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An Open Note from DMC Thread Company

Dear Americans:

We’re not really sure how to explain this phenomenon, but it seems that recently we have sold an unusually high amount of our #814 embroidery floss. While this pomegranate-coloured string has traditionally been a poor seller, it has flown off the shelves as of late leading to a crisis for embroiders. Until we solve this problem, we are encouraging people to plan their projects without the need for this colour.

Thank you,

CEO of DMC Thread Company


1 Joan { 08.21.06 at 11:28 am }

You’re not kidding! I went to my local Michael’s on Friday and they were sold out of the small ($0.26) skeins of #814. I splurged $1.39 for the larger size and became the proud owner of 27 yards of #814. After snipping my strand (9 inches, maybe), I passed the rest along to a friend and fellow blog-reader. Maybe that skein is working its way around the Washington DC area even as I write. What a great idea!

2 The Town Criers { 08.21.06 at 11:56 am }

I hope so because I’m in the D.C. area and I want to see another string soon!

3 Anonymous { 07.22.08 at 6:11 pm }

I would like to find a Sample floss card. I have an old one that does not have any of the 8000 numbers or the 100’s. Does anyone know where I could purchace one? The samlpler I have has been so,so helpful! irma

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