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The Common Thread Project

Okay, so the graphic is still being constructed using Microsoft Paint. But what can you do. We’re getting closer! When I typed the subject line just now (was this just a slip of the fingers?) I wrote: The Common Threat. The threat of infertility? No, the threat on your life if you ask me one more time if I think fertility treatments are a good idea. Hee-ya!

Just to sum up the comments: Royalyne had an excellent point that took the movement in a focused direction. She spent a hard morning googling pomegranate images and she finally came to this conclusion: though each pomegranate skin is different in shade and texture, the inner seeds are all alike. The common thread of pomegranates.

And I love this because one thing I’ve realized writing the book is that while everyone has a unique way they want to be support or have a loss remembered, we are pretty unanimous as to what types of comments/questions aren’t helpful. Infertility brings out the same emotions across the board–inward anger, outward anger, depression, frustration, anxiety. It’s the common thread regardless of which path you use to create your family.

So I’m placing my vote with common thread. And I changed the graphic so give your opinion. I wrote on the top “wear to make aware” since the point to the string is to have people ask you about it so you can speak openly on infertility AS WELL as to give other Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters you might meet a visual clue about our commonality. To take infertility out of taboo-topic status so that the general public becomes educated about issues and knows the best way to be supportive.

And all of this is to say that it’s all open until tomorrow morning and I will keep changing the image as new ideas roll into the comments section. It seems like #814 is winning insofar as colour (watch us get to the store and find out that #814 has been discontinued). Mandolyn has a great point about writing up a simple explanation for the Common Thread Project (a simple answer when someone asks why you’re wearing the thread) and I think there should also be a larger statement to put on blogs, post on message boards, send out to fertility clinics and adoption agencies, etc. Do people want to start contributing ideas to this statement? If anyone has a good idea for an image, suggest that as well (and if you have graphic design experience, all the better). Let anyone you can know about this so they can put their ideas into the comments section as well.

So keep the ideas coming…


1 Royalyne { 08.09.06 at 1:33 pm }

I have to tell you that I’m crying my eyes out right now. To see some rambling thought of mine come out and possibly be something more than babbling. For the first time, I feel like infertility isn’t just a problem that I have, it’s a cause that I want to work for. As I posted on an MSN board, last night I spent half an hour explaining endometriosis and it’s effects on my fertility to some drunk guy at the laundry center on base. I felt empowered, like my little experience might make a difference. He asked questions and was genuinely concerned. Little ol’ me educated somebody. The past two days have been such a huge awakening in me, which is exactly what I needed after my recent feelings of hopelessness. (and last night also held the information that I was ovulating, not last Sunday like I thought, which meant we didn’t miss the window when we did a little love making on Monday)

I didn’t expect anything I said to have any affect on anybody, I didn’t expect anybody to relate to it or hold onto the meaning quite the way I did. It just goes to show me that we all have more of a common thread than I realized.

By the way, I’m a woman (lol at everybody’s his/her in their comments). But Royal is a guy’s name according to anybody over the age of 70, so I understand the confusion, I’ve dealt with that all my life, too.

2 C { 08.09.06 at 1:51 pm }

LOVE the name “The Common Thread” and Royalyne’s thoughts about why 814 is the best color. I wholeheartedly concur!

I have a girlfriend whose husband is in graphic design. I’ve e-mailed her to see if he’d be interested in doing some freelance work to create an icon for this project. Will keep you posted!

3 mandolyn { 08.09.06 at 2:44 pm }

Royalyne, I think you have a way of putting everyone’s feelings into words…

I’m no graphic artist pro, but I know my way around photoshop. I’m willing to play with any logo ideas.

4 KE { 08.09.06 at 4:32 pm }

“The Common Thread” is absolutely perfect. I’m so glad I found this blog…it’s so nice to feel like other people understand!

5 Gwen { 08.20.06 at 7:47 am }

Very interesting. I’m trying to decide if I want to wear one. I have 3 adopted children and haven’t been actively trying to conceive for several years now. It has been so hard to get past it though that is why I’m trying to decide. Do I want a constant reminder?

6 The Town Criers { 08.20.06 at 9:01 am }

Gwen–I’m not inside your head, but it sounds like you do think about it–even without the reminder. I’m wearing mine not just to connect to others in the community, but because I hope strangers will ask me about it and I can then speak about infertility with them. Because there’s a chance that I may meet someone that way where my information helps them with their journey. Or someone learns how to be more sensitive in interacting with someone infertile by talking to me. Anything that could make a difference. And if you’ve adopted three times, it sounds like you have a lot of information to share. Maybe with someone who doesn’t even know where to begin in the process. But a lot of that has to be up to you and how much you want to share with others because it’s a personal thing.

7 The Town Criers { 08.27.06 at 6:44 pm }

I’d definitely like to see it. And add your blog to the blogroll.

8 The Town Criers { 08.28.06 at 12:47 pm }

It didn’t come up the first time, but I followed the link to geocities. It’s pretty! Sort of like the AIDS ribbon, but for infertility.

9 Rickland { 06.03.07 at 3:35 pm }

I have never been so proud of My wife Royal on the article Operation Pomegranate. She is truly an inspiration to all the Women,Men, and couples who are suffering thru infertility and all things associated with it. I can only say that i will wear the bracelet with pride knowing that it bears true emotion and stands for a purpose that I am willing to fight for. A cure to infertility, A stand against insurance companies that have no compassion and a statement to those who dont understand that infertility is real it is not something we can just let happen without taking a stand for our bodies, our lives, our marriages, and above all for children the greatest miracle on earth. Me and my wife have struggled for a long time, we have gone thru treatments, and i truly never understood, We lost a child and it devastated us and grieves me to this day. I will wear that bracelet as a reminder everyday that I too suffer from infertility along with my wife and will do what is necessary to have a Child Stand by my wife and to better understand and to try and help others understand and cope.
My wife is my hero and all of you who struggle with infertility remind me everyday now that you are all heroes in all the things you do.

10 Rachel Blackmer { 10.23.10 at 2:46 am }

I LOVE this project! I noticed that these posts are from 3 or 4 years ago. What has happened since then on this project? Where can I buy a bracelet and is there a new picture to post on my blog, linking to this article?
Thank you!

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