order of the Plastic Uterus.

If I didn’t have the stomach flu, I would have made a little icon for Fess Up Week. I never pass up an opportunity to use Microsoft Paint.


The first auctions for U.T.E.R.U.S. end this weekend and if you have stuff currently being sold, you should know that we have a whole system in place to get you the shipping information and shipping money for your item. That will come via email. Currently, we could use your help advertising the life out of this. Our goal is to get Cali the money she needs by the end of this month so that Helen and Jen’s typing fingers can recover before we do this all over again this summer. We have a good chance of having at least half the amount by the end of these auctions.

Put links to the US eBay and UK eBay sites where you post (your blog and bulletin boards). Tell people to shop thoughtfully. Grab the icon code from here and place it in a blog post.

And then check back on Monday when we start having a greater sense of where things stand financially for U.T.E.R.U.S. and Cali. And can I just say for the 1000th time how cool women are and how we can organize and pull ourselves together and solve problems like no one’s business.


And now, the bloggity blog blogs:

Stacie at Heeeeeeeeeeere, Storkey, Storkey! has been drowning in the premature birth of the twins, the subsequent health problems, and the loss of her father. She could use your support this weekend as she prepares for his memorial service, which will be held on his birthday. The post I loved this week was about a moment of peace as well as a larger thought. She writes: “I am struggling to find the exact word to explain how I am feeling. Violated seems right in some sense, but it doesn’t convey enough. Beaten might be another word that almost (but not quite) fits. The right word is out there, but I can’t seem to find it.” You need to click over to watch the whole thought unfold.

Isn’t It Pretty to Think So? asked a series of good questions this week about blogging etiquette: namely, what to do when you read something and it really offends you or rubs you the wrong way. I would love to hear more thoughts, so jump into the conversation and give your opinion.

Baby, Borneo or Bust had a post called “Expiration Date” about an unfulfilled due date. She writes: “I have made my peace with the miscarriage, but I’ve always felt that it would never be fully behind me until today. There was still something hanging out there that was supposed to happen, but didn’t. Today I can hear the door shutting, quietly but firmly.” If that beautiful thought doesn’t get you to click over, you should also know that she includes a story from a book she read on lost that made me stare at the wall for five full minutes considering it.

Lastly, The Road Less Travelled had two posts I loved this week. One was a response to an article. The other was about falling apart after the initial calm in a crisis. She writes: “Still, I can relate to her feelings of being misunderstood, of being forever scarred by a traumatic experience, even if it did turn out all right in the end. Katie was stillborn almost 10 years ago. The wounds are not raw & gaping anymore, but the scars are there, & from time to time, they’ll still ache & ooze a little bit.” And beyond that, this is a post about old scars and the idea of just getting over it when there are so many reminders that will never allow you to rid yourself of all old scars. It was just beautiful.

That is it for this week. I’m crawling back to bed to vomit and moan away from the computer. If you haven’t clicked away after all of the talk about my stomach flu, fess up that you’re reading. And have a great weekend.


1 Jen { 04.11.08 at 9:09 am }

Oh, no! Feel better soon!

But you are famous enough to be in the Wall Street Journal! Congratulations!

2 Patricia { 04.11.08 at 9:18 am }

I’m ‘fessing.
I’m reading.
And I’m hoping you feel better very soon.

3 HeidiM { 04.11.08 at 9:25 am }

I’m reading when I’m supposed to be working….I hope my boss isn’t reading this!

4 Lisa { 04.11.08 at 9:30 am }

I’m definitely a reader!!!

Congrats on the WSJ honor!

5 Jackie { 04.11.08 at 9:32 am }

I’m still reading…was on a commenting drought for a while, but I’m back, baby. Feel better soon!

6 ~Jess { 04.11.08 at 9:36 am }

I confess, I read your blog;-)Congrats on the Wall Street Journal nod: What an honor!

You’re welcome to ‘have-at’ my blog.

7 Lori { 04.11.08 at 9:38 am }

Oh, Sweetie. With the award and the flu, you’re like Seinfeld’s Even Steven!

May the award linger and the flu pass. right. now.

8 MrsSpock { 04.11.08 at 9:40 am }

I’m reading- and generally a lazy commenter…(slapping wrist)

9 Angi { 04.11.08 at 9:41 am }

Yep, I’m reading and I hope you get to feeling better SOON!!

10 Tammy { 04.11.08 at 9:43 am }

Feel better Mel!

As always, I’m reading.

Congrats on the WSJ honor!

11 N { 04.11.08 at 9:44 am }

I’ve been peeking my head in occasionally since I got pointed over here for U.T.E.R.U.S.

I’m always amazed to find people who can write so eloquently.

12 Mel { 04.11.08 at 9:45 am }

Hope you get to feeling better soon, Mel!

I find when I read something offensive or something I don’t agree with on someone’s blog, I just keep it to myself. Everyone deserves a space to rant, share their opinions and speak freely. I just feel it’s not my place to stand against them on their turf. Unless they ASK for opinions, though, that is fair game.

13 Jess { 04.11.08 at 9:45 am }

I hope you feel better soon! I hate the stomach flu. Gross! Take it easy this weekend.

14 Jill { 04.11.08 at 9:49 am }

I read everyday…but I confessed to being a lurker, so I don’t feel guilty anymore.

Feel better!

15 Cathy { 04.11.08 at 9:51 am }

I’m here, I’m reading.

Feel better!

16 Dianne/Flutter { 04.11.08 at 10:02 am }

I’m fessing up….but do I have too?

I hope the flu passes quickly and that no one else in the house gets it.

17 STE { 04.11.08 at 10:07 am }

I’m reading. Hoping you’re feeling better soon!

18 Jess { 04.11.08 at 10:07 am }

I’ll ‘fess up, but….I know you know I’m reading.

I hope you feel better soon!!

19 kcmarie122 { 04.11.08 at 10:14 am }

I read…I read!!

20 loribeth { 04.11.08 at 10:16 am }

I’m reading too (at work too!). And thanking you very much for the shoutout! : ) Congrats on the WSJ mention — I’ve always enjoyed Sue Schellenbarger’s work & family columns. Hope you are feeling better soon!

21 Io { 04.11.08 at 10:26 am }

I hope you feel better – yech.
And go you for being the tip-top-kick-butt-blogger!

22 Julia { 04.11.08 at 10:34 am }

I am reading, as usual, and wishing you a quick recovery. And a fruitful IKEA run.

23 Tina { 04.11.08 at 10:38 am }

Hope you are feeling better soon (and the kiddos don’t get it…unless, of course, it came from them). So glad the blogosphere can’t spread those germs! πŸ˜‰

I am reading…just not always posting comments due to time. πŸ™ And, the reading might start to get more minimal as I approach maternity leave (a lot to train others to do!). We’ll see…don’t want to lose the connections.

24 Tara { 04.11.08 at 10:44 am }

You know I’m always reading…

25 ekunkelmann { 04.11.08 at 10:51 am }

Checking in, and hoping you feel better soon. Congrats on the WSJ award!

26 soralis { 04.11.08 at 11:03 am }

I love to read your blog… I don’t always do it in a timely manner but I try to keep up! I think your blog is great!

Take care

27 lisa02879 { 04.11.08 at 11:22 am }

I’m reading! Also a lurker that confessed previously.
Congratulations and great job!

28 wanttobeamom { 04.11.08 at 11:31 am }

I’m a lurker and I’m fessin’ up.

I hope you feel better very soon!

29 PJ { 04.11.08 at 11:31 am }

Sorry to hear about your yack fest. Hope you are better soon!

Have fun at IKEA!

30 Laura { 04.11.08 at 11:45 am }

I lurk. I’m sorry.

31 Nikole { 04.11.08 at 11:57 am }

Please! Step away from the computer and go get some rest. Lots of healing energy coming your way.

Thanks for all that you do.

Nikole at babylust

32 m { 04.11.08 at 12:03 pm }

‘fessing, and sulking since I will miss this weekend’s get together, and hoping you feel better soon.

33 Amy { 04.11.08 at 12:04 pm }

Ok I’m fessing up…I read but don’t comment much. I usually read at work and it’s easy to just read than read and comment while working!

Hope you feel better soon!

34 Tash { 04.11.08 at 12:05 pm }

Wow! WSJ! I’m going after the illusive FoxNewAward myself, but that’s just me. /wink

Feel better. That crap’s really going around the East Coast right now, and it ain’t pretty.

35 Kathy V { 04.11.08 at 12:05 pm }

I read your blog faithfully except for when I was taking my blog sabbatical for a few days. I am not always good at commenting though. Sometimes I feel as though my comments don’t add more to the conversation than what is already listed.

36 PaleMother { 04.11.08 at 12:23 pm }

WooHoo! Wallstreet Journal!! Take that, Wiki. πŸ™‚

In the beginning, I lurked because I didn’t have a blog. And I lurked because I had a small posse of over 35 IF’s on a YAHOO! MB where I put all of my angst (ntm where I blew all my compter free time).

Now, I (mostly) lurk in silent support. And lurk for the writing, of course. Sometimes something will speak to me so loudly that I can’t help but speak up. But I mostly don’t presume to comment, either because I don’t have a topic-specific response and/or I feel self-conscious, like I might be butting in.

“Hey, where did that weird girl come from? Has she been here all along? Is she in the right place? Shouldn’t she move on? What’s up with her?” πŸ˜‰

37 Larisa { 04.11.08 at 12:23 pm }

Sorry you are sick.

I read, I don’t always respond. Sometimes because I don’t have much to say, sometimes because I have too much to say and a comment just wouldn’t suffice (or I don’t have time).

I read the Lost and Found at least 2x per week.

38 Mrs. Higrens { 04.11.08 at 12:26 pm }

Delurking to fess up and say that when I read vomit I thought “unexpected pregnancy?” I’ve been reading too many blogs with such announcements for my infertile comfort recently. It’s really cramping my reading list as I currently prefer to avoid such topics.

39 Fertilized { 04.11.08 at 12:38 pm }

Oh Mel- feel better soon!

And no, I will nmot be in your neighborhood this weekend. I so wish i was! I do love that blog and always can use good free ice cream

40 seattlegal { 04.11.08 at 12:47 pm }

I’m reading.

Feel better soon!

41 Ann { 04.11.08 at 12:55 pm }

Of course I’m reading. This is the place I go when I’m looking for sanity among all the blogs. I know you’ll always have a thoughtful post.

42 **susy** { 04.11.08 at 12:55 pm }

Hope you feel better soon!

I don’t remember right now if I delurked already, but if not, here I am. I’ll try not to lurk anymore. Not sure why I was in the first place. heehee.

Hope you stop vomiting and have a great weekend. Pickup something nice at ikea!

43 waitinginline { 04.11.08 at 12:57 pm }

Reliable reader.
Crappy commentor.

I hope you feel better soon. And, again, thank you so much for all you do for the IF community!

44 Angie { 04.11.08 at 1:02 pm }

I confess, I’m a reader! And I hope you feel better soon as I can totally relate to you right now! I’ve had the pukies for days now. Yuck!

45 AnotherDreamer { 04.11.08 at 1:02 pm }

I am fessing up, but I also fessed up last week, ha ha. I am RE-fessing.
I like your wit.

Now, I must go back through and finish reading your post…

46 JJ { 04.11.08 at 1:16 pm }

Congrats on the great honor Mel-well deserved. Feel better soon-

47 xavier2001 { 04.11.08 at 1:20 pm }

Fessing up, although you already know I read you!!

Sorry you are sick, what a woman, I can just picture you typing away at the computer with a puke bucket by your side, that’s dedication!

48 Summer { 04.11.08 at 1:41 pm }

Congrats on the recognition from WSJ!

49 Kristen { 04.11.08 at 2:13 pm }

I’m reading! And I’m so sorry you are sick. Please rest and I hope you are feeling better soon. XOXO

50 tragicoptimist { 04.11.08 at 3:10 pm }

I’m reading (through Google Reader, I’m another GR lover). Hope you’re feeling better.

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