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The Seeds of Motherhood (Children Mentioned)

While we were driving home, my daughter announced that she knew how babies were made.

“Really?” I asked, turning onto another road and thinking about the time I let her read one of my infertility books while I snapped pictures as a joke. I assumed since she’s still in diapers that she was also illiterate. Perhaps she had absorbed more than I realized about FSH and LH. Then there was the time that I made her the uterus hat…but that’s a long tale… “Tell me about it.”

“Well, first the mommy says, ‘I want a baby.’ So she goes to a garden and she plants a seed. She pours water on it with a watering can. I have a watering can. I have a green watering can. Mommy, can we play with my watering can?”

“And what happens next?”

“Sometimes the baby doesn’t grow. Then the mommy cries. Waaah.”

“That’s true,” I agreed.

“You had to wait a long time for me. You cried.”

“I did,” I agreed again. “What happens next?”

“The flower grows because you pour water on it. Then a fairy waves her wand and puts the baby in the mommy’s belly. And the mommy gets a big bump. The baby is inside. Then the baby comes out and she’s a baby. Lisa has a bump and there’s a baby inside.”

“That’s right.”

“Did you know that? That Lisa has a baby inside her bump? Did you, Mommy?”

“I did, actually,” I tell her.

“What’s the name of the fairy who waved her wand and put the flower me into your belly?”

“Her name is Flora,” I answered.

“I love her.”

“I love her too because she waved her wand and put you in my belly. Can I ask you a question? Are you a mommy before you have the baby? When you’re planting the seeds?”

Laughing at me as if I’m an imbecile, “yes!” she shouted.

That sounds about right. Ah, young Jedi, you have learned well.


1 chicklet { 07.14.07 at 12:28 pm }

Super cute.

2 Inconceivable { 07.14.07 at 12:38 pm }

Isn’t she super knowledgable. Actually more knowledgable than some of my friends…

3 Furrow { 07.14.07 at 1:32 pm }

That’s a lovely story. Thanks for sharing it.

4 Vee { 07.14.07 at 5:20 pm }

That is a very precious moment. Gorgeous.

5 Bea { 07.14.07 at 7:42 pm }

Very precious.


6 DMB { 07.14.07 at 9:25 pm }

Too sweet!


7 Tigger { 07.14.07 at 10:06 pm }

Absolutely adorable. Out of the mouths of babes, huh?

8 Michell { 07.15.07 at 10:28 am }

How sweet. The wonderful amazing things kids will say.

9 KarenO { 07.15.07 at 10:30 am }

So cute! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

10 LJ { 07.15.07 at 12:08 pm }

That is absolutely adorable

11 Jenna { 07.15.07 at 12:55 pm }

The next time someone tells me not to be so upset about a failed cycle I’ll refer that friend to your daughter for tutoring.

12 Michelle { 07.15.07 at 4:51 pm }

Such a cute story! I may have to steal that to tell our kid(s). πŸ™‚

13 Reproductive Jeans { 07.15.07 at 8:22 pm }

So adorable!

14 Nearlydawn { 07.15.07 at 8:25 pm }

So sweet! Wouldn’t that make this a gardening club? Love the idea…

15 Patience { 07.16.07 at 12:32 am }


16 Meg { 07.16.07 at 4:52 am }

That’s so beautiful. Really.

17 Somewhat Ordinary { 07.16.07 at 8:35 am }

Gosh, your daughter has me bawling at my desk! Such a pecious conversation!

18 Paula { 07.16.07 at 9:50 am }

That is absolutely priceless, tears just sprang to my eyes. Your daughter is adorable!

19 Piccinigirl { 07.16.07 at 2:23 pm }

OMG, I am seriously moved to tears, that is a beautiful story.
Your little girl is a GENIUS. πŸ™‚

20 Chris { 07.16.07 at 3:36 pm }

That is priceless. Your little one is wise.

21 Trish { 07.16.07 at 8:07 pm }

“is she a mommy when she is planting seeds?” “Yes!”

*sobs* Beautiful is the simplicity of children..

22 MrsSpock { 07.17.07 at 11:36 am }

That was absolutely darling…from the mouths of babes…

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